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Welcome to Admiral Van Lines.

Admiral Van Lines established in New Jersey, offers moving services in Bayonne and surrounding area. The company offers a variety of services and they specializes in cross country and local moves. Give them a call or ask for free moving quotes.

You can find above all essential information about Admiral Van Lines. also you can read customers testimonials or to write a review yourself about the company and the service you got.

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Do your Inventory list, It’s never been easier! remember, knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important.

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Organize your belongings, donate or sell unusable items. Save some space on the truck which will save you money.

Cancel your utilities bills, save some money and not pay for cable, satellite, internet or any other unused services.

Order packaging materials in advance. The price will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

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300 reviews for Admiral Van Lines (NJ)

  1. dmitry

    after they moved my stuff, huge mirror was missing. i only realized 2 months later. i wonder what other little stuff are missing that i dont remember about.

  2. Leah

    Man stole my money and left my furniture in pieces in a garage that is not tempered, furniture was to go in my bedroom but he said it was too much work… I over paid the agreed upon price and he tried to charge me 100 dollars for 2 boxes also…

  3. Cody Berlt

    Quoted 480 get all the stuff in their truck then tell me 660. Crooks. Argued for about an hour to settle one 500 and to put in my garage instead of set upstairs.

  4. Todd Carpenter

    Admiral van lines gave me a good quote and the rep I spoke to was very helpful and informative. I didn’t have much furniture to move so, he gave me the bare minimum trucks that he could. He explained the whole process and how the whole move would take place. And he gave me the quote when he said he was going to send it to me in an email. The delivery people came on time, were efficient and they got us to the new place on time. It took a couple of hours to get everything loaded, everything was handled very well.

  5. James Moser

    Overall Happy with Admiral van lines. The moving team was very efficient, careful and polite. No item was broken during moving process. The admin staff when making arrangements were able to schedule my move within a few days of my call. I had several follow up calls to ensure I was informed and prepared. I would highly recommend this company and especially the moving team.

  6. Steven Moreira

    My wife and I decided to go with Admiral van lines after our initial phone call with them. They were thorough and extremely helpful in determining how much our move would cost. Our move was a 3 bedroom home and Admiral van lines said it would take just under a day to pack up. Very pleased with their level of service and our items were delivered on time as promised.

  7. William Holt

    My coordinator was very good. He was on top of everything and was quite excellent. I’ve moved all over this country and I’ve used many moving companies but I was really pleased with Admiral van lines the most. They had a good crew who worked hard and actually finished right on time. It was a great move.

  8. Jermaine Heuser

    My family moved to Florida using Admiral van lines as my moving company. Their service was great and had a cheaper price than some of the other moving companies. Pickup was flawless as we had everything boxed ready for the movers by the front door. Everything arrived exactly as it was packed up in the truck. Admiral van lines had excellent movers. I will recommend them to anyone moving.

  9. Michael Nicolas

    I’m leaving this review because I truly want to express my gratitude towards Admiral van lines for all their help with my move. I was in a very difficult position and was totally lost in terms of finding a mover to help me on an extremely short notice. The sale rep that assisted me from start to finish. From the very first phone call I had with him, I could tell he was sincere in his intentions to help me. They were done with the job very quickly. I took an inventory when they delivered everything. I realized that nothing was missing and there was not even a dent on anything. This move couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Highly recommend moving.

  10. Roy Kane

    After calling a local mover we decided to go with Admiral van lines because of their attention to detail. The sales rep even gave me his cell phone number in case I ran into issues or had questions. Should we ever need to move again, we would surely use them. We are very glad they lived up to their reputation.

  11. James Olson

    This was our first time using movers and we could not be happier. Admiral van lines was great! sales rep helped us set up the dates and get a quote. They arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently. Everything went smoothly and before we knew it, everything was at our new home. They placed the furniture where we asked. The price was very agreeable and the guys were wonderful. We definitely recommend.

  12. James Adams

    We were very pleased with Admiral van lines. They covered everything for me. They packed and moved all my stuff and it all arrived to my new location without any problems or breaking. The movers were actually pretty friendly which I was happily surprised by. Booking the move was easy and everyone on the phone was nice too. Next time I move, I’m definitely calling these guys.

  13. Albert Sweitzer

    Admiral van lines helped me move all of my things out of state and I was super happy about it. My moving team did an amazing job moving everything carefully as well as quickly, which is great when you are limited on time. Nothing broke between two states and two houses. I was extremely satisfied with their service, cost, and the fast pace they worked with. I would definitely use them again.

  14. Joseph Evans

    These guys were awesome! They helped me arrange a move for my mom. They were very understanding and accommodating. I am so happy she went with them after trying to work with different companies with exorbitant prices. All of my mom’s belongings arrived in good condition and she was so happy.

  15. Gabriel Louis

    Everything went okay. Admiral van lines made our move seem effortless. They showed up on time, were very quick and in 3 hours were done. Everything arrived at our new home perfectly. Their prices were very affordable and the services very efficient. We couldn’t be more happy. Thanks guys.

  16. Mark Reymond

    I was so excited to move hoping for a fresh start in my favorite city. Admiral van lines made my move even better. They were just amazing at everything. They quoted very reasonably. Their men arrived on time and took care of all my belongings. I was very happy to see how efficient they were. It must have saved me a lot of money. When all my things arrived, I was happy to see how well they traveled. Now I can enjoy my new life without a worry. Thanks a lot guys.

  17. Vance Shimizu

    I needed Admiral van lines to move my in-laws and they were happy to help. They are efficient, hardworking and patiently packed a hell lot of boxes. They even labeled it so that we would not get puzzled. They carefully placed all the items on to the truck and drove off to the new destination. It was a bit tricky at the new place because there were many tight corners. But they managed to do it just right. Everything was done nicely and the rates never changed. I will definitely use them for myself the day I need to move.

  18. Carl Loper

    I need to thank Admiral van lines for the very smooth transfer during our last move, to a new apartment. The team of 2 men which they sent was very skilled and most pleasant to work with. We shall need to have the transfer sooner in few months when we finally move to our house, when it’s completed. I will definitely use their team again, and if needed I will adjust my moving schedule with their availability. I highly recommend them.

  19. John Wick

    Admiral van lines was great with my move. I found them on the internet while searching for moving companies for our office move. From the beginning of the process until the last box was in the new office, they were helpful and seemed to genuinely careful about the wellbeing of our valuable things. The movers were awesome and they really made this move possible. They arrived early and did not waste any time at all. I could not have asked for a better experience.

  20. Russell Boston

    The moving team came on time and packed like professionals and acted like experts which they clearly are! On the other end of the move, everything was in good state, and my price did not change. The great part of the service was that everyone I dealt with was very nice and polite to me and answered to all of my questions. Everything was nicely done and according to plan. If you hire Admiral van lines, you will not be disappointed.

