Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

Donating items is a great way of helping others. Most of the time, we find items that are of no value to us but provide much-needed benefit to other people. We, as humans, get a sense of satisfaction and pleasure when we help our fellow human beings. Moreover, a donation also stops the habit of hoarding and frees up space in a house. For a mover, donating useless items might just be a good solution to save moving costs and avoid causing useless clutter in his new home.

Ways of Donation:

There are many ways of donating items in the modern age. The most frequent method of donating items is by taking them to a local donation agency or charities for donation and hand over the items personally. Another method is by posting a donation ad online and wait for the people who are in need of those items to respond. However, with the changing times, there is another way of donating items in which the items are picked up by the charities for donation themselves. This creates ease for all the individuals who are short on time and energy and want their items taken care of as early as possible. The following charities for donation offer free pick up.

1. Furniture Banks:

A basic need of every individual is furniture. Furniture not only provides a better look to a house but is also a requirement for every action like sitting, working, etc. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that do not have this luxury and live in extreme poverty. Owning only a few pieces of furniture is a blessing for them. On the other hand, those who are blessed, find it very difficult to move their furniture from one residence to another. So, before moving it is better to donate old and useless pieces of furniture to charities. Among these charities is Furniture Banks which offers free pick up.

Furniture Banks operates across 34 states and is working for the past 20 plus years. Furniture Banks picks up the items of furniture for free, sells them at a very low cost, and uses the money to support helpless and battered women and immigrant and needy families.


Veterans are the backbone of our country. They have spent all of their lives serving the country and are our first line of defense against any external aggression. But, sadly, numerous veterans are living under the poverty line for decades. According to there were around 490,158 veterans of age 65 and older across the United States that have income below the poverty line. So, it is our duty as Americans to help our fellow veterans in their time of need and cater to their basic necessities.

In this regard, AMVETS National Service Foundation plays a vital role. Since 1944, AMVETS has constantly outshined other charities for donation when it comes to helping veterans. They pick up items for donation and either provide them to the veterans themselves or sell them to generate cash which is used in helping the veterans and training them for different jobs. AMVETS takes anything ranging from furniture to electronic items as a donation.

3. Habitat for Humanity:

No matter how rich or poor a man is, he will always have one dream, which is to own a house. Homes are what we use to shelter ourselves from everything outside. Since the dawn of time, houses and alike structures have been created by mankind to protect himself from the forces of nature and store his valuables with safety. Whether rented or bought, a home is a fundamental reason for the survival of a family.

Habitat for Humanity is another great organization, working across 50 states, that aims at helping the poor by providing them with affordable living spaces. They offer free pick up which is convenient for donors especially if the donors are also planning on moving. Habitat for Humanity takes anything as a donation that can be used in building or renovating a living space.

4. Goodwill:

Due to the harsh times, there are many individuals that do not have the resources to get proper education and training. These people often start begging for help or go down a dark path in order to survive. Helping such people by training them for jobs and making them productive members of society is a service for humanity.

Goodwill is one of the charities for donation that offer this service. Established in 1902, Goodwill picks up items for donations and sells them in return for training people for jobs and other professions. Their audience and pupils include people of all age groups.

5. Salvation Army:

Salvation Army is one of those charities that are the most famous across the United States. Established in 1865, Salvation Army has been working for the people for over 150 plus years. Their programs include anything ranging from disaster relief to building shelter homes for the homeless. Salvation Army has more than 7000 stores across the United States and is easily considered one of the biggest charities for donation.

Salvation Army takes almost everything for a donation ranging from old clothes to electronics and furniture. The items are fixed and repaired and then either sold to generate cash for projects or given to the needy for free. When a thought for donation comes to the mind of a mover, Salvation Army can be the first choice due to its popularity and free pick-up service.


Donation is one of those acts which impacts all people regardless of their religious beliefs. It aims at bringing all humans to an equal level of opportunities and resources. Helping a needy person gives a sense of satisfaction and pleasure which cannot be compared to any other happiness in the world. So, before moving, it is better to contact charitable organizations and donate as much as one can to not only reduce the costs associated with moving the items but also helping humanity as a whole.

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Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

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