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Long Distance Inc, established in Florida, offers moving services in Fort Lauderdale and the south east region of the US. The company specialists in cross country and local household moves.

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45 reviews for Long Distance (FL)

  1. Kaysey L Grard

    This company is a bait and switch relocation company that is leveraging the same tactics as other fraudulent relocation companies. Per the police, they have committed both civil and criminal offenses.

    -Unanswered phone calls, emails, full message system, and 3rd Party Answering Service.
    -No last names or direct phone numbers used.
    -Tripled the rate from $1550 to ~$4600 upon loading my property, demanding I pay or they would throw my items back in the street.
    -Stored my items for 2 months before relocating my goods from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, GA, arriving 10 days late. All the while, not answering any calls or emails with the status of the moving goods.
    -My goods arrived yesterday covered in blankets of mold. Furniture, clothing, kitchen items, a mattress — everything was soaked with water and had been molding for an unknown amount of time.
    -The police were called and the representative named Tommy reached out once the truck driver had messaged him. Once he heard the police had arrived, he hung up. The driver abandoned the goods in the street and drove off, leaving unexecuted paperwork behind.

    If you have already scheduled a move, cancel it now. This company is liable for ~$20K in damages alone for my relocation, and I have read that they may be in bankrupty.

  2. Laurie Hoffman

    Very slick sales approach and I got sucked in. Don’t make my mistake. If you happen to make the mistake of using these guys, here is a direct dial number to a Manager. They tell you they have no direct dial numbers but they’re liars. Jonathan’s direct dial is 754-240-5626, try Tom at 754-240-5625 or 5628. Keep trying all the surrounding numbers and you’ll get around the stupid call center. I have no reason to slam this business other than they are the most dishonest and unscrupulous company I’ve ever dealt with. I am equally generous with positive reviews to companies that earn them.

  3. Maria

    Interstate move from New York to Texas
    Their sales person told us lie after lie and I am ashamed to say I believed there were good people in the world, they were late a week fro when he promised (but they made sure to be within their “acceptable delivery time” by contract)
    I just happen to have all the texts and most was done over the phone that they could make it by our specific date. They gave us all kinds of “extra fees” making our fees almost double.

    And when I tried over an over to reach them, they kept telling me that they couldn’t reach their driver, that they would call me back, needless to say those calls never came.


  4. Maria Sol Alba

    Their sales person told us lie after lie and I am ashamed to say I believed there were good people in the world.
    They were late a week from when he promised (but they made sure to be within their “acceptable delivery time” by contract, I just happen to have all the texts and most was done over the phone that they could make it by our specific date.) They gave us all kinds of “extra fees” making our cost almost double.

    And when I tried over an over to reach them, they kept telling me that they couldn’t reach their driver, that they would call me back, needless to say those calls never came.


  5. Gene

    Everything worked out great this time around, the previous time we had opted to reach out and get help for a move it did not work out well. It was not until we got into contact with Long Distance that we realized what a true service company is like. They offered us all of their plans and deals, as well as told us to consider how big the move would be and which pieces of equipment would actually be necessary just so we did not have to pay for useless things and still be charged for them.
    Within a few days we had received a knock on the door by a supervisor and a group of men who had arrived to predict how much work the move would require. He got on his walkie talkie and spoke to the boss back at the headquarters I presume, and about thirty minutes later another truck with two extra guys showed up to begin the move.
    They helped us pack everything into wooden crates for the appliances and the clothing and stuff they had separate cardboard boxes and bags for. They were of this weird cotton type of material and it provided extra stability and security so that our stuff would not be knocked back and forth.
    It took about forty eight hours before most of the house was emptied out and our things were scheduled to arrive within the next week. We had moved in and began unpacking all of the things we had carried on hand. And luckily, about two days later all of our things began arriving and we have just began the unpacking process. Very happy how things worked out. Would totally recommend.

