How To Check Moving Companies USDOT Number?

Moving isn’t fun and it’s not a game. it’s stressful period of time which start few weeks before your due date to move and will finish some time after you will arrive to your new destination.

How do you start?

Start with a applying online for some moving quotes or moving estimates from movers (if you don’t have , just click here we will send you some).  when your moving quotes reach your email you will have to compare those quotes to find which one will fit you the most (if you don’t know what or how to compare read our article about how to compare moving quotes).

I got some moving quotes, what now?

When your moving quotes or moving estimates knocking your email, you have to check all of them. visit all movers websites and read about them. also,  search online and read reviews about each and every company.

 above all you have to check the movers USDOT.

What is USDOT ?

USDOT is a unique number issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) for each company who want to transport commercial or residential cargo. when checking online the USDOT number you will find important information such as:

1.  Company details.

2.  Company operating status.

3. Crashes and inspection the trucks and drivers had.

4. Complaints from other customers.

Avoiding scammers or fake  movers and moving companies should be on  top of your mind. it’s better to spend more time before booking movers than to be sorry after.

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How to check your mover USDOT?

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