  21. John Pinedo

    These guys were nice, friendly and courteous. During their work, I could only see smiles on their faces. My furniture was intact when they delivered it and there were no scratches or dents. The furniture was in an excellent condition thanks to these people. I do not know how to thank them. I wish I could give them more than five stars! Great moving company! They are punctual, efficient, caring and professional. All I can do is recommend Admiral van lines to all my friends and family.

  22. Larry Fraga

    After comparing 4 different quotes, I decided to go with Admiral van lines which had the lowest estimate. They sent over four movers sharp at 7 am to my house. They looked very strong and capable. They proved their worth by efficiently packing up all my belongings into boxes. They used enough packing materials to safeguard the boxes. The loading process went very smoothly and soon they were on their way. When the delivery was made, everything was in great condition. I don’t know how the other companies are but I’m very satisfied with how these guys handled my move.

  23. Fausto Gentry

    Moving has never been so easy, well at least for me. But this time it seemed like a complete different ball game. All I had to do was arrive to my location and tell them where to place my belongings, these guys were extremely fast, organize and responsible, they were very careful with my items. Even their estimation was right on point and there were no hidden costs. For their overall service I would definitely give them five stars and recommend among you all.

  24. Derick Pearson

    It was time to move my old house. I called Admiral van lines as there had a lot of good reviews of them. The movers were really nice and friendly. Of course, that’s not enough for a moving service to prove them. So they showed their efficiency by their works. They were strong and burly and did a tremendous amount of work before they needed to catch their breath. The best part was that we didn’t have to do anything, which meant we could focus on the other aspects of the move. They delivered the items on time and there was no damage on any of them. After the final check, everything was there in the same condition.

  25. Donald Gouin

    I was seriously impressed with the movers from Admiral van lines. They were just such experts at everything. Nothing was too heavy or too big for them. Even carrying my big couch down 2 sets of stairs couldn’t tire those movers out. I was utterly impressed seeing how organized and efficient the four men were. The truck pulled up at my new house right on the scheduled date. I was delighted to find all my belongings in superb condition. I will hire them again for sure.

  26. Thomas Jackson

    These guys are the best. They are responsive, reliable, nice, and SO careful with your stuff. I used them for a bit of an annoying move – everything went perfectly. I did do my research price-wise and they are absolutely competitive price-wise. Anyone I found with a cheaper price had horrible reviews. So responsive and easy to work with. Could not recommend them enough.

  27. Doug Sanchez

    They carefully wrapped all of my furniture and carefully placed everything into the truck. My couch almost didn’t make it into the new apartment of a narrow hallway, but the guys did everything they could to get it in the door, and luckily they did it! We had a few elevator issues while moving from my old apartment, but the guys were patient and didn’t let that get in the way. I will definitely use them the next time I move.

  28. David Chichester

    Admiral van lines were terrific. I was nervous that I would get less than good treatment because I had only a small move. Was I happily surprised! The two men arrived on time and were lovely. They explained everything and walked with me through my late mother’s apartment to identify which pieces were to be moved. They packed each item meticulously and were extremely efficient. My husband, who met them at are home, said how effective they were. I would highly recommend them.

  29. Michael Holt

    I recently used Admiral van lines to move apartments and I must say they took the stress and headache of having to move within the city away. They showed up on time in the morning and got right to work wrapping all my furniture and disassembling my bed. They were very professional and handled all my furniture with extreme care. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to solid moving company.

  30. Vincent Peters

    They were right on time and really, really nice. If you’ve ever moved, you know how important it is to deal with nice, professional people when you are already stressed out. They were completely understanding. The movers took care of my items and moving needs with care and a professional attitude. Best of all, they were ahead of schedule. I would definitely use then again.

  31. Richard Zimmer

    Let me start with these guys are amazing! They moved way more than I estimated they got it done in the quoted amount of time! They were pleasant, helpful and clean, but most importantly they were fast! They didn’t knock any walls coming in or going out! I would not hesitate to use them again!

  32. Roderick Colburn

    I hired Admiral van lines for our move after reading so many great reviews about them. They were involved in my move, which was a 3 bed room apartment move. They managed to encounter such hostile situation and delivered me a timely, stress free, safe and affordable move. I have no idea how they managed to keep 100% accuracy but I am sure that these guys seasoned campaigners. I thank each and every one of the employees of Admiral van lines.

  33. Douglas McWilliams

    Their response was quick and easy to understand, the process was simple as they guided us through step by step and customer service was brilliant. The moving team was efficient, hardworking, energetic and well-coordinated. I had a wonderful time and my belongings arrived safe and sound. Thanks for providing a wonderful service! Admiral van lines made our move transition easy and stress-free, for that we are grateful. Thank you so much.

  34. John Gonzales

    I just cannot gather words to share how fantastic my experience has been with Admiral van lines. Firstly, their representative who we spoke to over the phone was experienced, well informed and answered all our questions patiently. The team that arrived was way beyond our expectations. They were polite, and very careful with our belongings. I was happy to have them in my home. These men are indeed gems. This has been a stressful period for us but these guys helped us to make it less stressful.

  35. Joseph Rose

    My wife and I did a long distance move recently and Admiral van lines was our right hand in this task and thanks to their help we were able to move in only in 13 days after the moving started. It wasn’t too expensive and we had a really good communication with the movers and the company. We highly recommend them because we did not face any problems and the bill did not change. If I were you, I would hire them.

  36. Derrick Hanks

    When I had to move for work purposes, I called several moving companies to get quotes from them. Almost every company charges similar hourly rates. The reason why I chose Admiral van lines was because the breaking down of the cost was best explained to me by them. They told me exactly what was going to cost me how much and I was very happy with their clarity. The movers arrived on time and they were all very experienced. No detail was left untouched by these men. They even wrapped the corners of my furniture with cardboard. I was very impressed seeing the way they all worked so cohesively. It was a pleasure relocating with these guys.

  37. Kenneth Servantes

    Admiral van lines helped me move two weeks ago and they did an amazing job. They quoted me reasonably and promised to send capable movers. The movers arrived on time and were carrying the right tools. They were very efficient. They packed all my belongings with cautiously and proficiently. They loaded my furniture into the truck with no efforts. The delivery was made on time and I couldn’t find anything to fault with. It’s not every day one comes across such responsible men.

  38. Fred Logan

    If you want your move to be stress free and damage free, you should hire Admiral van lines. They are perfect for long distance moves. They have the best rates in town and they will not try to overcharge you. The moving team is very efficient and caring. They listen to your very request and they are very decent. You will love their behavior and energy. They will not take any breaks and will finish the job within the given deadline. I think this moving company deserves more than five stars. I will always use this moving company.

  39. Thomas Huntsberry

    Moving with Admiral van lines was a very good idea. They are very efficient, caring and professional. They do know what to do and how to do it. They were on time on both sides and moved the furniture’s properly. They did not bump it or damage it. Everything was safely delivered and there were no scratches too! I loved this moving company! I loved them even more because their rates are low and it did not change in the end. Anyways, I will use them again and I will recommend them to all.

  40. Oscar Gladney

    I was moving to my dream house. However, moving to that big house meant a lot more furniture to take with so we could fill those empty rooms. We hired Admiral van lines upon a recommendation from a family friend. They turned out to be amazing. The movers were prompt, friendly and honest. They took such great care of our breakables. Our belongings travelled without a slight scratch on them. Even they charged us quite reasonably. I have hired many moving companies in the past. None of them came even close to the way these guys handled this move.

  41. Barry Sloan

    I will remember my last move for the men who worked so hard to make my life easier. I hired Admiral van lines without knowing much about them. But they gave the royal service. Everything about them was professional. They arrived on time, took almost no time to box my valuables and soon set off. They gave me a 4 days window for the delivery. I received a call when I was actually driving to my new place notifying me that they were already on the way. Not a single piece was damaged. I couldn’t be any happier.

  42. Walter Hack

    Admiral van lines gave me a nice team of prompt movers who were highly dedicated towards the success of my move. I was able to settle in my new home within no time and embark on other more important business, thank you guys. From what Admiral van lines did for me as I moved a long distance, there is hardly any better mover in the country. Everything about this company is splendid, from their quality of work to skills of their movers and their moving fees is simply the best.

  43. Victor Pratt

    I want to recommend Admiral van lines. They offer very good relocation services. They arrive yet on time and carry out the relocation services just as expected. When I was moving, they did exactly that. Their arrival was very early in the morning and all kicked off as planned. They did not delay in any way and as a result of their swiftness, all went on as planned. They were able to finish in pretty good time.

  44. Charles Parodi

    Have been in the military for over 8 years I have had many experiences with long distance moving companies. I was immediately hesitant about booking my move with a moving broker; however, the sales guy of Admiral van lines was extremely professional and explained every step of the process. Once my items arrive at the destination he personally called me and ensured that everything had gone ok. I was thankful that the process was easy, cheap, and of substantial value. Thanks!

  45. James Redmond

    Everyone from Admiral van lines went above and beyond their promises and contract. The price was much lower than anyone else. They had packed the stuff carefully just to keep it safe and delivered on time. Even though they did not have anyone else going my direction, they have sent a whole truck just with my stuff. Thanks very much for the service provided and maintaining patience with my always changing situation.

  46. Joshua Halverson

    The guys were very professional, thorough, kept a smile throughout the move. Moving can be quite stressful. They actually took much of the stress out of the move for me. The foreman of the three man team was excellent and moved very quickly. Even with a very long haul from the loading dock to my apartment, the move went quickly. I would recommend Admiral van lines for this type of short move.

  47. Terry Foley

    Most moving companies are out to make profits by whatever means. Fortunately, I can’t put Admiral van lines in that category. I can say that because they handled my relocation without any issues whatsoever and in the end all my valuables survived the journey without even a single scratch on them. They quoted very reasonably and the customer service was very helpful. The movers were fantastic. They maintained the timings and worked very efficiently. I’m sure there are many moving companies who do the job well but they are mostly super expensive. These guys are meant for people like us who care about every penny earned.

  48. James Kimbrough

    The movers from Admiral van lines were quite honestly the kind that you only dream of while moving. Most movers turn out to be quite the opposite. But these guys were simply brilliant handling my move. Everything about them, starting from the quote to the last delivery, was perfect. The men they sent were all very efficient and keen to work. They showed a lot of creativity while packing my breakables. There wasn’t even one scratch on my things when they made the delivery. I really couldn’t have asked for a better set of movers.

  49. Bob Larson

    I can’t say enough good things about Admiral van lines. I’ve already referred two friends. They helped me move from my studio to a proper apartment. I was really uptight about all the pieces I owned but the team was brilliant with handling them. I also have to admit that their truck was very new. As far as price goes, it was about what I expected after doing some comparisons. The quote I got on their website was pretty less than others. The whole move took a very small amount of time. Had a great moving experience. Thank you.

  50. Charles Szymanski

    The movers provided by Admiral van lines are professional, hardworking, and considerate and they take care of one’s belongings like it’s their own. My wife and I recently moved from our old condo to a full house halfway across the country and this moving team made things much easier. Their pickup process was as smooth as it could have ever been and finished within a very short time. They were very careful with our new home and patient while we decided what goes where. I don’t hope to move for a long time, but if I did, this is the moving service I’d use.

  51. Ronald McAtee

    I had a small move but a long distance one. Admiral van lines offered a great price and amazing service. My move was not big. I had only a few items at my one bedroom apartment but they treated me with the same amount of respect as any other customer. The sales reps were great. The overall price was very fair as well. No damages whatsoever.

  52. Brian Manuel

    I used Admiral van lines in my very first move and I liked everything about them. I’ve heard people complain about their experience with movers, but there was absolutely no cause of alarm during my move. I used them because I found very positive reviews and ratings online about them and I can say that they are worth everything I read about them. They were honest with their quoting and the pricing was very affordable for the quality service they gave me. I recommend Admiral van lines to everyone.

  53. Dennis Shaver

    Much respect to the whole team of Admiral van lines. This was a door to door full service move. We let the movers in and they went right to work. We were very nervous the whole time in all honesty but as the move went on we started to feel more comfortable. We checked in with them periodically and they did the same for us. They made us feel very welcome to be a part of the moving family. The average person I would say is terrified to move so it’s important to work with a trustworthy company. Great prices great service and a perfect relocation to show for.

  54. James Marko

    My family had an excellent experience with Admiral van lines. We actually used them twice. The first time was to have them move some of our belongings. The second time around, we had them move our belongings from our condo into our new house. We worked with five movers, in total. All of them were fast, yet very careful and respectful of our belongings. Nothing was broken and I did not worry with how they loaded and unloaded the truck. Overall, a great experience and I recommend them to people all the time.

  55. Raymond Steffes

    Just completed a move with these guys and extremely pleased with how they handled the entire process. The foreman and the movers constituted a nice team. Wasn’t as expensive or as dreadful as moves we’ve had in the past with other companies. This is a local business with fair and honest pricing…no surprises. I highly recommend hiring them.

  56. Jessie Garcia

    I had hired Admiral Van Lines. They were friendly, efficient, and very professional in carrying out responsibilities to make sure that all of my belongings arrived safely. Due to their diligence, everything arrived in pristine condition. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of moving services.

  57. Calvin Cusick

    Admiral Van Lines is a professional moving company. They will absolutely save you money and explain you how everything works. We got our furniture within given time and they made this move as stress free as possible. They looked over other estimates and left us to make the best decision for our specific relocation. Really nice company that actually saved us a lot of money. I would certainly recommend them to anyone making a move.

  58. Eddie David

    Moving can be really expensive, you want to make sure you go with a company that is going to stick by you through and through. The sales rep from Admiral Van Lines was communicative thought out the moving process. Anybody looking to make a long-distance move I want to tell you from my personal experience that this company is solid, you can believe they are going to give you the most Quality Service all around. I highly recommend you go with them as opposed to these other movers out there. You never know what to expect with some of those companies, but these guys are what I call Legit.

  59. Stephen Martineau

    Admiral Van Lines is the relocation company everyone should go for. I can proudly say this because I know very well how they perform in their field of work. Earlier this month I hired them out to relocate me, they proved beyond any reasonable doubts that they are perfect for the task. The team worked with hope and morale. I could not imagine they would take such a short time to clear the entire process. They made me see the power of coordination and unity. I believe in them and will make sure they facilitate my next relocation. Your services are very ideal and I appreciate the effort. Admiral Van Lines is the best you can opt for when it comes to ideal relocations.

  60. Howard Haney

    I have worked with numerous moving companies in the past. But none of them measured up to the standards of unified moving. Admiral Van Lines just blew my mind with their helpful customer service, experienced team and reasonable prices. It’s a combination that is so rare in the moving business. But somehow they managed to provide amazing services at such low costs even in this economy. To add to their amazing list of achievements, none of my valuables suffered any damage while they helped me move. I take my hats off to these guys.

  61. Lawrence Rucker

    From start to finish I was happy. I must admit I was very skeptical at first since I have never used a moving company. This time I was in control and I was not sure what to expect. I can definitely say that I had all of my unrealistic and realistic expectations exceeded by far with absolutely nothing but professional behavior from all staff members. Thank you guys for making this smooth and stress free.

  62. Adam Twyman

    From answering my first phone call to the end, the sales rep was outstanding. Not only did they fit me in to their schedule on a weekend morning, they also did arrive on time. The moving team covered the furniture with wraps and padding and took exceptional care while putting the furniture where I wanted it to go. Extremely courteous and entire experience could not have been more perfect. I would absolutely use Admiral Van Lines again and would recommend them highly to all in need of movers.

  63. Bruce Zeledon

    Great moving company. From the estimate and reservation to the actual move, Admiral Van Lines were great. On moving day, the sales rep called ahead to give me a heads up about the estimated time to my place and the moving team was there on time. My move took 4 hrs from start to finish. My furniture and art pieces where treated gently, wrapped and protected. No extra cost for extra packaging materials. After many moves I’m so glad I found that delivered great moving service.

  64. Charles Laurel

    The customer service and communication that I received from everyone at Admiral Van Lines was excellent. The estimate was right in the money. The moving team was fast and so careful. I have moved many times and this is definitely the most courteous and skilled. Their teamwork is amazing. I had no damage that I could fine. I will be using them again and would recommend them any day.

  65. Bryan Johnson

    I was very surprised watching them to do such a smooth move. They moved us from my two bed room apartment to the newly purchased house. The guys have been super alert for the new buildings walls and floors. They were not so quick but they were perfect. The guys completed the job in their estimated time. I was again surprised when they billed us. It was fairly priced. The cost was definitely more reasonable than other quotation I received from other guys. I think everyone needs to hire them for a professional and trustworthy moving experience.

  66. Michael Amador

    Admiral van lines sent a team of 4 movers. They did an awesome job! Not only were they courteous and professional but they worked quickly and did not waste any time. They did a final walk thru before we proceeded to our new home to make sure everything was packed. Our items arrived still intact and placed in a neat and orderly fashion in our home. I would recommend these movers in a minute and if I ever need to move again I will call them first.

  67. Joshua Langley

    I am very grateful that Admiral van lines helped me very much during my relocation. I had to move on short notice and they arranged everything for me. In fact, I was moved in a timely manner and my things were delivered in the best condition. Even with this top quality and fast service, I was still charged a price that was well within my budget. They are very trustworthy. Call them.

  68. Wade Rodriguez

    Finding a company like Admiral Van Lines really made our life so much easier. We left all the furniture to them so we can focus on closing and all the paperwork. They are a very friendly company that is all about going out of their way to save them some money. Moving can be very expensive but it shouldn’t be more then it has to ever. Thank you so much for all you’ve done.

  69. Arthur Blasko

    This is my 2nd time as a customer for Admiral van lines and I am convinced they are the best moving company. The moving crew were polite, professional, and on time. They didn’t waste one second and were completely focused on getting the job done. I highly recommend Admiral van lines

  70. Dale Short

    I honestly have no words to express and describe how communicative, friendly, fast, careful and courteous they are. These guys hustle and they do it all with a smile. I hope we won’t have to move for some time but when we do we will definitely be calling Admiral van lines.

  71. Clifford Flournoy

    My moving advisor was very attentive and responsive. He made all the necessary arrangements for my 2 bed room apartment move from NJ to MA and made sure that I get the exact date for the move that I asked for. Thanks to their packing team for packing all the fragile and delicate belongings so carefully and for double checking everything for the errors. The movers did excellent during loading, moving and unloading my belongings. I received everything in one piece and without any dent. These guys really made my day.

  72. Michael Bass

    I never expected that my move would be so smooth and hassle free. Denver Moving Services helped me well. I had to move on a short notice and I was worried about the moving. One of my neighbors told me that he had a good experience with these movers. So I decided to go for them. I really had no trouble while moving and these movers managed it very professionally Everything arrived in pristine condition. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of moving services.

  73. Hugo Watson

    My experience with Admiral Van Lines was phenomenal. The staff is professional, polite and readily available to answer questions and talk you through your moving experience. When the team arrived at my home they handled my belongings with great care and moved with great speed. My items were delivered in perfect condition. Nothing was missing or damaged. When it’s time for my next move, I will select this company again without hesitation.

  74. Kevin Osborn

    The movers were extremely professional and reliable. Honestly everything was fantastic, the movers were really kind and helpful, and they got everything I needed, Great communication and they really took good care of my things. The move took only 2 hours and was very stress- less I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

  75. Jack Barker

    Professional movers who get the job done efficiently with the utmost care. Excellent service! Had to move quickly across state and Admiral van lines employees could not have made it easier. I will definitely use them in the future. Not only cost effective but dependable and polite. We need more people like this in the industry. Thanks Admiral van lines for making my move easier.

  76. Brad Britton

    Everything went well from the first call. The foreman and his team of movers were exceptional to work with. They explained everything clearly to us. Asked pertinent questions. Everything was packed and loaded carefully. Delivery was excellent too! If we ever move again, I will only call Admiral van lines.

  77. Ralph Hayes

    These guys were really good! They worked very hard, delivered my goods on time and were very careful while loading and unloading. I would use them again for sure, I know that my belongings would be safe with them! I had the best moving experience with this efficient moving service.

  78. William Cumberbatch

    It was a great feeling to get the expected output from them. The moving team was very professional, fast, committed and courteous. They have taken care of my move with great care and skills. They never allowed me to complain against them and gave me the best move of my life. I thank them for their brilliant performance.

  79. Jesse Morris

    An excellent and pleasant move! Our movers arrived on time, they were very nice, polite and careful with our items. They used blankets generously so as to prevent scratching and smudging. We really appreciated that. Our move was completed on time and without any problems.

  80. Mario Walsh

    I’ve moved a larger number of times in the most recent 3 years than I want to concede. This was effectively the least push move I’ve ever done. The group was spot on time, wrapped up all my stuff genuine decent, had no trouble exploring a tight entryway, emptied everything right were I needed it, and were done in the assessed measure of time. Worth each penny, profoundly prescribed.

  81. Kenneth Toler

    Best moving service I could hope for. Excellent and very professional company, the movers were very nice and polite, they worked very hard. Special thanks to Sales rep from the office for all her help. My move was completed fairly quickly and everything went according to plan and turned out great.

  82. Ronald Villanueva

    These guys are great! I’ve only used them once, but I have friends who have used them several times and they are always professional, friendly, honest, careful, and quick. They completed the packing and moving much quicker than I had anticipated and kept the price within my reach.

  83. Conrad Robinson

    The perfect team! I liked them the moment they came in. Admiral van lines promised to handle my goods and transport them safely. They did a great job because of their organizational skills. After talking for a while we made great conversations and these guys are truly friendly.

  84. Frank Turner

    Great Company loved Admiral van lines. Helped my family at a hard time. After getting a one phone calls I finally went with them. They were the cheapest price and had the dates in needed. The movers were on time and kept me up to date with where my belongings were at all times.

  85. Alejandro Ferron

    They are very professional and reliable people. They offer what they promise, I am very happy with their work and price. Would use their services again in the future for sure! Thanks team for providing such a reliable moving service and for sure we will use them again!

  86. Alex Williams

    Not only did they show up ready to work, but they were friendly and had great solutions for the unexpected things that inevitably happen in these situations. They brought very heavy items to the second floor with no complaints and were very polite and friendly while working. Not that I ever want to move again, but when that day comes we will call Admiral van lines.

  87. Shawn Woodward

    Well done Admiral van lines! Great service, everyone was very friendly and professional, they were always ready to assist me with anything I needed, thank you so much for that!
    I am going to recommend your great services to anyone I know!

  88. Donald Chen

    Admiral van lines movers are honest, professional and hard working guys that moved my belongings with a due care and timely manner. Sales and customer service departments were quite helpful in organizing and expediting the moving process.

  89. Paul Powell

    I decided to hire Admiral van lines for my recent move. It was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I was majestically relocated from NJ to OH in the safest way possible. All my properties were nicely arranged and transported carefully to my new apartment. Thank you a lot for all your help! I am glad I used your company for my move, and I am going to use your service again!

  90. Frank Higgins

    I am very happy I selected them to help us move to MA. Thanks to them my move was as much stress free as possible, they took care of everything so well, from loading, unloading, and to packing and unpacking. Had a great moving experience. Thank you.

  91. Thomas Boland

    A lot people talk that the moving industry companies are bad but I guess I just found a really good company. They kept their word on a few things. One, they were on time and also called me several times to make sure I was prepared for the arrival times. Two, all my items arrived without problems or damage. They kept in contact with me throughout the whole entire move. Thank you Admiral van lines.

  92. Paul Maloy

    This company helped me out when I was moving into my condo. The space in the apartment was very limited. The guys were very patient and pleasant while we tried different arrangements of the furniture. They did exactly what I wanted. I was impressed seeing how adaptive they were.

  93. Barry Talmadge

    I didn’t know what to expect, but I immediately felt better after watching the guys wrap everything and the way they handled the move. I would highly recommend this company. They helped my move be stress-free, and I will recommend Admiral van lines to everyone!

  94. Henry Burton

    The quote was clear-cut and competitive; they were extremely helpful and flexible when we had to change our moving date because my new house wasn’t ready yet. The communication with the company was really well throughout the move. I could not be happier with how my move went. The guys turned up on time and managed to get everything out of my house without an issue and fast too, despite the difficult stairs at my apartment. The rest of the move went without any issue as well.

  95. Jose Miller

    The sales rep was very friendly and accessible. I interacted with him via phone and email, and each time, he was very responsive and forthcoming with all of the answers to the questions I had. On the moving day the crew showed up on time and worked very quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed with the level of service I received and I highly recommend Admiral van lines.

  96. Joseph Litz

    It takes a really resourceful and experienced crew to master the art moving. Admiral van lines have a very large fleet of moving vehicles and the men they employ are superbly trained. I know this because I have hired them before. I have hired them for my last move as well. They took all the information, cross referenced with my previous move and gave a very reasonable quote. All my stuffs turned up at my new house right on schedule. I have full faith in this moving company.

  97. Peter Stout

    After talking to their sales rep I felt that our belongings were in good hands. The pickup was on time. Our items weren’t damaged and the movers helped us put all the boxes in the rooms we wanted. They were very careful and respectful with our items. They might charge low but they are totally excellent and super expensive one by their work.

  98. Jesus Anderson

    Very friendly, very informative about the whole move. The removal crew were just brilliant got on with the job, very friendly hardworking chaps. Fantastic, they were prompt, very friendly, kept us informed all the time. Nothing was too much trouble.

  99. Raymond Tieman

    I am happy with Admiral Van Lines service. They worked very hard, really fast and what’s important they delivered my goods on time and in a good condition. I am glad I selected them for my move, They did a great job! I will highly recommend them to anyone.

  100. Sean McCoy

    Excellent moving service. I had very positive experience with Admiral van lines, they were fantastic. Special thanks to sales rep, who was very helpful and friendly. Thank you for an affordable price and great work.

  101. James Munro

    I am really happy with the whole process, with good and affordable price and with your professional work. It was really good and positive experience and I couldn’t be more happy. I rate your service 5 stars only because the packing and unpacking wasn’t included in price, which I understand.

  102. Randall Taylor

    I am very excited about the new opportunities presented by the new job. The courteous and professional staff at Admiral Van Lines helped alleviate our concerns from the first time we spoke with them. They made us feel more comfortable with the moving process and delivered on all of their promises.

  103. Reginald Walker

    I called Admiral Van Lines to get a price quote. The prices were very reasonable, but what sold me was the professional way they handled my call. It was the best call I made, they were fast and friendly the entire time we worked with them.

  104. David Rosales

    After all the great work they have done, I will give Admiral van lines a 5 star review because they really deserve it. I love this company professionalism also. They knew what they were doing right from the beginning. They also have great deals while I was moving. I moved without all the headaches because of this company. I was so lost before moving and I thought it was impossible for me to move all the heavy furniture. But of course, after these guys arrived I knew that I would be in good hands from the start.

  105. Steve English

    We were quite crunched for cash before this move. That’s why when Admiral Van Lines gave an estimate that seemed too low to be true, we immediately hired them. It turned out to be the best decision we made during this move. The movers were absolutely fantastic. We own a huge couch and getting it out of our apartment could have been tricky. It was no big deal to the movers. It was a brilliant performance from these guys. The delivery was made on time as well. I feel like these guys gave us the best value for money.

  106. Roland Newburn

    They moved us like a piece of art. They had passion, dedication and beautiful skills. They moved all our household items like it own items. No single item was damaged, not a single item was dented and not a single item was lost. These guys did a perfect job. Another part which is great about them is their rates. They are very reasonable and very low comparing to the others. All in all it was a fantastic moving experience. Admiral Van Lines have the best crew and the best service. We highly recommend them to all.

  107. Charles York

    My move with this company was very smooth. I never felt pressured or tensed. They moved all my things the way I wanted. They made sure everything was well protected and they even used many kinds of layers to protect it. Everything was safely delivered and there were no damages at all. My move was easily and quickly done. No harm anywhere. Their price was competitive but the good thing was that the price did not change in the end. It turned out to be a very good move. I recommend Admiral Van Lines to all.

  108. Michael Lowe

    This crew is the best. They gave me the best move of my life. I hired Admiral Van Lines last week for my long distance move and the move was so smooth and easy. The moving men were great. They moved all my belongings with care and did not damage a single thing. Their customer service was amazing too. They always kept me informed and I got 24/7 email customer service. They delivered in a very short period of time and there were no damages upon delivery. I am pretty much happy with this company. I will use them again.

  109. Frank Espinoza

    Coming from past experience no other moving could even come close to the efficiency levels of Admiral Van Lines. Starting from the moment I called them till they made the delivery, everything was just spot on. I was impressed with their punctuality. We have never had movers arriving on time in the past. The movers were very creative while packing our valuables. Even the furniture was wrapped in shrinking tape. They delivered on time and my valuables traveled very safely. They should always be the chosen moving company for all.

  110. Calvin Melo

    This move could have been an absolute disaster. But the team from Admiral Van Line made it so easy. I hired them to move my belongings because they have such a good reputation. They did a great job packing everything. They came on time again and loaded everything smoothly to the trucks. Frankly, we didn’t have to do a thing. It was so good to see how thoughtful the movers were. They divided up the work load and worked efficiently. They delivered on time and everything traveled well. I am so grateful for their efforts.

  111. Andreas Monson

    Admiral Van Lines gave us a very reasonable quote despite of the amount of things we needed to be moved. Four movers showed up right on time. They worked very tirelessly and efficiently for hours to empty out my house. Then everything was loaded onto 2 trucks. Most of my things traveled very nicely. The movers didn’t demand anything. It was a very successful relocation and I only have these movers to thank for it.

  112. Shaun Devore

    The entire move with Admiral van lines was done in a lightning speed. I can’t believe how fast they operated. They did not drag their feet like other moving services that I have used before. The movers made a conscious effort to be as efficient as possible. I’m going to recommend their services to everyone I meet.

  113. Russell Beaton

    Admiral van lines was top class. They actually came out to assess my home and provided a flat rate quote. The competition wasn’t even close to this level of service. On moving day, 4 guys came and moved a 3 bedroom home in one truck. All 4 of them were very nice and extremely professional. Fantastic job for long distance move. All of our belongings were handled with care and it was our first move without anything being broken. I highly recommend this company.

  114. James Alaniz

    I have never across come across a moving company who takes such care of their clients as Admiral van lines does. They pack everything into boxes as if packing is their passion. They carry huge pieces of furniture like they were born to do so. None of my belongings were less important to them. Everything received the same amount of attention and care. They were punctual, both during arrival and delivery. Their efficiency must have saved us so much money.

  115. Stephen Hawkes

    I was a bit hesitant to use Admiral van lines. at first, as I’ve had negative experiences with moving companies in the past, but in the end my fears were for nothing. Throughout the process of moving I was treated with only the highest courtesy and respect, a quality which seems to be lacking in other moving companies. My needs were made a top priority, and everything was arranged and stored to my satisfaction, with nothing broken or scuffed in the process. I would recommend them to anyone for their moving needs.

  116. Malcolm Joe

    I am always amazed at the kind of relocation services offered by Admiral van lines. I have relocated using this moving team for more than two times and that has been awesome. My last experience was two weeks ago and it was nice. My furniture and other properties were relocated in a lovely and wonderful way. I was touched by the high sense of responsibility in them. I will surely relocate using their services in future.

  117. Michael Saunders

    From beginning to end the service was exceptional. I spoke with the rep, who scheduled the move, and he was very polite, professional, courteous and personable. I received a reminder call the day before the move and the movers also called me on the day of the move to notify me that they were on their way. The movers arrived on time and got right to work. I have used several moving companies in the past and have always had a bad experience, however, Admiral van lines truly went above and beyond to provide terrific service. I highly recommend this moving company and would certainly use them again in the future.

  118. Ben Brown

    I called Admiral van lines for my move and I am glad that I did. After their timely arrival, they reviewed the task and started wrapping and loading up the truck swiftly and professionally. They protected my furniture very well; there was not a scratch on any item. The whole move was done in such a systematic way. The movers were organized in every step of the way. You can’t possibly find better movers anywhere else. When they reached my new home to deliver, they manoeuvred all boxes and other furniture in my desired places. Gladly recommended.

  119. Greg Delgado

    The relocation process causes a lot of stress and I needed a responsible moving company. I hired Admiral van lines for the move and I had made the right choice. The customer service personnel were fantastic. When the truck was actually at my house, I was so impressed with the level of care and professionalism they handled my belongings; almost as though the things belonged to them. Absolutely nothing was damaged and they arrived exactly when they said they would. I will be recommending them to everyone I know.

  120. Billy Arevalo

    I never expected that my move would be so smooth and hassle free. Admiral van lines helped me well. I had to move on a short notice and I was worried about the moving. One of my neighbors told me that he had a good experience with these movers. So I decided to go for them. I really had no trouble while moving and these movers managed it very professionally. I didn’t have much trouble with their price too. I am pretty sure that these were guys with experience. I would love to choose them again if I am ever in need of movers.

  121. John Carter

    I hired Admiral van lines because my friend told me that they were a very good company and should definitely use them. My friend was right about them; they packed our home and moved us in such a good fashion. I could not have asked for a better way and we are so happy. I was so happy to see that none of my belongings were damaged. I appreciate them for all the hard work that they did for me and my family. Thank you so much for this great moving service.

  122. Alejandro Smith

    The moving team made our move far easier than I could have imagined. Customer service was great; they kept their communication open with me. Everything went smoothly and the gentleman who loaded the truck did an amazingly efficient job which allowed us to avoid using an extra truck, in turn saving us some money. I could not be happier and would recommend Admiral van lines enthusiastically.

  123. Paul Vick

    I have recently used Admiral van lines. After taking their service I decided to write this review about them. When I was looking to hire a good moving company that time I saw some great reviews about them and decided to try. They were also within my budget. I had no problems during the entire move. They were very professional to handle the whole matter. I am impressed with their professionalism and would highly recommend them to anyone planning to move.

  124. Timothy Lemons

    We recently moved and used Admiral van lines, the movers did an outstanding job. The office staff also did a good job in finding a convenient day for my move. They arrived on time, and were very professional, they explained their process and took the time to walk through and check out what was being moved. Everything was handled as if it was their own, and take apart was done with the proper tools. When they arrived to our new house they did it all over again. I had an amazing experience with this great moving service.

  125. Mark Youmans

    I really appreciate this moving experience. Our last move with a different company was not a satisfying one. We were very sceptical when choosing the next company to move us. To our surprise, Admiral van lines exceeded our expectations and I will make sure to recommend them time and time again. We will be sure to call this efficient moving service for any future moves we may have. Thanks so much for making our experience effortless.

  126. Cameron Cutler

    Admiral van lines is simply a great moving company. I got their number from a friend and called. Their sales rep was very attentive and responsive too. He offered me a very reasonable deal. I booked them for the move and keeping my fingers crossed. When they came on time and began the work, I knew that they were going to rock. They eventually did. Took no time to complete the entire move and managed to provide me everything that I asked for. I had no complaints against them. I was actually amazed to receive such a great service.

  127. James Smallwood

    Admiral van lines made this stressful experience nothing to worry about. The movers arrived on time. The guys were very courteous and careful. They blanket wrapped anything that could be damaged, they are efficient and cheerful. No wasted time from start to finish & even drove to the destined location on time. What more can I say, I recommend them without hesitation.

  128. Lester Junior

    In my experience, there are very few businesses who actually deliver what they promise. Our experience with Admiral van lines was exceptional. A fantastic job done by everyone involved with our move, but for me the packers would be the stand out. They put their head down and just got on with it much faster than if we had done it. They delivered everything without damage as they promised. I would surely use them again for my next relocation.

  129. Frank Chasteen

    The experience was tremendous. The level of perfection and diligence involved in that relocation was something I did not expect. From the reviews, I had heard people praising their services but I still had slight doubts. After being on the receiving end of their services, however, I am convinced that Admiral van lines are not only good in relocating but also perfect in relating with their customers. Best efficient moving service for relocation.

  130. Manuel Brooks

    I was very pleased. The sales rep was always responsive to my quest attentive to my needs the movers picked up as scheduled and contacted me during the day to check it again and confirmed that the furniture was very well packed and protected. Nothing was broken or even scratched. The price was reasonable compared to others. To transport a large number of important or fragile items I think you will not find a better company. I would highly recommend Admiral van lines for moving needs.

  131. Dan Fulks

    Everything went well from the first call. The sales rep was pleasant, professional and explained the process to my satisfaction. The moving team arrived at the appointed time. They quickly unloaded the truck. The furniture was protected nicely and they put everything in the right rooms. I am very satisfied with the service they provide and highly recommend Admiral van lines for reliable moving.

  132. James Jacob

    I have to applaud the work done by Admiral van lines as I moved to NY from NJ. It was a long and twisted move, but no incident was reported, thanks to the professionalism and skills of the movers. They had the right motivation all through the process and by the end of it, I had lost none of my possessions and nothing had been scratched. I appreciate them the most for their spot on quote as well as for delivering safely and within the set time.

  133. John Parrett

    I will not forget about this wonderful relocation with Admiral van lines any time soon. It was the kind of service I had desired even when I was looking for movers. The services were very warmly and perfectly awesome. On arrival, they started working without any further delay. They arranged the kitchen makeovers, the furniture and the electronics in the awaiting truck. The journey from NJ to NC was an easy one. They did the unloading on arrival and left when everything was in order. I will live to appreciate this amazing moving service.

  134. David Michaels

    Moving with Admiral van lines was easy and nice and that is exactly what I was expecting from hired help. We all want the best service done when you actually have to pay. Unlike other moving companies, this company made no mistakes. Efficiently and carefully moved me within the allotted time and did not break a thing! The price was affordable and the customer service was very helpful. All in all, this move was smooth and easy.

  135. Johnny Bostic

    I hired Admiral van lines for their impeccable reputation in the market and it totally paid off for me. I couldn’t believe how the moving team was so efficient and how none of my things was broken or damaged in the end. At first I thought they quoted me a lot. But it turned out to be just the right price at the end. I recommend them for sure.

  136. Eldridge Ramsey

    It was a great experience for my family to move with the best moving team ever. I am talking about Admiral van lines. When I called them and talked with their sales rep, I got the best possible deal and I did not waste any time to grab the offer. The moving team showed up on time at the day of the move. They were assigned to pack and move our belongings from NJ to NY. Everything went according to the plan and the entire execution was perfect. I am more than just happy and highly impressed with such great service.

  137. Michael Etter

    I am recommending Admiral van lines for all kind of moves. I have to admit that after experiencing their service and affordable price I had to recommend them. The moving team was skilled enough to gather the things, pack, and move the belongings at the designated place. I got more impressed when I noticed that the movers moved all my belongings in one piece and without damaging them. I am also very happy with the price that they charged for their service. Overall, I had many reasons to feel happy about their service and the move.

  138. John Raby

    Admiral van lines simply amazed me with their peace and accuracy. These movers are no ordinary movers. They are surely highly skilled and experienced and I am sure that they were willing to give their shot. When they finished the move they were about 30 minutes ahead than the schedule. I was sure that there will be some broken and damaged stuffs. So, I checked the inventory but surprisingly did not find a single scratch at anything. I have to admit that I got the best deal within my budget. I thank their sales rep and his team for such a great move.

  139. Russell Tunnell

    I have moved several times in my life and also used many movers. But not a single time I got a perfect move until I used Admiral van lines. They moved us recently to a new residence and thus changed our entire perception towards professional movers. Their movers came on time, packed and moved everything accordingly and made the delivery of all the stuff before the allotted time. I am really happy with the outcome of the move and I am so impressed that I have decided to hire them for my next move as well.

  140. Buster Cunningham

    A great company which handles the job like true professionals. Admiral van lines did a great job moving our house in a short time. I contacted them and asked for a price. It was very reasonable. We agreed and then they took over the job. They packed the goods properly, paying attention to details and to delicate stuff. They moved them and delivered them in time. I am pretty happy that everything went so smoothly. Highly recommended moving service.

  141. Robert Iddings

    It’s so hard to find moving companies that are reliable. They have broken my furniture beyond repair and many boxes have gone missing. So I didn’t expect Admiral Van Lines to be any different while they conducted my move from NJ to DE. When they delivered all my belongings in the same state they took them, right then I realized how amazing this company really is. They quoted very reasonably and their movers worked efficiently to save my hard earned cash. On top of that, they took inventory at the beginning of the move and made sure that each item arrives at the final destination. I am happily recommending them.

  142. Thomas Sheets

    I never felt that I am relocating. The moving team from Admiral van lines arrived on time, they had the necessary tools and packing materials with them. They nicely wrapped and boxed my belongings, paid extra care to the fragile items and very efficiently moved everything without any error. I thank the sales rep for arranging the entire move so efficiently and for offering me a great price and I thank the movers for a very smooth, stress free and timely move.

  143. Ralph Davis

    I had a move from NJ to NY. During this relocation there were a lot of things that made this move stressful from locating a home to getting a moving company that I could trust. Once the Admiral van lines sales rep called me he was able to assure me that I would have a pleasant experience. Their movers didn’t make fault at the slightest. All my equipment was shifted at utmost dedication. I am definitely glad I choose this company and have referred them to many of my friends.

  144. Carlos Jones

    Admiral van lines is was one of the best I used so far. Our move was very organized and went very smoothly as well. They gave us the best price we can ask for and were on time as well. The sales rep was very informative, helpful, reliable and also patient, as we had tons of questions and concerns. Finally when it came to finalization of everything and delivery, the movers fulfilled everything that was promised and gave us receipt for the services including the stairs additional flight charge. Thanks for all the help in successfully relocating my family.

  145. Earl Stout

    I had the best experience with Admiral van lines. Our move last week from NJ to MA was so much easier than I thought it would be. I don’t usually come back to leave a review, but this time I felt like I had to. The movers were so helpful every time we had questions and were really knowledgeable too. I would definitely recommend this company to any friends and family who need help with their move. They really helped make a stressful experience so much easier for us, plus they were affordable.

  146. Abel Cox

    The sales rep from Admiral van lines rep was very friendly, professional, and had such a genuine interest to help me. Once services were scheduled, I received courtesy follow-ups by emails and phone calls just to make sure I didn’t have any additional questions or concerns. On the moving day, the team arrived on time and quickly got to work. I can’t express enough how amazing these guys were. They were so nice and polite and easy to talk to. Friendly, yet professional. They worked incredibly fast and took great care of our belongings without any damages. Thank you guys so much for making our move easier.

  147. Jonathon Roles

    It was my first time working with Admiral van lines. Previously, I had been hiring out other relocation companies because I did not have an idea about these movers. The first time actually turned out to be the best hit. My experience was so perfect considering how efficiently the duties were discharged. We did not even had any disagreement and that gives me a reason to continue preferring them over the others.

  148. Gary Cheney

    I was pleasantly surprised with my move from NJ to CT. I was, as one would expect, a little worried traveling such a distance without being in control of my personal belongings. But, with Admiral van lines I had nothing to worry about. I had everything in place when I arrived and did not lose a single item. I cannot thank the moving team enough for the peace of mind they provided me in my time of chaos. I highly recommend this moving service for anyone planning on moving.

  149. Jason Renfrow

    Admiral van lines took my move from NJ to OH. Admiral van lines were very professional and patient with all aspects of the move. Timing was a huge issue but they showed up on time ready to work all while I was still packing. Great customer service. made my move experience a breeze. I really appreciated their effort. On budget. I would definitely recommend this moving service to friends and family.

  150. Henry Terry

    From start to finish, I was totally mesmerized by the way 3 movers from Admiral van lines handled my move. They quoted reasonably to begin with. I have never heard of movers who show up on time. Let alone be early. They finished the whole packing and loading process within a blink of eye. It was a sensational performance. They delivered on time, didn’t overcharge me and all my valuables were unharmed. Highly recommended moving service.

  151. Desmond Hammer

    I hired Admiral van lines because I saw some very good reviews about them. Actually I called 3 moving companies based on their reviews and finally decided to use them. When I discussed my move with their sales rep, he was responsive to all my queries and he never pushed me to hire them. I got convinced and hired them. Movers showed up on time and they were well equipped with all necessary tools and the packing materials. They packed and moved my things and they were very fast and accurate too. They completed the entire move in 4 hours. Most importantly there was nothing broken or damaged. Everything was perfectly done and I also felt that they charged me a very competitive amount.

  152. Thomas Hillman

    Admiral van lines is not like any other ordinary moving companies. They know how to perform and they are very much concerned about ensuring a perfect move. My experience with them is simply a great one. They came on time, packed everything quickly and also ensured the safety, moved before the allotted time and no unexpected situation arrived. Overall, it was a flawless performance by the movers, which cost me a very reasonable amount.

  153. Joseph Sanchez

    We were hesitant to move from NJ to KY as we have heard so many unpleasant stories of some bad moving companies. We found Admiral Van Lines online and tried calling them for estimates. The estimates were impressive as compared to other moving companies. In the end, the deal was very good and the service went beyond expectations. They are truly a professional moving company. Too impressive and efficient moving service for relocation. I will definitely use them again next time we move.

  154. Bruce Redmond

    Moving is always a nightmare for those people who are quite attached with their items. It is that time again where one has to deal with breakages, loss of items among other inconveniences associated with moving. However, the solution is with Admiral van lines.The company is by far the best moving company in the country. It is competent and provides the customer with the best moving experience. Their time management, efficiency and customer service will give the customer an interesting experience. In case you are looking for a company that will deliver value to you at very pocket friendly prices, Admiral van lines are the best choice for you.

  155. