How Many Times Does The Average Person Move?

Packing your things and moving to a new place is never enjoyable. The trouble one has to go through organizing his stuff, packing them, hiring a moving company, arriving at the destination then unpacking everything and reorganizing again, it’s just not easy. Regardless of the burden even if it’s a minor or major home moving, many people have to do it due to several reasons.

Many Times Does The Average Person Move
Family Moving

If you have moved several times already, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re not alone. If you take out the time to do some online research, then you’ll find statistics showing that people in America often move around more frequently. However, nobody has the time and energy to sit on their desktop and chunk these numbers just to answer their curiosity. This article has already done the hard work for you along with answering related questions such as “where do people move?” and “when do people move?”

Moving on to the main topic now let’s begin answering the original question, how many times does the average person move?

Statistically, America is a country that is considered to house one of the most mobile residents in the world. In other words, people are often moving a lot from one place to another. Even the raw statistical numbers point to this conclusion. To elaborate further, a survey conducted by an organization called the “United States Census Bureau” revealed that an average person living in the US will move from one residence to another for a total of 11.7 times in their entire life. Further data collected from surveys showed that;

  • 48% of people move due to housing and residential reasons.
  • 3% of people move due to familial reasons.
  • 4% of people move due to employment reasons.
  • 3% of people move due to other reasons.

All of these different reasons to which people move collectively lead us to the conclusion that approximately 31 million US residents will move annually. To make it simpler, if we consider that an average American family consists of 2.3 people, then according to this data, an average of 15.3 American families will move every year.

Who Are The People That Move?

To figure out the answer to this question, we need to look at various factors. The first one which provides us with the most useful insight is looking at the type of moving. One would ask how can we figure out the purpose of a person moving? Well, the answer is simple, we look at the revenue being generated by the moving companies who offer their services. Think about it for a second, if you are moving, you would most definitely hire a moving company, and depending on your purpose, you would specify if you need services for a commercial move, an individual move, etc. By analyzing the bulk of this data, we can figure out who are the people that usually move. The following data reflects the services demanded from moving companies.

  • $5.54 Billion for individual moves (44%)
  • $4.9 Billion for commercial moves (39%)
  • $2 Billion for military moves (16%)
  • $126 Million for other moving purposes (1%)

Looking at these stats, we come to know that majority of the people who move are residential people, following that are the commercial businesses that move their locations.

Another interesting factor to consider is the demographic, in simpler words, what age group of people frequently move. According to statistical data, the majority of the people who move range from anywhere between 18 to 34 years old. Further investigation reveals that these people have an average of one or two children per family and many of them are renters rather than people who own houses.

Moreover, many people who are not financially strong tend to move a lot more than financially stable people. This is because they keep looking for cheaper and more affordable housing options.

New Home

The Moving Destination

As per the US Census Bureau, almost 90% of these people move within the state rather than leaving it. Most of them move to a distance within 50 miles of their former location while less than 25% move further than 500 miles. States along the coastline are mostly preferred as moving destinations. An intriguing tidbit is that most of the states that are desired for relocation are the same states that top the list of abandoned states and these are listed below.

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Washington

This list shows that the most populous US states bloom in business because of the outgoing as well as the incoming population.

When do people move?

According to the stats, about 60% of the moving days are the weekends of the summer months such as May till August. Naturally, the harsh cold weather is avoided whilst moving. The yearlong frequency of moving is given in the following list.

  • 3% in January
  • 6% in February
  • 9% in March
  • 8% in April
  • 10% in May
  • 13% in June
  • 12% in July
  • 12% in August
  • 9% in September
  • 7% in October
  • 6% in November
  • 3% in December

The tourism scores that peak in summers are also directly influenced by the new incoming population.

Why Do People Move?

One of the most important questions regarding moving is why do people move. The answer to this question remains not so clandestine between a plethora of reasons, the most common of which are discussed below.

  1. Better living/ wanting a better home (16%)
  2. Creating one’s freedom of household (12%)
  3. Various Family reasons (11%)
  4. Better job opportunities (10%)
  5. Cheaper housing (over 8%)

These are the most common reasons for moving, however, this is not where the list of reasons stops. Many other notable reasons include ease of commuting to work, marriage, educational purposes such as college or teaching, and seeking a safer neighborhood.

These reasons are very logical and moving seems like a sure-fire option but it has been recently proven by statistics that most of these people end up regretting their decision. Moving is one of the biggest and most important steps in a person’s life but the frequency of it being fruitful can be innocuous based on the conditions. Hence, one must proceed to move only if certain conditions are met.

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How Many Times Does The Average Person Move?

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