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  • 5250 Lankershim Blvd #500
    North Hollywood , CA 91601
  • Phone number : (844)631-9938
  • www.b52vanlines.com
  • DOT 2535837
  • Inspections / Crashes
  • Check the rating – BBB

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14 reviews for B52 Van Lines (CA)

  1. D Grim

    These are scam artists and be very aware. They change prices on you and will hold your belongings hostage. Then they will be damaged when you get them. They have changed their numbers multiple times but if you are looking for them call them at 310-359-1201. If you are having issues with them I have an attorney that can and will help but you must file a police report. You have been warned if you use them!!! The executives are supposed to the be a “Yafit or Idan.” Be very cautious. If you need help contact me.

  2. Ryan D

    I had a horrible experience with B-52 Van Lines. In need of a company for a cross-country move, I signed up with an online service that gives your information to moving companies so they can contact you. I was initially hesitant to go with B-52 because of the multiple reviews I read claiming they used bait-and-switch tactics with their pricing. Before I signed anything, I wanted something in writing guaranteeing my quoted price as long as I stayed below the listed volume. I called the company on a Monday and was told they would send this guarantee over immediately. I did not receive anything that day, so I called again on Tuesday and was told once again that it would be sent right away. I finally received my requested document after calling for a third time on Wednesday. Despite this frustrating and unprofessional delay, I still signed the offer and paid a deposit with B-52 to “guaranty” my reservation. The email with the offer also stated that B-52 is an “A rated business.” This is a lie and can easily be checked on the Better Business Bureau website. A few weeks later (the week of my scheduled move), my fiancé received a call on Wednesday (3 days before the scheduled pick-up day of Saturday) from Max, an extremely gruff “sales representative,” saying that the truck had broken down and they would not be able to pick up our belongings on Saturday as scheduled. When she asked when our items could be picked up, Max said that he “did not know.” B-52 had no plan in place for what to do if a truck is out for repairs. We immediately called B-52 to get more information about the situation and spoke to Kelly, who had been our agent through this process (my mother was actually the one who made this call, as she was free that day and my fiancé and I were both too busy with work at that moment to take the time to deal with the moving company). Kelly apologized and swore repeatedly that the truck would be there on Monday. While this was still an inconvenience, it was not the end of the world. Then that Friday, we received an e-mail from Chris, the manager, saying that there was actually no way they could get a truck there on Monday due to “logistics issues”. This email was extremely unprofessional as it did not include a subject line and contained very blatant errors (such as omitted words) in nearly every sentence. Keep in mind, this is literally 3 days before we were scheduled to move across the country and after the company had already reassured us that everything would be taken care of after the initial scare on Wednesday. I stepped outside my office and immediately called Chris. He apologized, but said that it was not the company’s fault and refused to take any accountability. When I asked what my options were at this point, Chris said there was nothing the company could do and I was on my own. He offered to “help” by signing me back up for the online service where I had originally found B-52. After looking into other companies, I found that the few who could make it work with the late notice would cost 150% of our agreed-upon price with B-52. When I called Chris to inform him of the additional cost I would incur because of their fall-through, he had an attitude of “so what? Why are you telling me this?” I calmly asked if B-52 would be able to pay me a portion of this cost difference because I had signed a document to guaranty my pickup and was in this situation because of them. Chris then outright lied to me about the terms I had agreed to, saying that the document states they can cancel at any time. I read every word of the offer, and the cancellation policy only discusses what happens if I were to cancel on them, not the other way around. When I said this, Chris insisted I was wrong despite me having it pulled up on my computer in front of me. At this point, Chris became completely belligerent and hung up on me. Now frustrated, I called Chris back and he proceeded to insult me and said I was “17 years old.” Chris then informed me these conversations were all being recorded. California is a 2-party consent state, meaning both parties must be aware of any recording. I had not been informed of any recording prior to this, so B-52 either broke the law by recording the conversation without my knowledge or Chris was lying to me once again. When I suggested I would be in contact with a friend who is a lawyer to see what my legal options were, he said that I was liar and excused me of “extortion.” Chris then said he would call my mother, whose phone number he had from when she called when I was busy with a deadline for work. This is NOT how professionals do business and no manager should act this way. Chris did offer a meager $100 compensation, but threatened to revoke it if I posted this completely honest review. However, I felt passionate enough about this that I turned down his offer. When you call someone 3 days before a scheduled cross-country move to inform them you are not going to make it, saying “sorry” is not quite enough. Because of B-52’s last-minute cancellation, I ended up spending much more than I had budgeted for this move and was forced to take additional vacation days from work due to leaving on Monday instead of Saturday as originally planned. I am going to be moving back to my home state in 2 years, and might have considered giving B-52 another chance had Chris not raised his voice, insulted me, and then threatened to call my mother. B-52 is horribly unprofessional and is not above lying to you. I strongly discourage anyone from using B-52 for their move.

  3. Marla Szwast

    B-52 Van Lines is the most dishonest company I have ever done business with. Every step of this move was a nightmare. They did not come to pack and load on the day requested. They changed the estimate by $3800 without any change in the size or services attached to the move. They failed to deliver on the date they gave us without even a phone call to warn us of a delay, this happened 5 times before our things were finally delivered. Many of our things arrived with considerable damage, or just plain broken. We paid this company for full packing services and many breakables were packed with extreme negligence. This company also brokered the move out to contractors, even though they are registered as a carrier and promised they do the job themselves every step of the process. If you are looking for a mover I suggest going to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. They have a list of moving companies they have received complaints against. Don’t bother with the BBB, as this company has an A- yet shows no sign of any business ethics. They are basically a licensed and insured company that is practicing as many rogue moving tactics as they think they can get away with. If you have already used them and are having a bad experience please file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they are the agency with the power to audit and shut down the company.

