Our Moving Tips Recommendation

Start packing ahead of time before the move, start with out-of season items. next, pack things used infrequently. leave until the last minute things you’ll might use until moving day.

When packing your belongings use paper without ink. newspaper ink rubs off easy and may damage some items like fine china .

Remember, it is against federal law for your mover to transport firearms, explosives, compressed gas, flammables, aerosols, liquor and cleaning fluids.So don't pack them.

Label each and every carton. use a black marker, clearly marking room and contents. indicate “FRAGILE” on dedicates “THIS END UP” where appropriate.

Limit cartons to a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

Moving Tips

Pack similar items together. Don't pack a delicate china figurine in the same carton with cast iron frying pans, for example.

As you done pack each carton, list the contents on the side of it (for easy viewing while stacked). Also it will be good idea if you number the cartons as well.

Pre-move preparation is required for many major appliances. set an appointment with a service technician to prepare your major appliances for shipment or have your agent send someone out who is authorized to perform this service.

About tipping we offer the following advice, tip only when the move is over. remember, moving is hard work. if your crew work hard and was careful and courteous with your belongings tip them. The amount is up to you.

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