To Rent a Truck or Hire a Professional Movers?

Moving to another apartment, city or state is a decision which is carefully considered and is often backed by valid reasons such as moving to another place for a better educational environment, better job opportunities, or simply going for a change of pace from an urban lifestyle to a somewhat calming rural lifestyle.
Rent a truck or Hire Moving truck

As deciding and choosing a place to move to is a decision which needs heavy consideration and thought, similarly, it is also very important to know what’s the best way to relocate, i.e, by renting a truck to move your belongings, furniture and other houseware yourself or hiring a professional local movers to do the job for you.

Before we dive into the pros and cons of these two different approaches to moving, we need to get a few things out of our way. While renting a truck may seem the better option because of the relatively low price tag as compared to a well-known moving company, saving a penny, in this case, comes at the cost of handling the stress and exertion resulting from orchestrating everything yourself.

The Fees and Costs

The fees and costs inclusive of renting a truck for relocating purposes seem more desirable but this estimate does not include the other hidden charges such as mileage fees, costs covering fuel usage and not to mention the basic liability insurance the renting company charges in case of any damage to the truck. Most people do not have any idea of these extra costs until they have rented out a truck. When factoring in these additional costs, the option of renting out a truck becomes less plausible as compared to just hiring a moving company. However, when all of these elements are taken into consideration during the cost calculation, you might land a good deal for renting a truck if the local movers are charging too high.

The Man-Power

While renting a truck gives more freedom to the elements of the moving process such as flexibility in time, but it can’t also be denied that the same process is very labor-intensive. Hiring a moving company would solve this issue because the employees of the said company would professionally handle the labor themselves while moving by yourself would inevitably bring stress when manually handling the houseware inventory. In contrast, hiring moving companies can easily eliminate this problem because their trained workers will handle the labor of moving your items with great care and expertise.


Moving is not a simple drive through the park. Instead, driving a truck loaded with your valuables over a highway is not something that can be handled by a novice. It is very important to have some extent of expertise and experience for driving heavy vehicles. If you are a professional driver and are used to handling such vehicles, then this method is plausible, otherwise, hiring movers is less stressful and safer as their drivers are certified and trained professionals.


The best option for hiring movers compared to renting a truck solely depends on your circumstances. For example, renting a truck is the better solution if the location is only ten to fifteen miles far and the process can be completed within a day and the inventory is also sizably small. In contrast, if the destination is far, the inventory is big and you don’t have much experience in handling and moving a big inventory, then hiring movers is the better and safer option.

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Rent a Truck or Hire Mover?

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