  6. Lara

    After all the great work they have done, I will give them a 5 star review because they REALLY deserve it! I guess I am another happy and satisfied costumer. I love this company’s professionalism also. They knew what they were doing right from the beginning. They also have great deals while I was moving. For example, they had specials for office moving and I saved a lot! I moved without all the headaches because of this company. I was so lost before moving and I thought it was impossible for me to move all the office supplies. But of course, after these guys arrived I knew that I would be in good hands from the start. When they arrived in the office, they first placed everything in a box or wrapped the items and then proceeded to move things. It didn’t take as much as I had imagined. They even wrapped the computer monitors in order to not break or scratch them as they carried it so carefully. That was honestly my biggest worry. They sure got my trust now and will be calling them for all my moving needs. These guys were A+ on everything!

  7. Aaya

    Who is never worried about a large state to state move? I was panicking because of a move-out deadline but Long Distance Relocation Group answered the call and saved me from a lot of stress. On-the-dot arrival and never-ending hustle until the job is done! This company deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

  8. David

    These guys are amazing! The representative over the phone helped expedite my process to keep me on schedule with my job starting date. They arrived ready to work and has the truck packed within a couple of hours. All my belongings made it on time and in perfect condition. This company goes out of its way to make sure your move goes as you planned. Thanks Long Distance Movers, you’ve earned yourself a loyal customer in the future

  9. Glenn

    After being relocated to Texas from New York, I was most worried about how I was going to move all of my things across the country. But with Long Distance Relocation Group I did not have to worry about a thing! They were on time, extremely kind and helpful, and so efficient. This company proved to be the best. They are dedicated to making a long distance move a wonderful experience. I am so glad I chose their business.

  10. David

    I cannot say enough about this moving company. My account manager Eric was awesome. Although I know I drove him crazy with several phone calls back and forth as I was moving my 86 year old mom from New York to Chicago, my customer service representative was very patient and understanding. He returned my calls, walked me through step by step everything that would take place and I just felt he was a personal friend. I cannot say enough about this moving company. They went above and beyond trying to make all my requests happen. I highly recommend them!

  11. Francis

    I got calls from about five different moving companies all with a high pressure sell which turns me right off. When I started researching some of these companies I could not believe what some of the reviews said. It was tad amount to holding your personal items for ransom. Eric at Long Distance Inc was a great guy and didn’t pressure me into reserving my move on our first conversation.

  12. Stephenie

    I highly recommend this moving service to anyone about to move. The crew was awesome. They arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled time and were ready to work. I had 3 pickup locations, then it was on to my new place.Took 7 days to delivery The unload was as smooth as the load. I will use them when we move again.

  13. James

    LDI is so great and Eric was amazing! I live on the third floor of a building with no elevator, but movers were very nice, speedy, and professional. I could tell that they took great care with my items, and worked quickly and efficiently. They even navigated their truck through a difficult street parking situation with ease. Highly, highly recommended moving company.

  14. Robert

    Long Distance Relocation Group is far and away the best moving service I have ever used. They helped me move from Houston to Dallas a few weeks ago and to my surprise, it was a seamless transition. I have hired several moving companies in the past and there always seems to be some sort of issue. That was not the case with Long Distance Movers. Also, everyone I worked with throughout the process was extremely friendly and kind. To say the least, the price for my move was more than reasonable. Really I have nothing bad to say about this company. I would definitely recommend their service to a friend.

  15. Tim

    Long Distance Inc is hands down the best moving company we have worked with so far. They took great care of my things and I’m so thankful for them. And it’s not like I was transporting pillows, really. I own a pottery workshop, so you can only imagine the things I needed shipped. From fragile pottery to all the equipment I use for making it. Then there were also some shelves, cabinets, tables, chairs, and so on. And then I also needed them to move home, so there was even more cargo than just the shop. But I’m so glad to say that everything went great and I can’t thank these people enough.The reason I hired Long Distance Movers is because one of my colleagues recommended them. She was the one who talked me into hiring a moving company in the first place.

