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Excellent Choice Movers, established in New Jersey, offers reliable and professional nation-wide moving services in New Jersey and New York. The company specializes in cross country and last minute moves. Call them or ask for free moving quotes.

You will find above all essential information about Excellent Choice Movers. Also, you can read customers testimonials or write a review yourself about the company and the service you got.

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Do your Inventory list, It’s never been easier! remember, knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important.

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Organize your belongings, donate or sell unusable items. Save some space on the truck which will save you money.

Cancel your utilities bills, save some money and not pay for cable, satellite, internet or any other unused services.

Order packaging materials in advance. The price will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

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26 reviews for Excellent choice movers (NJ)

  1. Nicole Rosenbach

    I really can’t emphasize enough how much I love this company. These are the people I needed. Very professional staff. I was in a tight situation. Really happy with how these people performed. They were fantastic!

  2. Steven Hackmann

    My wife and I decided to move further south since we’re not getting any younger, and wanted a warmer climate. We went from Ohio to Texas without, such as a hesitation from Excellent Choice Movers. They said they wouldn’t have any problem moving us, and we’re both glad we went with them.

  3. Vince Latz

    In the corporate world, so many companies tack on extra hidden fees that you don’t realize until you pay the bill and it was larger than you expected. Excellent Choice Movers get to the core of good business, and doesn’t ring you around with hidden fees. Quite refreshing to find a good company.

  4. Bethany Joy

    My sister recommended Excellent Choice Movers, after I had told her about my future plans to go across the country to start another job opportunity. I went with her recommendation and couldn’t be happier with the service I was provided with.

  5. Carolyn Kavanagh

    I’ve used different rental truck companies in the past with backbreaking moving endeavors. I’m getting too old to do that now, and went with Excellent Choice Movers instead. I’m so glad I did, because moving is a young man’s game.

  6. Jennifer O’Leary

    The staff was super efficient, fast, and incredibly thoughtful with my belongings. The weather was awful, but they took the time to wrap everything in blankets. The pricing was fair and I would absolutely recommend Excellent Choice Movers to anyone who needs movers.

  7. Tari White

    We had a relatively big move, 1 state to 2 states. These Excellent Choice Movers team did a great job. They were on time, super careful, thorough, and overall great to work with. If you’re moving soon, I highly recommend this company.

  8. Kevin Morales

    Excellent Choice Movers were wonderful! Quick and efficient and super nice! Highly recommend them. They moved my mom from Texas to California.

  9. Carolina Huignard

    I had a ton of stuff that was just in plastic garbage bags (ran out of boxes and quickest way to pack!) and they just threw everything in a large box and boom. We’re all good! They made sure to wrap everything breakable such as the fridge, dresser, couch, coffee table, etc. They even took apart my IKEA bed and built it back! Thanks Excellent Choice Movers.

  10. monica.walto@gmail.com

    Excellent Choice Movers moved us very quickly into a third floor apartment in different state and were graceful about our messy house. 5 stars, would recommend.

  11. Aimee Evans

    They had a special which was a very reasonable price for only two hours because I was only moving 3 miles away. Excellent Choice Movers were sent and they did an excellent job and moved me within the timeframe.

  12. Emily Minear

    Excellent service and super friendly! The Excellent Choice Movers team helped us move from Hollywood to Los Feliz in less than 4 hours! Will definitely be using their services the next time we have to move.

  13. Levi Frerichs

    We needed to move a couch, chair, and rug to the Valley, so we called Man with A Truck. Everything went as smoothly as possible: the drivers were courteous, punctual & professional. Thanks Excellent Choice Movers.

  14. Maggie Mountsier

    Very professional establishment. The Excellent Choice Movers team helped with everything I needed. I recommend this place to anyone that wants fast and friendly workers that get the job done!

  15. Tracey Schumacher

    Excellent Choice Movers were fantastic and after a big hiccup in the morning and what felt like a lack of communication that day, the company followed up and gave me a significant discount. Fantastic customer service and great movers. Would definitely use them again!

  16. Andrea Jordan

    Excellent Choice Movers did a fantastic job moving us from New Jersey to Virginia. The entire crew was extremely professional and hard-working. Highly recommend if you want top quality service than use once the Excellent Choice Movers service.

  17. Jimmy Gray

    Wrapping things probably took the most time out of anything, but that’s expected or else you risk damaging items. Once up the balcony, they had to remove the sliding door to get the couch through and did so with no hassle. They knew exactly what they were doing and came prepared. Highly recommend Excellent Choice Movers.

  18. Nick Wolfe

    Team would be in later in the day depending on when they finish their last job and thankfully they were done/available super fast! They got here on time, we got through introductions and they went straight to work. Wow! Excellent Choice Movers are really excellent.

  19. Louis Ramirez

    We called Excellent Choice Movers Saturday morning to see if we could get someone for a small moving job by Monday, and we had movers at our home about 6 hours later! They came to help us move some furniture from Culver City to Marina Del Rey and back.

  20. Parlo Ignac

    Excellent Choice Movers – showed up exactly on time and were personable, friendly and efficient. Everything was wrapped with moving cloths so nothing got scratched, no damage of any kind.

  21. James Fleming

    Overall, these guys did an excellent job and were careful with my items. I have to note that I did disassemble all of my furniture ahead of time and also helped move some of the smaller items such as the chairs and wine console, but that doesn’t take away from their hard effort. I only mention this as if you plan to make the 2 hour time frame, you can’t expect the movers to also disassemble all your furniture within that time. Thanks Excellent Choice Movers.

  22. Chris Mirell

    My experience with these movers was excellent. I had booked a move from Pasadena to Los Feliz on a Sunday morning. When I emailed the items I would like to move, they recommended I use their less expensive service, which would include 2 movers with a Sprinter moving van for $220 (cash) and some mileage rates which I agreed. Thanks Excellent Choice Movers.

  23. Linda Turner

    A bunch of guys came in did the job to care business. They were friendly and helpful. We had a short move and they packed and moved a three bedroom for us. Thanks Excellent Choice Movers.

  24. Debi Strom

    Excellent Choice Movers guys were great, from the area and have been doing this for quite some time. They wrapped everything up in blankets and shrink wrap and moved quickly. It was the best moving experience I ever had. Thank you guys..

  25. Tony Bones

    I was very pleased with the prompt response to my inquiry. The prices were in line with other movers that I contacted, but one major plus was that they didn’t charge double time for driving (which many movers do). Instead, they charge for time and $4 per mile, which worked out better for our move. Thanks Excellent Choice Movers.

  26. Bryan Obrien

    I was referred to this company through a friend who insisted that this was the best moving service ever. After a recent accident left me with a fractured ankle, I was not able to move my belonging so approach Excellent Choice Movers for the move; they help me out and moved into my home. Thanks Excellent Choice.

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