What I Have To Know Before Moving To California?

California, one of the most famous state around the world and the most populous state in the US. Los Angeles is the famous city in California a dream city to conquer for young peoples, actors, athletes and migrants. 

California is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east, and Arizona to the southeast and also shares an international border with Mexico. Although, Los Angeles is the most famous city in California, she isn’t the capital state, the state capital is Sacramento, which is located up north of the state.

Things to Know Before Moving to California

Are you planning to move to California?

1. If you are considering moving to California for relocation, new future or just to live close to the ocean, there are few things to know before moving there. California is the most populous state over the US with population estimates of almost 40,000,000. Los Angeles county is the most crowded and with population over 10 millions peoples. San Diego and Orange county are right after. so, if aren’t big fans of big crowded cities consider it before moving, or move to a smaller county such as Santa Barbara or Fresno. Interesting detail,  Alpine County is the smallest of California’s 58 counties. it has no high school, banks or traffic lights.

2. Despite, Los Angeles is the most famous and popular city in moving to California, don’t expect to earn there more than in other cities and counties in California. just so you know, if you are big cities lover, Santa Clara county with population of 1.8 Million has the higher household income with over $93,000 a year. Los Angeles county is somewhere in the middle of the list with household income of $62,000 a year.  Lake county has the low average household income in the state of California with less than $36,000 a year. Interesting detail, according to the Census ACS 1-year survey, the median household income for California was $61,933 in 2014 while the average all over the us on 2014 was less than $54,000.

3. The weather across the state is varies, foggy around San Francisco Bay or hot and dry in San Fernando valley. the tropical weather effect the winter here, parts of California  stay in the 70 °F range during the heavy days of winter. So, if you are fans of snow and winter clothes take it under consideration. It might be difficult to handle with the weather, during summer the degrees climb over the 100 °F  and with humidity it can be tough walking around.

4. Some extra details that nice to know,

  • the capital of California is “Sacramento”.
  • The number of counties is “58”.
  • The nickname of the state is “The golden State”.
  • The official animal is “California grizzly bear”.
  • The official song is “I Love You, California”.
  • The official fruit is “Avocado”.
  • The golden bridge was open to public on 1937.
  • The “god” of basketball – LeBron James just moved to the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • The median age in California is 36 years.
  • California admitted as a state on September 9 1850.

In conclusion,

Moving to California can be a great experience for you and your family. We sure you will not decide moving or not base on our article, but if you will decide to do so we want to help you find the right mover for you. Good Luck !!

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Few Things to Know Before Moving to California

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