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Welcome for ‘Bulldog Movers‘ page. Bulldog Movers established in 1982 in Doraville, GA. offering moving services in Atlanta, Johns Creek, Roswell, and surrounding metro area. Bulldog Movers specialists in cross country, local moves and international moves.

Above you’ll find all essential information about Bulldog Movers. also you can read customers testimonials or to write a review yourself about the company and the service you got.

Afterwards we recommend you to do the following:

  • Do your Inventory list, It’s never been easier! remember, knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important.
  • Visit our YouTube channel and watch our helpful informative videos don’t forget to follow our moving checklist and to read our helpful moving tips.

How to pack before moving:

How to pack before moving:

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What else can you can do before your move day?

What else can you can do before your move day?

Probably, many things such as:

1. Organize your belongings and throw things that are not usable. This way you will save some space on the moving truck which will save you money. (On the day of your move you will pay to the mover or by the space taking on the truck or by the weight is on the truck).

2. Cancel your utilities at the place you’re vacating.  save some money and not pay for cable, satellite, internet or any other unused services.

3. Order packaging materials in advance. because the price will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

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  1. Philip Vann


    1 out of 5

    Bulldog Movers sent four employees, all of which were under the influence of marijuana based on the strong smell that was pouring out of their truck cab and all over their clothes, for my move. They arrived almost 2 hours late and had I not had to be out of the house that day I would have canceled based on that. The supervisor then coerced me into signing for the cheapest insurance option as he explained to me that the more expensive option was not to cover damaged goods but rather if the truck had a wreck or they caught my house on fire. I stupidly believed him and when they dropped my big green egg and tore a light fixture off the side of my house the company offered me $157 to settle the claim and asked that I sign an agreement to not “disparage” them in writing. There is no way in hell I will sign that and would rather eat the measly $157 to post a truthful review so other people dont have to experience the same issues I did.

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