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How to pick moving companies?

Before asking for moving quotes online from movers near you, it will be good to know a few things about moving companies. Each moving company can offer a different kind of service. That makes it to be harder and more difficult to find the right mover for your need.

Which kind of services those moving companies can offer?

  1.  Full service
  2.  Self service

In full service  (the most expensive type of service), the movers who will arrive will do everything for you from packing your belongings, loading and unloading. also, they will drive the truck to your new place. it will be smart to stand next to them to see the process to verified they are labeling your boxes and treat your belongings with respect.

In self-service (which is typically less expensive) the moving companies will deliver a truck or container (can be call also PODS) to your doorstep and you will load the container yourself. This service fit for peoples with low budget for their move and they are ready to work hard packing and carrying boxes.  When you done loading your belongings you have to call the moving company to come pick the container/truck/PODS and deliver it to your new place.

Which kind of moving quotes they can offer?

Before doing first step bonding with a chosen moving company you must get a written offer from them.

There is 3 types of quotes they can offer:

  1. Non binding – The significance of such a proposal the first price is an estimate and on the moving day cost can vary.
  2. Binding – The rate you will get on the phone will be the final price you will pay. (It’s very important to make sure that the telephone representative does not leave any breaches that help the movers to raise the price on the day of move).
  3. Binding no to exceed – The offer you received can change in your behalf.

Can every moving company can offer long distance service?

No, absolutely not. Every moving company or movers who want to offer you a long distance move are required to hold a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA is a federal governing body that regulates the residential moving and trucking industries. You have to check and ask your movers before signing the contract with them that they have the appropriate licenses.

What can I do before my move date?

Moving can bring you a lot of stress. Your move day can make you feel regret you even decided to move. A lot of people leave much of arrangements for the last day before the moving guys arrive. This Is A Mistake.

There are few things you can do before your move date to make your move less stressful:

  1.  Organize your belongings throw unusable or needed things. this saves space on the truck and money in your pocket.
  2. Cancel your utilities at the place you’re vacating, save some unused payment.
  3. Order packaging materials, it will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

Check our FAQ section to get more relevant and important information. Click Here

What factors will affect the price?

Your free moving quote will be based on information provided which will effect your total cost. the factors you have to take in mind are:

1. The total weight or cubic ft of your belongings

If you have to guess how much is the weight of your belongings, you think you will guess right? If yes, so for you it will be easy to estimate how much your move will cost. the first factor to effect your moving quotes rate is the weight or the amount of space (cubic ft) your belongings will have on the truck. Each calculate unit (lbs or cubic ft) has price. The more you have to move, the higher the price you will get. Simple.

2. The distance your belongings have to drive

If you are planing to move around the corner or maybe to the other side of the country, someone have to drive between your pickup location to your new destination. With simple logic we can understand that moving from New York to California will be more expensive than moving from Dallas to Houston. When you asking free moving quotes for long distance move, all moving companies calculates various costs such as: fuel, toll fee, driver cost and even the wear and tear of the truck and all that will effect your price. It will be cheaper for movers to move you just around the corner when they don’t have many expenses 

3. Additional services

Not all conditions at the time of pickup are favorable to movers. most of the moving companies will add some additional charges will be based on their working conditions in your home.

  1. Elevator Fee – If your apartment is located on a high floor that is accessed only by elevator, Apparently you will have to pay this fee.
  2. Long Carry Fee – The driver will do everything possible to park as close as possible to your apartment, But in case he fails at any distance of 75 feet from the truck to your home which the carriers will have to walk there will be charge with long carry fee.
  3. Bulky Item Fee – If you want to move a piano or a large snooker table etc, which will require a special effort from the movers, they will probably ask you for an additional fee so be aware to ask about that.
  4. Shuttle Fee – If the municipal laws in your new residence area prohibit 18-wheeled freight trucks to enter into the narrow streets, you will have to pay an additional fee called ‘Shuttle Fee’ which means paying for a small truck that may enter your new area of residence.
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