  4. Angela Robinson

    What a great moving company. We’ve been looking for the perfect company to move our things outside the state, its a long distance move and we want the best that’s why we hired B52 Van Lines. It was a good move, they are well prepared. They move fast and they are well organize. Thank you for the best moving experience.

  5. Marilyn Biggers

    Had to pack and move on short notice and was somewhat concerned. B52 Van Lines came through in the clutch. They arrived right on time and were very efficient and packed quickly. The moving team were all great, friendly, and hard working – they worked through lunch to make sure we made it on time for our elevator booking. It was more expensive than I anticipated, but id rather pay for great service and a smooth move. I will use them again. Thankful for you guys!

  6. Glenn Adler

    this supposed reputable moving company gave me an estimate of $1800 to move my two bedroom apartment which they estimated at 485 cubic feet , after they had it half loaded they said it would be double the amount of cubic feet and would require another $2200 to finish the load , after some negotiation we agreed on an extra $1800 and the load was finished. the guys loading our stuff did a great job and we were more or less satisfied with B52. they tell you that the furniture will be delivered in ABOUT a 14 day time frame and that’s where all went wrong ,we have been setting in Dallas waiting for our furniture for 16 days now and can’t even get a response from the office personnel , truck driver —NO ONE , AT THE VERY LEAST we would like them to at least tell us our furniture will be delivered ??? But they will not return our calls or emails …. not happy with this moving company… we have used several moving companies over the years but this outfit is the worst.

    without furniture or even contact Glenn Adler

  7. Ashley N

    These guys at B52 were prompt, professional and friendly. It started to speak with Amanda on the phone she took the time to really listen to my needs and gave me a great quote also she threw in some free materials. The crew that came was super friendly and worked carefully yet quickly. delivery came and they made the move painless as possible. Highly recommend to you all 🙂

  8. Lucas B

    Was nervous about using ANY company, let alone a company I wasnt familiar with. I moved from Sacramento to Dallas and decided to use B 52 VANLINES these guys after looking at tons of reviews online.
    It was between them and about 12 other movers since i entered my information on a site that sold it out (unknowingly to me!) I had them pick me up, and pack my kitchen.
    They came on time and did a great job working hard the whole way. Ryan was the main guy and he had 2 helpers that worked really hard too. They gave me an inventory list, were quick, helpful and professional.
    In transit, the driver said in touch with me every step of the way.
    When htey got to my new home in Dallas, they worked just as hard as they did in California. I tipped the guys and was very impressed with their professionalism . I would recommend researching ANY company like i did these guys. B 52 ended up being a very safe bet for me.
    Thank you all for your help and professionalism.

  9. Carter (it’s my name)

    Great service! I first started out my research online and came across B52 VANLINES and choose them to move my a family to NY. I am extremely satisfied with the service from initial phone call, to the movers who showed up, who by the way were great. Overall I give them 5 stars and they earned all 5 and a good tip.

  10. lany R

    These guys in B52 are the best! Had to hire a moving service because my job relocated Moved from Sacramento to Dallas. I could not help with the move because i was already at our new home and job setting things up there. My wife had to deal with them, so i was worried about the whole thing, until she called me. She said they were very professional and treated our furniture and belongings like they were theirs. Awesome job! i will recomend to all family&friends thank you B52 VANLINES

  11. Dan

    All I can say that this was an easy move for me and my family with B52 vanlines, We had a 4 bedroom house in California and we moved it to Washington with no problems, We also had our car transported(68 Mustang) so that was as simple as ever. I would recommend you and anyone that I know who wants a easy move. I will use this company if ever need to move again Thank you guys!

  12. Asher

    I moved my belongings from Los Angeles – California to , Florida.
    After searching for weeks for a reputable moving company, I stumbled upon B52 Vanlines. They had great customer reviews. Every other company located in the state either had terrible reviews, were not in good standing with the BBB, or were flagged as scammers.
    When I spoke with them on the phone, they made it clear that they would get my furniture and belongings to me with great customer service. My quote was a little low, but they quote based on cubic space. When the movers arrived to pick up my belongings, they were efficient, organized, and friendly.
    James checked in along the entire process to make sure I was happy with my move. He went the extra mile to make sure I was truly a satisfied customer, and I’m much appreciative of the compassion, excellence, and customer service at B52. I’ve moved more than 5 times in the past 5 years, and this has been my best moving experience. Thanks .:)

  13. Benji

    What I think about B52.. I think it is the best moving service around! Pick up was on time, efficient, and the workers were very friendly and active! Everything was done absolutely perfectly and in time and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs mover company!only in California 🙂 The price was great and the service was spectacular!

  14. Dani Q

    I contracted B52 VANLINES to move me from California to Oregon . I really was nervous having never used a professional mover before this. My sales representative David definatley did his best to put my mind and fears at ease.
    On pickup, the moves showed up on time, did what they needed to do, and got it all done in a reasonable time frame. The only thing I was upset about was how much paperwork it was! I felt like i was buying a house.
    When they were delivering, the driver was as careful as the drivers that came and got me and everything arrived in better condition then i anticipated. They were quick, helpful, adn professional which definatley made it easier on me.
    Please feel free to contact me through this page with any questions on this compnay, for I do understand the fear I went through when selecting a mover.

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