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Welcome to Maya Van Lines.

Maya Van Lines established in Georgia. offering moving services in Atlanta and surrounding area.  the company offers a variety of services and they specializes in cross country and local moves. give them a call or ask for FREE moving quotes.

Above you’ll find all essential information about Maya Van Lines. also you can read customers testimonials or to write a review yourself about the company and the service you got.

Afterwards we recommend you to do the following:

Do your Inventory list, It’s never been easier! remember, knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important.

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What to do before my move day?

According to our moving process, you can do as follow:

Organize your belongings, donate or sell unusable items. Save some space on the truck which will save you money.

Cancel your utilities bills, save some money and not pay for cable, satellite, internet or any other unused services.

Order packaging materials in advance. The price will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

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3 reviews for Maya van lines (GA)

  1. Chris

    I have rarely stayed in the same place for more than 2 years, and unfortunately have moved far too often. My wife is a military brat and knows this life as well. I have moved within the same city, nationally and internationally. I have moved myself, recruited friends and family, hired movers and drove myself, as well as hired moving companies to take on the bulk of the work. Maya Van Lines has been the most destructive and careless movers I have ever seen or worked with.

    In August of 2019, my wife and I moved from Atlanta to Phoenix. Maya Van Lines by far had the best price and though some reviews warned us of “you get what you pay for”, there was enough positive reviews to give me peace of mind. Again, I had never seen the type of destruction and packing that I experienced with Maya.

    When the truck arrived in Phoenix and the back door opened, my heart dropped when I saw what Maya had done with our possessions. If you have ever seen a truck that has crashed on the highway, with boxes that have been thrown all of the road, our items looked like this and then were quickly tossed back into another truck. Entire boxes were smashed and ripped open. Items and pieces of items were falling out of boxes, as the heaviest items sat on top of the mountain that was our things. As items began to be pulled the truck, the chaos became clear. There was no method or care, only negligence.

    Wardrobe boxes were smashed to half their size. My wife lost 75% of her clothes. We had boxes that fell apart, leaving kitchen appliances and items out in the hallway of our building. Antique heirloom chairs that had their leg snapped right off. Artwork and frames that were broken and dented. Books that were crushed and their spines snapped. Furniture that was drug, leaving deep scratches. And a ton of small things that were just destroyed or lost.

    To summarize, Maya quoted us without coming to our home. There charged an additional 25% than what they quoted. The driver in Phoenix argued with me about delivering our items even though we had a loading dock in our building. They charged me another $150 because of the distance to the door even though they just had driven 2000 miles. In Phoenix, they hired movers off craigslist that morning. Our items were covered in dust, like they had been stored for years. They left us with at least $12,000 worth of damaged items. Some items are irreplaceable. Their claims procedure is designed to discourage use and at times unusable (It would not allow me to upload images of the damage).

    Please stay away from Maya. It is not worth the frustration, pain, and loss to save a little on the move. Please do not put yourself through this.

  2. Star s

    My suggestion to anyone wanting a positive outcome with a moving experience is to DEFINITELY USE MAYA VAN LINES!!!
    MAYA VAN LINES is a credit to the moving company industry. I admit I was nervous when I took a chance with the company. I can honestly say my move from Atlanta GA to Gilbert AZ was done with great care and professional treatment by all involved. Thank you Mr Leo and staff at Maya VanLlines!!!

  3. Sara t

    What a pleasant experience I had with Maya Van Lines. From the moment their team arrived, till the end of move, their service was EXCELLENT, energetic and super-efficient. It all started when I booked this move over the phone: Their representative was so courteous, patient and kind. Everything was clear and they explained the whole process and pricing. They showed up on time on the move day and then packed the whole house in lightning speed and moved all my belongings in a timely manner, without damaging anything. They went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations!I would definitely recommend to anyone booking their fantastic services. Thank you Maya Van Lines!

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