Accessibility Statement

This Accessibility Statement (“Statement”) outlines the commitment of (“the Site”) to ensuring an accessible online environment for all users.

We strive to comply with applicable accessibility standards and guidelines, including but not limited to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Accessibility Efforts

1.1. is dedicated to making every reasonable effort to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access and use our website. We are continuously working on improving the accessibility of our site to provide a seamless and inclusive user experience.

1.2. We have implemented accessibility features and incorporated accessible design principles throughout the development and maintenance of the Site. These measures aim to provide equal access to information, functionality, and services for all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

1.3. We regularly review and audit our website to identify accessibility barriers and make necessary improvements. Our team is committed to incorporating accessibility best practices into our ongoing website development and maintenance processes.

Contact and Reporting

2.1. We value feedback from users and are open to suggestions for improving accessibility. If you encounter any barriers or experience difficulties accessing content on our website, we encourage you to contact us.

2.2. To report accessibility issues, provide feedback, or request assistance, please reach out to our designated accessibility contact:


2.3. When contacting us, please provide detailed information about the accessibility issue you encountered, including the specific web page or feature in question. This will assist us in understanding the problem and working towards a prompt resolution.

2.4. We are committed to reviewing and addressing all accessibility-related inquiries in a timely manner. While we strive to provide accessible content, we may not be able to fulfill all requests immediately due to technical constraints. However, we assure you that we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs and improve accessibility where feasible.

Ongoing Accessibility

3.1. is committed to ongoing accessibility compliance and will continue to enhance our website to meet evolving accessibility standards and guidelines.

3.2. We will regularly monitor the accessibility of our website, conduct periodic accessibility assessments, and employ assistive technologies to ensure compatibility with a wide range of assistive devices and browsers.

3.3. This Statement will be periodically reviewed and updated as needed to reflect any changes in our accessibility initiatives or legal requirements.

Legal Compliance

4.1. While we strive to comply with relevant accessibility standards, it is important to note that achieving full accessibility may not be feasible in certain situations due to technological limitations or third-party content.

4.2. Nonetheless, we are committed to working towards making all areas of our website accessible and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including accessibility requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the accessibility standards of the state of California.

Assistance with Accessibility

5.1. For individuals seeking assistance in adjusting their web browsing experience to improve accessibility, we recommend referring to reputable resources, such as the U.S. Social Security Administration website or other recognized accessibility organizations that provide guidance on web accessibility enhancements.

We appreciate your cooperation and dedication to helping us improve accessibility on Together, we can create an inclusive online environment that serves all users equally.

Last Updated:06/23

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