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Talk to no more than five companies. That will be enough for you to get an impression about your transition cost. If you talk to more companies you may be confused and get overwhelmed with information and the sales representatives’ aggressive persuasion campaign.

Yes, you better make an accurate inventory list and pass it to all the company representatives you talk to. That’s how you get a quote from the companies for the same service.

* Remember, if there will be more items to move on the move day it can cause your estimate to rise so invest time in preparing your inventory

Buy in advances packaging materials such as boxes, mattresses and covering tips, you can order at this link or in stores near your home and pack yourself what you can so you can spare the packing way by the movers which up the costs for the transition.

You should review their DOT number and their MC, at this link. Ask about the company’s insurance, for your property and for employees of the company who will work in your home.

You should read reviews on several different reviews sites.

Not at all! Avoid paying in advance as much as possible. Pay for the transit in parts. Pay a small deposit when booking by phone no more than $100. On the transition day pay no more than 60 percent of the general account and the remaining 40 percent when making receiving the truck.

You should read reviews on several different reviews sites.

Ask every sales rep about their hidden charges. Ask whether there are extras for miles, patterns, and fuel. If there are there extra for elevator use or long distance walk between the truck to the home, and also borrowing costs if needed.

You should read reviews on several different reviews sites.

All billing methods have their ups and downs. You should listen to offers from those two possible options and choose one.

You choose the cubic feet, especially if you have boxes and furniture you can load up on each other from the floor to the ceiling of the truck and so take advantage of all the space of the truck and not pay for unused space. You should not choose the cubic feet if you know that you are not going to be present on the transition and there will not be anyone to look after exploiting all the space in the truck.

You should choose to charge by weight if your equipment is mostly made from lightweight materials and is not possible to arrange in a convenient packing in the truck. For example, garden furniture, pool furniture, children’s plays rooms, etc. It’s recommended to join the movers to the close weighing station and be present while weighing and make sure nothing that does not belong to you is being added. 

Yes and it’s even recommended to leave the clothes in the drawers, by doing so on the discharge day you’ll know right where to find your clothes and will also spare boxes in which you were to pack the clothes. (You saved space in the truck – you saved money) it’s very important to remember to lock or wrap the drawers with tape so they will open.

Also, never send valuables, such as jewelry or cash in transit. Take these items with you by car or on the flight to the next destination.

Price offers that are based on binding  make the customer think he have a final price for as transition. As mentioned above, binding  price offers are based on the inventory that you transmit to sales reps and on this basis you will get a bid. What most customers do not know is that if on the transition day you have even one item that was not on the list that you gave to the sales reps the order will be canceled and they need get ready for a new much higher price from the movers, that in most cases you can not refuse. (You have to leave the house, to catch a flight, etc.)and it turns out than the low price you thought you got jumped by tens of percent.

Never. Always enter into the contract only after you know the final price and it is noted in the contract, and you know what you are paying for.

No, on the day of the pickup the movers will arrive with a 24 feet truck, and then transfer the objects to a larger truck (54 Feet Trailer) which is designed for long journeys across the country. In this truck there will be also items of other customers and between one area and the other will be plastic dividers to prevent mixing of the objects.

Most companies accept cash, credit cards, and checks on the collection day, and on the day of arrival it can be paid in cash or credit card. * It is recommended to pay by credit card if possible, this is the safest way of payment out there.

Most companies offer this service on the phone ,while trying to book you. If they don’t offer that ,don’t be shy to ask .

If you had some problems and want to file a claim or complaints ,just press this link-

When you start packing,we can recommend follow those tips.  Start with out-of-season items. Next, pack things used infrequently. Leave until the last minute things you’ll might use  until moving day. Label each and every carton then in arriving day you will now what to open first.Limit cartons to a maximum weight of 50 will be easy for you or for the movers to carry out those boxes.

Moving is hard work. The moving crews usually work hard  If you feel that your movers did a good job, it is customary for them to be tipped. This, of course is, a function of their performance. The amount is up to the customer. Remember ,its not obligatory to tips even if the movers ask for.

If you are booking a company that her warehouse located over 2 hours drive (or 100 mile) from your house, be aware that you increasing the chance of “not show up” situation.
Most of the moving companies paying hourly to their employees ,also for time spending driving to you. (also  paying for fuel, toll passes ) So, if your move isn’t big, or the moving company you choose  had cancellation “pick up” from other customers near you (yes, you don’t get the truck just for you), A fair chance your “pick up” will be cancel as well.( Not profitable )
What to do ? pick moving company located near you. use the Zip Code search options in, to find the closer company near you.

Moving companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the FMCSA and must have a USDOT Number. Also, commercial intrastate hazardous materials carriers who haul quantities requiring a safety permit must register for a USDOT Number.The USDOT Number serves as a unique identifier when collecting and monitoring a company’s safety information acquired during audits, compliance reviews, crash investigations, and inspections.

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