8 Tips How To Move Across the Country Easy and Cheap

Moving across the country is not only a difficult job but also financially draining. Many expected and unexpected costs occur during moving which, when accumulated, become a burden on an average citizen.
It is extremely difficult for a normal salaried individual to meet both ends meet in today’s economy. So, when we add a task such as moving cross country to the list, the financial stress becomes immense and some even have to take debt for relocating. But there are a few things that an individual can do to save money and cut costs when looking for the cheapest way to move cross country.

How To Move Across the Country:

The following steps may just be the lifesavers for some movers and are some cheapest ways to move cross country.

Parting with your stuff for some cash:

One basic thing that an individual can do for saving money and generating cash when moving across the country is selling his unwanted inventory. People often accumulate a lot of stuff that they do not need after a few years but can be very useful for someone else. So, selling one’s stuff will not only help the mover in saving space, as moving companies either charge by the weight of the inventory or by square foot occupied, but also provide extra cash to meet the moving expenses. Selling stuff can be done in many ways. For example, a mover might hold a garage sale of his unwanted items. Another good way to get urgent cash in exchange for a person’s stuff is by going to the nearest pawn shop. Pawnshops offer urgent cash for any items that may seem useful to their collection. Just remember to visit a few shops and get a good price comparison to get the best benefit for the items. One more method is to sell clothes to some stores that buy used and worn clothing items. This is one of the cheapest ways to move cross country.

Renting a Moving Truck

The second cheapest way to move cross country is by renting a moving truck or a portable moving container. This is a very good idea for saving money when moving across the country. These containers or trucks will cost much less than a normal moving company’s rates and will allow the mover to adjust his inventory and load the container as he desires.

No Peak Days for Moving

When figuring out the question of how to move across the country in the cheapest way, another thing which is to be kept in mind by the mover before moving is to choose a date or day which does not fall within the peak days of a moving company. Many moving company’s according to their schedule and business in a certain community often have peak and rush days on which they charge extra. And on top of that, during rush days the traffic load on the roads is more than usual which may cause fuel costs to rise. So, when moving across the country and using the cheapest way to move cross country, it is advisable not to pick peak days.

Shipping Stuff

One of the methods to move across the country is to ship stuff to a new location. This might cost less depending on the inventory that a mover may have. If the mover has a small and easily movable inventory, then shipping that inventory will cost less than hiring a moving company and will easily become the cheapest way to move across the country.

Loading Items in Personal Vehicle

A person might wonder about how to move across the country in the cheapest way and have the answer right in front of him. The majority of people living in the United States have their cars. And if a mover with a car also has less and easily portable material, then this could very much save him money and make moving across the country extremely cheap. But for doing this, be sure to utilize every inch of space in the vehicle in order to maximize savings.

Hiring Only Moving Labor

Moving companies mostly provide professional staff and moving vehicles that manage everything on their own. That is why their cost for professional work tends to be more when compared with a rookie mover who does everything himself. But, to maintain a budget cut and trying to find the cheapest way for moving across the country, the best alternative would be to hire some independent labor from different websites that provide this service. The only drawback would be that the mover has to keep a check on every item that will be moved by the workforce to ensure the safekeeping and moving of the articles.

Using one's boxes and packing material

Moving companies often charge by the number of wrapping and packing material utilized by the mover. So, to cut this cost and turning one’s moving experience into the cheapest way to move cross country, it is advisable to purchase or use one’s packing materials. Many times we buy items that are already in a good packing material like bubble wraps and boxes. Using these things while moving is a tremendous idea. In addition to this, newspapers and old socks can turn into an excellent wrapping material and can be used by the mover to wrap and pack any small and fragile items with ease.

Asking Family and Friends

Family and friends are the people that are always there in times of need. They can easily be a solution to how to move across the country in the cheapest way. So, while moving, it is better for a person to engage his loved ones in his hectic chore. This can save an individual from spending many excess sums when moving across the country. For example, if family and friends lend a helping hand during packing and loading, then it would decrease the labor cost tremendously. In addition to this, if some of the close ones agree on using their cars and vehicles, then it would also reduce the cost of hiring a moving truck. All in all, friends and family is the best and inexpensive alternative when solving the riddle of how to move across the country in the cheapest way.

Ask Help From Friends

Donating Stuff

One more method to reduce cost by reducing the area or weight occupied by the items is to donate personal belongings. We tend to buy and keep things that we do not need and this is the reason why many times, we are left with unwanted materials lying around and occupying our house. This is why it is better to donate any unwanted or useless items in one’s inventory which will not only minimize expenses but also serve the community as a whole.

Comparing Prices of Moving Companies

Moving companies compete with each other and as such their services will also differ in numbers and costs. So, before moving, it is suggested to contact a few moving companies, compare their prices, and ask for a discount in order to make the moving experience inexpensive.


How to move across the country can be easily answered by following the steps mentioned above. Moving cross country, no doubt, is a difficult and financially draining chore, but with the help of family and friends and few steps out of the comfort zone, it can be easily accomplished without burdening a mover’s pocket.

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How To Move Across Country Easy and Cheap

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