4 Good Reasons Why To Move to Newark, NJ

When trying to lay out all the possible reasons which make Newark City an ideal moving destination in the state of New Jersey, it becomes seemingly difficult to cherry-pick the most prominent rationale out of all these brainstormed reasons.

city of Newark NJ

Nevertheless, we will elaborate a few reasons which are relatable to almost every person, whether they are looking for a good city to move to or if they are just looking to explore the state of New Jersey.


When we mention the word “Metropolis”, almost nine out of ten times people will immediately picture the city that never sleeps, New York. This metropolitan city is blistering with luxury, competition and modernity, however, the cost of living is also high to keep up with the pace of the rapidly developing society. This is precisely why Newark is the best option when considering which city to move to because not only do we enjoy the feeling of living in a big city, but the cost of living is comparatively very modest. Within the state of New Jersey, no city is bigger than Newark with a population well over 280,000 people according to the 2013 census.


Newark City is naturally located in such a position within New Jersey such that almost all the key locations are easily accessible to and from this city. In this way, people living in Newark City are able to save a huge chunk of their time traveling, for example, Manhattan is only at a distance of 8 minutes from the city. In addition, you can easily go to places like the Penn Station, the World Trade Center, the Newark Liberty Airport and various other locations in NYC, all from catching a train and passing through some stations.


The food speciality is a trait which is unique to every city. This is why it is very important to consider what type of cuisine is popular and easily available in the city where you want to move to. Newark City proudly boasts easily accessible restaurants which serve great food. For instance, in the Ironbound neighborhood, the most popular place is “Hahne & Co” and over here, you will find a complete lineup of culturally diversified cuisine from different parts of the world. Newark City is capable of satiating the cravings of many foodies out there, making this another strong point when considering if you should move to this city or not.


Newark city finds its roots dating all the way back to the 17th  century, specifically 1693. In fact, Newark was the first established municipality in the United States. Throughout history, this city held the position of a metropolis with all the luxuries of life until New York city began its rapid development and rose to the top. However, Newark comes with all the perks you might expect from NYC and even to this day, you feel the cultural aura emanating from the ancient buildings.

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Moving to Newark NJ?

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