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Moving an apartment or a house is a very expensive operation, especially if you have a lot of equipment and certainly, if you are moving somewhere far. While moving companies charge almost 70 cents a pound (not including the packaging materials they will use). Truck rental companies offer trucks at attractive rates ranges of $50-$120 dollars per rental day.

What Size of Moving Truck Do I Need For My Move?

Most moving rental companies offer a variety of truck sizes suitable for all move sizes.

  • Cargo Van – Fit for 1 room move up to 3,100 lb / 357 cu.ft.
  • 12 Foot Truck – Fit for 1-2 rooms up to 3,400 lb / 443 cu.ft.
  • 16 Foot Truck – Fit for 2-3 rooms up to 4,500 lb / 658 cu.ft.
  • 26 Foot Truck – Fit for 4-7 rooms up to 10,000 lb / 1698 cu.ft.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Renting Moving Trucks?

Renting a moving truck to move an apartment, house or even an office has a number of advantages and disadvantages, we have listed the main points for you:


  1. You can know in advance how much it will cost you to rent the moving truck and what the fuel cost will be and know if the price is good for you.
  2. You set the apartment move according to your schedule.
  3. You don’t have to fly to your new home because you will drive the moving truck.


  1. You will need to carry all your boxes from home to the truck yourself or hire workers to help.
  2. Driving a loaded truck is something you need to learn and gain experience with.
  3. If you make the move on your own and you also have to drive a long way,  put in mind you will have more expenses  along the way such as hotels and restaurants.

Where To Rent A Moving Truck?

You have several good truck rental options to choose from. It is very useful to search online and compare offers and even search for discount coupons to save as much as possible on truck rental.

  1. Budget truck rental.
  2. U-HAUL.
  3.  PENSKE.
  4. Enterprise truck rental.

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