Pros and Cons Why To Move to Passaic, NJ

Passaic is a city located in Passaic County in New Jersey. It is a city with the highest concentration of Orthodox Jews in the United States with over 15,000 Jews residing in it. Passaic has a population of over 69,000 people according to some local census organizations and is considered to be the 524th densely populated city in the United States.

Moving to Passaic NJ
Passaic NJ

Moreover, with over 22,000 people per square mile, Passaic is also considered to be the 5th most densely populated municipality in the US. Moving to Passaic is a decision that should be taken after putting much thought into it. an individual should consider all the pros and cons related to moving to Passaic and see if his move would benefit him in the long run. This article aims at providing a solid ground for deciding whether an individual should be moving to Passaic or not.

Location of Passaic:

Passaic is surrounded only by one neighbor Clifton. Clifton surrounds Passaic to the north, south, and west. On the other hand, the eastern side is only surrounded by the Passaic River. Passaic covers over 3.24 square miles which include 3.13 square miles of land and 0.11 square miles of water.

Pros of Moving to Passaic:

Moving to Passaic has its perks and pros. The advantages of moving to Passaic are as follows:


Extreme cold weather is not for everyone. Numerous people prefer to live in an area that has normal or mildly cold weather in the winters. For such people, Passaic might be the best option to live in. The weather in summers is hot and humid but not unbearable. And in the winters, the weather becomes mildly cold. Due to this reason, Passaic is a preferable option for people who avoid extreme cold.

2. Opportunities:

Passaic is a city with a lot of opportunities. It is considered to be one of the developing cities in the United States and due to this reason the opportunities are increasing in the education and industrial sector. For people who want to be a part of building a great city, Passaic might be a good place to live in.

3. Value of Property:

As discussed before, moving a hot tub requires a lot of manpower since it is very heavy. So, it is always better to ask family and friends to help a lending hand. Involving family and friends will not only make the task much more enjoyable but also carefree since the loved ones take care of the items of one another. In addition to this, the cost of moving will also be reduced substantially.

4. New York

For people who love the idea of living close to New York but not too close, Passaic is a good place to stay. It is located only 10 miles away from New York City. Due to this reason, many people who love to go to New York on a regular basis but are tired of the noise and the congestion prefer to stay here.

Cons of Moving to Passaic:

There are also many cons of moving to Passaic which a new homeowner or a renter should be aware of.

1. Garbage

The first thing that a person would notice after arriving in Passaic, is the problem of garbage and trash. The cities are littered with trash and there seems to be no good approach of the authorities to take care of it. Because of this much garbage, there is also a horrendous smell in the air which is a source of annoyance and disgust for the people. So, for the people who love a clean city, Passaic might not be of much preference.

2. Poverty

Poverty is another issue in Passaic. Close to 33 percent or 1 in every 3 people live in poverty in Passaic. This is why Passaic is avoided by many people who want to make a better life for themselves and their future generations.

3. High Cost of Living

For anyone, who wants to make his life financially stable, he has to do two things, earn more and spend less. For a person who wants to save money by spending less, it is imperative that he lives in an area where the cost of living is not too high. But, Passaic is considered to be one of those areas where the cost of living is substantially more compared to the rest of the United States. It is estimated that the cost of living is almost 26 percent higher than the rest of the United States. Therefore, a person should avoid moving to Passaic if he expects to reduce his financial burden.

4. Crime Rate

Crime rate is also taken into account when making a decision regarding moving from one place to another. Nobody wants to live in constant fear of being robbed or attacked. And when we take family and kids into consideration, then our choice is always a place where we think that our family will be safe. Unfortunately, Passaic is a city where the crime rate is high. It is estimated that around 2,275 crimes are committed per every 100,000 residents which narrows down to a person having a chance of being a victim among 44 other residents. Due to this reason, people usually avoid moving to the Passaic, and the ones who live there, prefer to move out as soon as possible. One of the key factors in increased crime rate is poverty. As discussed above, a lot of people live under the poverty line which in turn forces them to commit crimes to make ends meet.


Moving to a new place is not as simple as packing bags and leaving. One should always be aware of the places that he intends to stay in. Sometimes, a good job offer can force a person to ignore all the characteristics of a certain place. But, money is nothing compared to life and family. Therefore, a person must first assess all the risks and rewards attached with moving to the new place and then take the decision.

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Pros and Cons Moving to Passaic NJ

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