    I was going to
    do it all by myself first. Not the best idea I have ever had. Haha! I mean I am
    a woman, and the furniture that was supposed to be moved is pretty huge. And
    then there’s all the fragile pottery. So I took her advice and gave Long
    Distance Movers a call. And I am so glad I did. I told them what the situation
    was, and they sent a couple of guys to estimate how much everything was going
    to cost. They also walked me through the whole process and told me what I
    needed to do before they came to pack everything. They also agreed to ship my
    car, which was amazing, since I thought I’d have to call another company for
    that. So on the moving day, they arrived on time. The whole packing process
    took several hours, but I have to admit that was my fault, since I wasn’t
    completely ready when they came. But they were understanding. They just helped
    me prepare everything and went on with their own tasks. They really knew what
    they were doing with the pottery. Protected it in who knows how many layers of
    plastic wrap, paper, and so on. I was amazed. And most importantly, everything
    arrived without a scratch. They unpacked everything, reassembled the shelves,
    helped me put everything to its place, and so on. I literally got back to work
    the following morning, the shop was ready for new students and customers pretty
    much right away.
    I do miss my old students back in Texas, but truth be told, my new shop is amazing. It is way bigger,
    better lit, and just looks much more appealing. And I owe it mostly to the guys
    from Long Distance Movers. They made it all happen and for that I am so
    thankful. I would definitely recommend hiring these people to anyone looking
    for professional movers. They’re the best!

  16. Martin

    THANKS LARRY.I’m more than satisfied with the performance from the guys at Long distance relocation group. . Everything went smoothly and with no problems. I had them ship about twenty five pieces of special equipment and furniture. I own a shop and I needed to move to a bigger place, since I couldn’t really fit everything I had in the garage I was working in before. At first we wanted to ride cross country and transport the cars we had that way, but we soon realized it wasn’t a good idea. So we decided to find a company to do it for us.

    And our cars are my life, so I wasn’t gonna let just anyone transport them. I mean it would cost me a fortune if anything happened to any one of them.. Anyway, my girlfriend suggested we hire professional movers at Long Distance, as some of her relatives had used their services before and they were satisfied. So we gave them a call, explained the whole situation and set the dates.Of course, I have other things in my shop other than tools, shelves, and such. So I had the movers pack the whole shop in the end and transport it. I also thought I’d eventually end up having to sort out all the tools, that they’d get all mixed up during transport, but these guys really knew how to pack them properly. Really, all I had to do was put them on the shelves. Everything went perfect, nothing was damaged, and nothing was lost. I mean, not a single screw. We were all pretty impressed. As for the cars, I had them transported in an enclosed truck, since I wanted to be completely sure nothing bad would happen to them. And I also had the guys from Long Distance pick them up from my old shop and drop them off in front of the new one. So with all those extra services, it still came up pretty affordable. Not cheap, but reasonably priced. I had honestly thought they would rip me off big time, since everything seemed so top notch and professional. All in all, I would most definitely advise anyone looking for transporters to consider hiring Long Distance Movers. I mean, these guys are seriously amazing, and they know the ins and outs of their job.

  17. Jeriff

    When moving comes i know everyone gets overwhelmed and just want to get things moved and finished with as soon as possible and that when i found these guys. I asked them for help and they were so on time the day of the moving. They helped me unplug all the wires and started from scratch and got everything done in so little time. I was amazed of the fast work they did and so carful with my belongings.I legit appreciate this company for making my moving way easier then i thought because i was hanging thoughts on how I will be able to move my huge sofas down the stairs and also my refrigerator but they made it possible for me easily.
    I am grateful that i found this company. I believe for all my moving needs i will be giving them a call.

  18. Shiraley

    I was super anxious about my move as I was not only moving from state to state but moving to a high rise condo on Manhattan …a new experience for me. Michael was my contact at Long Distance Relocation Grup and he was wonderful and put up with my constant questions and requests and changes. I received a quote and after all was said and done that’s what I paid…there were no hidden charges or additional add on charges that surprised me. The movers had some car trouble en route to pick up my belongings but despite showing up late they still did the entire pack and move and were very professional about it. On my move in all of my furniture was still in its original condition as they did a fantastic job wrapping everything. Unfortunately I’ll likely be moving again in the next 1-2 years and I’ll definitely use this company again.

