Helpful links that you have to see before booking:

It is very easy to blame your moving company for any trouble occurred, but you as a customer have some responsibility to do the background checking about the moving company you going to choose. 

See below a list with website you have to visit before booking with one of the moving companies out there.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB website, helps peoples to find recommend business or to write a complain about business they used their service in the past, and it's make it easy to find brands, charities or business you can trust,Visit

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

A government official website, read how to protect your move the information is priceless.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

A government official website, visit if you moving in or out the state of Texas or if you planing to use movers registered in Texas.

Moving Scam

Go online and see if your choosing moving company ever been mentioned in a scam, bad experience of other can save you a lot of trouble.

United States Postal Service

Change your address, it's very important. don't leave behind important bills or personal later in your old address.

Moving Insurance

Want to protect your valuables more than 60 cents per pound like the moving company offer ? Search online for moving insurance, or visit for example this insurance company website.

Packaging Materials Suppliers

Why not to save up to 20% in your moving cost ?! buy packaging materials in advanced and don't be ripoff when the movers will offer you to buy from them.

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