We create for you a moving checklist, to reduce your stress and make sure you don’t forget to do something important follow the things you have to do before moving:

Moving Checklist

6 Weeks Before Your Moving Date

5 Weeks Before Your Moving Date

  • Start collecting free moving boxes or order online.
  • Start getting rid of things you no longer need, donate them or make a yard sale
  • Stop purchasing products that are intended for long-term use

4 Weeks Before Your Moving Date

  • Start learning where the important institutions are near your new home area (School, Banks, City Hall).
  • Visit your local post office branch, file a change address form.
  • If you plan to fly to your new place, book airline tickets with options for change.

3 Weeks Before Your Moving Date

  • Start packing, begin with out of season items.
  • Make a follow up call with your mover, verified your move date isn't change.
  • Fix all damages in the apartment that are under your responsibility, get back your deposit in full.

2 Weeks Before Your Moving Date

  • If you are driving to your new home, make sure your vehicle is fit for travel, visit your mechanic.
  • Keep packing usable things as well and don't forget to label the boxes.
  • Start by saying goodbye to your neighbors and returning equipment you may have borrowed from them.

1 Week Till Your Move Date

  • Call all utilities companies and close your accounts such as Internet, Cable, Water, Electric Company.
  • Call again your mover make sure nothing change.
  • Get some cash handy and fill your car with gas.

Move Day

  • Wake up early and have a good breakfast.
  • Welcome your movers with drink and snack, don't sign any blank contract.
  • Supervise movers work, make sure they treat your belongings with respect.
  • Want to get a PDF file of our moving checklist? just feel the form below!
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