  19. Martin

    I didn’t pay a penny more than the quoted amount, and all of my stuff was moved in quickly and efficiently (nothing damaged either). The only complaint I have is on behalf of my roommate, who was my proxy for the pick up. She said that she had to ask several times and basically follow the movers from room to room to make sure they cleaned up the extra packing supplies before they left.

  20. Ella

    Long Distance relocation group amazed me. I live in Dallas and was tasked by my family to relocate my mother’s belongings from her Chicago apartment to her new residence in an assisted living facility in Connecticut. When reviewing potential moving companies on online I was impressed by the number of comments (and high ratings) for Long Distance Inc on both customer service and friendliness of the moving crew. I decided to give them a shot (along with two other companies I requested a bid from) and would like to add my voice to the reviewers who have already expressed their positive experience. From the very beginning my experience was positive. I was able to arrange for an estimator to view price my move. (more difficult than it sounds since I was coordinating from 1500 miles away), received my estimate within an hour of the estimators inspection and was able to set the date for the “pack and move on the same day . On the day of the move the packing team arrived on time and were very pleasant and helpful throughout the process even accommodating some of my last minute requests without fuss. Additionally, for a small additional fee they were able to confirm a specific date and time for delivery to my mother’s new residence in Connecticut which was extremely important to me (and my mother). Many moving companies offer a 2-3 day window for delivery, as I learned.
    From beginning to end the process was as smooth and effortless as a cross country move can be. These guys are good,.you should give them a try.

  21. Jason

    Great long distance moving company! They sent us good guys – easy going and hard working. From start to finish the movers didn’t break anything. So many horror stories I’ve heard before about unsatisfactory work of the moving companies’ personnel. After all was delivered I could easily find each item when unpacked. We were very pleased with their crew. They worked 8 hours straight, but they were friendly and smiling despite of their fatigue, no complaints whatsoever. So I’d give them thumbs up in my book.

  22. Kevin

    I tried to get into contact with another company right before finding Long Distance online, you cannot imagine how happy I was at the end of all of this. I was actually happy the first guys did not answer because it ended up with us having one of the easiest moves in decades. We were moving to a new house and a completely new city, things were changing in a fast pace and my parents wanted a moving company that could keep up with that. Within about twenty four hours someone arrived to our house to approximate the cost and length of the entire process. Shortly after that they began the move and now we have just settled into the new place. Could not be happier.

  23. Aaron

    All of our movers were excellent. LDI seems to have a solid handle on their business. I was quite impressed with all of their work.
    They picked up both our belongings one from our 5 bedroom houset. They fully packed up all of our belongings with haste and a great sense of professionalism! They even had one of their promotional marketing guys filming part of our move for video that they said would be used online on their website!
    Great service overall. I’m happy to say the service they provided solid.

  24. Jake

    Long distance was the best.Everything was absolutely exceptional! The guys were kind and very careful with all of our fragile furniture. They moved everything out so quickly and explained the process step by step to us. It is very nerve wracking moving your entire home across the country, but they made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the delivery/storage process. This company is sooo affordable and the customer service is outstanding!! I highly recommend using this company for any moving needs.

  25. Mark

    LDI did an incredible job on my move! I was moving from a studio apartment the day before I left for a 10 day vacation… talk about stress. I was still boxing up things when Abrham and his Team showed up, and they immediately made moving a whole lot easier. They were incredibly professional and brought boxes (including wardrobe boxes for my clothes), tape, wrap, blankets, and tools to ensure all my furniture was well protected. By the time I was closing up the last box, they had already protected and loaded my furniture into the truck. They work very quickly and are very reasonable. I’m really glad I chose LDI — they made my moving experience a lot less stressful!

