10 Largest Cities in Florida

As we know that man is a social animal. The reason for mankind’s survival throughout millennia is due to the fact that he stayed connected with the members of his community. Moreover, humans tend to develop more in all the fields of life when they are closely connected to each other. 

The more an area has a higher concentration of people, the more likely it is to be well-developed and filled with opportunities. We can see already that the cities with the highest populations in the world are far ahead when compared with the rest of the world. Often such cities are regarded as the land of opportunities. For a person deciding to move to such a city in Florida, this article will be of much help.

The State of Florida:

In the southeastern side of the United States, a state called Florida exists. This state is most famous for its beaches and its city life. From Beach parties to 26,000 square miles of beautiful and breathtaking forests, Florida has been the center of attraction for many tourists and people of other states. Since there are no property taxes in Florida, the cost of living is very low and is an ideal place for a person to move to and become a homeowner in this state.

10 Largest Cities in Florida:

Florida can easily become the only choice for a person to move to if he is outdoorsy and fun-loving. For the people who want to know about the most populous cities in this state, here is a list which will help them decide on a city that will suit them best.

1. Jacksonville

Jacksonville might be the ideal location for people who like to have fun and socialize. This city is among the most densely populated cities in Florida with an estimated population of above 900,000 residents. Jacksonville is famously known for its art and beaches. A few more attractions of Jacksonville are its riverside communities and beautiful rural orange park community. Jacksonville also has many job opportunities and therefore is a good place to consider when trying to find a perfect place to live in. Find online movers in Jacksonville.

2. Miami

Miami is known to be the life of the party among all the cities in the US. It is a famous attraction for people who love to enjoy their life and party hard. Miami is also considered to be the fourth-largest urban area in the United States. It is the city of the young and has young adults come from all states to make this city their home. The population of Miami is estimated to be above 400,000 residents.

Fort Lauderdale

3. Tampa

Tampa is another great city to live in among the largest cities in Florida. According to recent studies, Tampa is the best place to retire. With a population of just over 380,000 people. The median household income in Tampa is above $53,000 which can make it a good place to stay for people who want better-paying jobs.

4. Orlando

The most famous tourist spot in the United States is Orlando. Orlando is not only famous in the US but also an attraction for tourists from all around the world. One of the main reasons for this is theme parks. Orlando has many theme parks but most famously, Disney World. Another popular attraction in Orlando is Universal Studios. For people who are constantly looking for job opportunities, Orlando is a good destination as there are many opportunities for work available within these theme parks. Orlando has a population of around 297,240 people.

Orlando, Florida

5. St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, also known as the Sunshine City is located in the Tampa Bay area along the Gulf of Mexico. It ranks fifth among the most populous cities in Florida. St. Petersburg has a population of over 270,000 people and is a good place for a person who loves the outdoors since it receives sunshine around 300 days a year.

6. Hialeah

Hialeah is home to the biggest Cuban Americans across the United States. It has a population of over 234,000 people. Hialeah is considered to have a really low crime rate is an ideal location for getting settled and raising a family.

7. Port Saint Losie

Hialeah is home to the biggest Cuban Americans across the United States. It has a population of over 234,000 people. Hialeah is considered to have a really low crime rate is an ideal location for getting settled and raising a family.

8. Cape Coral

Cape Coral is located in Lee County and has a population of over 194,000 people. Cape Coral is famous for its canals and waterways and is an attraction for people who are into water sports like kayaking, etc.

9. Tallahassee

With a population of just over 190,000, Tallahassee is ranked the largest city in Florida. It is also called College Town since it is home to numerous colleges. The streets are always full of youth and the cost of living is comparatively low. This makes Tallahassee a good place for young adults to move to in order to educate themselves or establish themselves financially.

10. Fort Lauderdale

For people who love museums, Fort Lauderdale might just be the place to stay. It has a population of over 181,000 people and is a popular destination for young people who look forward to a great spring break. It is also considered a good place for retirement. Another great attraction of this city is its International Boat Show.


Moving from one place to another is not an easy job. It requires a lot of effort, energy, and financial resources. Not to mention the goodbyes, a person has to say when leaving an area where he had bonded with numerous people and starting a new and fresh life. Therefore, it is a must that a person should be well educated about the advantages and disadvantages of the area where he intends to move so that he can settle there and enjoy the remainder of his life with ease and without having to go through the hassle of moving again.

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10 Largest Cities in Florida

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