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One of the common surprises for customers using moving services, it’s the cost of disposable packaging materials. Furniture and niknak items that won’t be pack by you before the move, will be pack by the moving guys and it will not be for free. they will charge you really high prices for these packaging materials. amount which can increase your move cost up in 20% or more.

How to save some dollars on disposable packaging materials:

To avoid any unpleasantness situations, we recommend you to pack your belongings ahead of time or to ask your’s moving company sales representative about their packing policy and prices.
We promise you will be supersizing to know that simple mid size box that you can buy in any office supply stores in only few dollars, will cost you with the moving guys double or even triple their original price.

Another option and cost free one, is to check at the local shopping center or at neighborhood grocery store for empty cardboard boxes. It will be win win for all. you will find free moving boxes and they fill get some help to clear the empty cartons.

Types of useful packing boxes:

  • Small, Medium, Large square moving box.
  • Wardrobe boxes.
  • Kitchen boxes.
  • Mirror or picture boxes.
  • Moving boxes for flat TV.
  • Lamp moving Boxes.
  • Office / Archive boxes.

Additional accessories and packaging tools:

  • Moving blankets (used for furniture).
  • Packing paper (used for fragile objects).
  • Glass and dish packs.
  • Bubble rolls.
  • Packing tape.
  • Mattress covers (highly recommended)!
  • Packing peanuts.

Some of the moving boxes you can find for free, the other disposable packaging materials you can get in the local office stores or to buy online. In both cases the price will be much cheaper than the price the carriers will charge you.

Remember, early preparation will save you money!! Order your packaging materials here. and don’t forget to get some FREE moving quotes today!

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