  26. Jamie

    If we could, we would give Long distance inc Movers 10 on a 5-point scale. They were not only the most cost effective but their attitude and professionalism were unmatched. We used them for our move from the Bay area to Chicago. Victor and Serge drove straight through and got to for Chicago in 2 days, unpacked our belongings and re-assembled our furniture for over 12 straight hours and, apparently, headed right back. Throughout the move, packing and unpacking they were courteous almost to a fault and gladly moved and placed furniture as requested, even removing and replacing doors when necessary to work around tight spaces. We have moved several times and can state with absolute confidence that their service was the best we have experienced. We would definitely use them again and strongly recommend them, without any doubt in my mind.

  27. Joseph

    As 110% of us can attest to, moving sucks royally, and dealing with movers can literally feel like torture.
    Having said that, we could not be happier with this company and with our movers specifically. We had three movers which is what we asked for and all three of them( Bassam, Charles , and anthoy ) were great!
    They were all incredibly pleasant to deal with, moved very quickly without any issue, and the move could not have gone better! When dealing with the stresses of a move, having movers that you can trust and that are easy to deal with really makes the move process so much easier. As we mentioned to them, hopefully we do not have to move for a long long time but if we do, we will certainly be calling these guys to help us!

  28. Frank

    Long distance inc is my favorite moving company. These guys turned a nightmare into a daydream – no fooling! I worried and sweated and once they arrived, a brutal day (aren’t all moving days?) became a delight. I love my new home, and this was the perfect way to get started. They are hard workers, careful, respectful and have a great business ethic. Awesome to the max.

  29. Martin

    Really great service Long distanc inc movers gave us. The sales rep told us about the entire process and on the moving day the guys showed up on time and literally got to work the second the entered the apartment. Within an hour they had more belongings moved into their truck than I could have probably done in half a day. They took good care of our belongings and wrapped everything to provide protection. They work very impressively and I am going to have them for all my further moves!

  30. Alisha

    I needed a good moving company for my recent long distance move so I called up Long distanc inc movers. I wanted to pack and move easily. I asked for assistance. They assured me the best and gave me the best. They displayed professionalism. They are best at this profession. Moving is easy with them because they do it as you expect. I experienced a stress free moving. I’m sure you will too.

  31. Harris

    All I did is made a call and paid the bill. Yes with Long distanc inc movers, moving is hassle free and stress free. I called them and told them how I want by furniture to be placed. Everything I instructed was placed accordingly and all I did is sit back and see all the moving happening. They are efficient, hardworking and very friendly. I did not do a thing! Just paying the money is an easy job.

  32. jacqueline

    At first we were nervous because we were getting many different rates from many companies. Long distanc inc movers seemed reasonable and professional. I spoke with their sales rep who was very polite and friendly. On the moving day, a crew of 4 arrived first thing in the morning and started working. I was glad to see their seriousness because they were paid by the hour. They did not try to waste any time nor did they take any breaks. They worked hard until the task was completed. Nothing was broken or even slightly damaged. It felt great to do a move without any accidents. Now I know whom to call for my next cross country move.

  33. William

    I had these guys help me move from NY to FL to Pompano Beach, FL on June 24th, 2016. I can honestly say that this was the easiest move I have ever been through. These guys were great, they showed up promptly on time and even brought extra boxes, enclosing, and tape in order to help me box up all of my unboxed stuff. Unlike most movers in the area, these guys charged by the hour. That may cause one to think that they may try to milk the clock for more money but that was not the case at all, they were very speedy and efficient. The two movers that they sent to help with my one-bedroom apartment move were great guys and even offered suggestions on how to easily fix some of my older slightly-damaged furniture. Everything got to the new location with no damage to the furniture or the units. These guys took what is normally a stressful experience and made it WAY LESS stressful. I would recommend these guys to anyone moving in the South Florida area and I will definitely be using these guys again in the future. These guys get the thumbs up from me.

  34. Simon

    I moved about three weeks ago now and used Long distance inc. I moved out of one house on a Sunday and moved into the new place on a Thursday so they held onto my things for several days. Everyone that I dealt with was very professional and friendly. I was a little nervous to use them because some of the reviews are not that great but I had no problems. They arrived on time (one day they were late due to being caught in traffic because of an accident and they called and text me updates of their location), they worked quickly and treated my belongings with care. The service that you get for the price is unbeatable.

  35. Pearl

    Ive had the pleasure of working with Long distance inc twice, a corporate move and a personal move. Both times their team was timely, respectful and efficient. NOTHING broken and NOTHING stolen. Chad is so professional and made himself very accessible. He promptly answered my questioned and handled business, making the the process a breeze. I highly recommend them.

  36. Luna

    I just recently moved with this company I had a great experience they showed up on time which I have moved several times in the past and each time I moved the companies were late. The crew they sent me was amazing everybody made me feel comfortable while in my home. They packed all my belongings into boxes while doing so they were very gentle and took their time to make sure everybody was packed accordingly. The crew leader was amazing he made sure to be there for us every step of the way, they definitely made sure to go the extra mile. The second day the same crew showed up loaded everything I had in a timely manner. They then took my furniture to the their facility to hold it over night because of my closing which was unexpected. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

  37. James

    Awesome service. I got quotes from like 50 different moving companies. My phone would literally not stop ringing. I took one last call and Jason LDI gave me a quote. He was very professional and had all the time to answer all my questions. My pick went well. Smooth as butter. Delivery took a little longer then I wanted but it went smooth once it arrived. Thanks long distance Inc.

  38. Daniel

    I just recived my shipment in India after about 3+ weeks. I’m pleased to say that I rec’d everything with no damages or hidden charges. LDI handled everything from start to finish which included packing, loading customs clearance etc. I am very happy with the service provided and would use Long Distance Inc again.

  39. Jennifer

    UsedLong Distance Inc for my move. Moved from NYC to CA, and everything went well, so i am leaving them a 5 star review. I would use them again and refer them. A friend of mine also used Long distance inc and she had nothing but glowing reviews. The movers are very helpful and respectful and they made the move smooth sailing. Everything arrived on time, and there were no stolen or damaged items.You will not regret making the move with long dist INC , they are a well run company with great management and employees.

  40. Marie

    I was very pleased with my move from NJ to FL. After going online and filling out a form I received literally 20 responses. I chose LDI due to the time and effort they put into making me feel comfortable with the moving process. My move was on April 12. The movers came between 7-9 am as promised. They were very nice and did everything in a timely manner. They showed me the cubic feet I paid for on the truck before they started loading the truck. I was very pleased with the service and would use them again.

  41. Joy

    Long Distance INC was the best moving company I have ever worked with. They were punctual, professional, careful with my belongings, and incredibly nice and accommodating. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy and made a stressful move a lot less stressful. I honestly can’t say enough nice things about these guys. Highly recommend!

  42. Linda

    Top notch. I told my sales rep to change the name of their company to top notch long distance movers because that’s the kind of service they offered . Really cool guys. Sales guy and my foreman were both awesome. Highly recommend these top notch long distance guys right here

  43. Jeannette

    LDI is amazing. I have moved locally several times but never out of state. I wanted someone that spealized in that considering it was my first long distance move I was nervous. I picked long distance inc because that’s all they dealt with. They assured me they were pros in moves cross country. And they definably y were.

  44. Carlos

    We used LDI for long distance move. as this was the first time I was moving cross country. i spoke with Matt. He assured me that my move would be stress free and He was also from the same part of NY as me which made me feel more comfortable. I want to tell that my move went well and bill took care of me well. Definitely a 5 star service.

  45. Virginia

    My move was a very stressful part of my life. I was transferred from my job to Florida and never made an interstate move before. I went online and filled out a form online to get estimates. After literally 10 companies called and all the estimates I received I chose Long Distance Van lines . They weren’t the cheapest but weren’t the most expensive. When I talked to economic they explained to me the whole moving process. I was scheduled to move on April 25th between 7-9 am. They arrived at 815. The movers were very nice and wouldn’t let me help with anything. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my move and I’m glad it’s over with. I would definitely use this company again.

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