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  • 4 Brickyard Rd
    Cranbury , NJ 08512
  • Phone number : (609)918-1901
  •  www.harrismoving.com
  • DOT 549693
  • Inspections / Crashes

Movers In Cranbury, NJ

Welcome to Harris Moving.

Harris Moving, established in New Jersey 30 years ago, offers moving services in Cranbury areas. The company offer experienced crating and moving services for local or long distance move. Give them a call or ask for free moving quotes online today.

You can find above all essential information about Harris Moving. Also, you can read customers testimonials or to write a review yourself about the company and the service you got.

Afterwards we recommend you to do the following:

Do your Inventory list, It’s never been easier! remember, knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our helpful informative videos. Don’t forget to follow our moving checklist and to read our helpful moving tips.

How To Pack Before Moving:

Address of Harris movers NJ

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What to do before my move day?

According to our moving process, you can do as follow:

Organize your belongings, donate or sell unusable items. Save some space on the truck which will save you money.

Cancel your utilities bills, save some money and not pay for cable, satellite, internet or any other unused services.

Order packaging materials in advance. The price will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

Read our move guide, FAQ section and our moving blog.

Print out our moving checklist and keep it handy.

2 reviews for Harris Moving (NJ)

  1. Rob

    I have used Harris Movers 3 times now. The first two moves were great. Last week, not so much.

    Mr. Harris (the owner) is a great guy, charges a reasonable hourly rate and his team are mostly all very hard workers.

    My problem last week was his son, Dave Harris Jr., is his foreman. Moving is stressful, especially when selling your home and buying your new one the same day. Dave Harris Jr is a horribly surly individual who has zero customer service skills. He makes a bad first impression because he just doesn’t seem to care.
    My wife and I may get a little hot tempered when disrespected, but Dave took it to a new level.
    If a mover can’t move certain items for various reasons, they could say it, explain it in a decent, empathetic way to the customer. The main issue was moving some potted plants in our back yard. They did it for us 6 years ago when we moved, and Mr. Harris agreed to do it again for us this move. My wife takes great pride in her perennials, so we don’t want to simply dump the dirt and throw them out. Again, when Mr Harris came out a month ago to give us an estimate, he said they’d move them again for us.
    His son didn’t feel the same way. He decided he wasn’t moving them, that they’ll make a mess in “his” truck. What I take offense to is the way he answered and didn’t want to do what was already agreed to. At that point my wife got angry at his short, rude responses. Dave snapped and told my wife to “F*** off, gave here the finger multiple times and called her a B****. That is never acceptable. If I ever spoke like that to a customer, I’d be fired immediately. I was not there when this transpired. I tipped the men very generously, they worked extremely hard. Had known Dave had called her what he called her I would have tipped the other guy’s gratuity and given Dave nothing.

    Again, Mr Harris is great, and his movers work hard. His son is simply an individual who should not be customer facing. If you read other reviews, I see I am not the only one with the exact same issue with him. One reviewer said he had to call the police. I believe it.

    If that doesn’t bother you, if you’re okay being screamed at and verbally abused, go ahead, and hire them because other than Dave Jr, they do a good job. If not for him, I’d give 5-star review.

  2. Juan C. Toro

    This will be your biggest nightmare!
    The company is VERY unprofessional, they will not give you ANY customer service, they will treat you like they are doing you a favor and if you are unlucky enough to have the son of the owner be your mover, he will insult you and harass you to the point that you will feel threaten and need to call the police for help. He will also be careless with all your fragile boxes and literally throw them throughout the house with complete disregard.
    The other movers will be nice to you but they will not do anything for fear to lose their job since the son of the owner is involved.
    When calling the main company, Eileen (the mother and co-owner) will simply back up her son and nothing will be done. In fact, she will also be impolite and rude to you.
    This company is not interested on repeat customers, never heard of customer satisfaction and will only add aggravation to an already stressful situation as moving your home.
    Their fees are as high as other competitive companies so why bother with bad (horrible) service.
    In summary, stay away of this company!

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