How To Move a Pool Table? What is the cost?

Pool tables are considered a good source of indoor entertainment in most modern houses. Although many people avoid the hassle of keeping them in their houses, yet, a number of people own pool tables and get a great sense of joy and pride when they see their guests happy and entertained.

But with every luxury, there is an equal hassle and tax to maintain it. such is the case with pool tables. Although they are a great source of entertainment, yet, there are a few areas that cause a bit of annoyance for a pool table owner. One of these scenarios is moving or relocation. Moving a pool table is a difficult task and this article will guide a pool table owner regarding an effective and efficient way of moving a pool table.

1. Measuring the Dimensions and Estimating the Weight of the Pool Table:

The first step in moving a pool table is to measure the dimensions of the table. This is necessary since a person should know if his pool table would fit through his doorways and staircases without taking it apart. Normally, pool tables in residential homes are around 4×8 ft in length and width. On the other hand, the weight of the table is a completely different issue. The pool tables often weigh from 900 to 1000 pounds and can be quite heavy to lift. The weight estimate should be taken to see how many people would be required to move it.

2. Deciding Where to Keep It in New Location:

After moving the pool table from the previous location, it is better to decide the room where it should be placed next. Pool tables usually require an area bigger than 15 feet in length and width. So, before moving a pool table to its new location, measurement of the new location could be the deciding factor in keeping the pool table or selling it off.

3. Requisite Tools:

Having the perfect tools makes every difficult job feel like a piece of cake. While moving a pool table, one should always consider his tool kit and check if any required tool is missing. Many common tools like screwdrivers, drills, etc. are used to disassemble the pool table. So before trying to move a pool table, it is better to check one’s own toolkit for all requisite items.

4. Taking Care of The Felt:

Every pool owner knows for a fact that one of the most expensive and troublesome items to maintain in a pool table is the felt. They are extremely fragile and are the main factor for smooth gameplay. On average, felts cost around $300 to $400, so they are a hassle to replace. Therefore, it is necessary that before moving a pool table, the felt should be taken off carefully and wrapped in a soft material like blankets, etc, to avoid any damage to it.

5. Arrange Disassembled Items:

After removing all the parts that can be disassembled, a good approach is to pack and place them somewhere where they do not mix. Everything in a pool table works as a single unit, so, each and every part must be placed exactly where it belonged. To avoid confusion, it is better to make segments or label the packets according to their dimension or functions.

6. Seek Family and Friends:

It is always better to ask family and friends for help. While moving a pool table, friends or family members who also own pool tables can be of great help. Their experience might reduce the tension and stress while taking the table apart and reassembling it. In addition to this, due to the immense weight of the table, around 5 or 6 people are required for moving it.

7. Hiring a Truck:

The dimensions of a pool table make it impossible for a person to load it up in his car or van. A truck is an essential element in this scenario. Therefore, before moving, rent a truck for loading up a pool table or search online for professional pool table movers. If a family member or a friend owns a truck then it would be extremely cost-efficient to ask them for help. Since the pool table is extremely heavy, some people might occasionally bump it into walls and other places while moving or loading it into the truck. This might cause damage to the table and hence it is better to ask more people for help and make the job easy and effective instead of burdening a few individuals for a bad result.

8. Taking it Apart:

The next step is to take the pool table apart. For this purpose, one should first take out all the screws that attach the sides of the table. The screws on the pockets should be removed first and if the pockets have staples instead of screws then the staples should be carefully removed. Afterward, the side railings should be removed. Felt should be tackled next. As discussed before, the felt is a very sensitive part of the pool table which is mostly stapled in place. So, to remove it, the staples must be taken out carefully without causing any damage to the integrity of the felt. The felt should then be wrapped in a blanket or some towels for protection. Now comes the slab which is the heaviest part of the table. Usually, 3 to 4 people are required to lift the slab. Afterward, only the main body of the table is left which can be easily shifted to the truck for moving. One should remember to secure the screws and pockets according to their positions in the pool table.

9. Re-Assembling It:

The process of reassembling a pool table is very simple especially for a person who has taken it apart himself. It takes only a reversal of the actions performed during disassembling (like screwing the pockets back, stapling the felt, etc.) to reassemble the pool table.

How To Move a Pool Table
Pool Table


It is a hectic job to move a pool table when moving to a new place. But with a little knowledge, care, and help from experienced and loving people, the job becomes less stressful and much more enjoyable.

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How To Move a Pool Table? What is the cost?

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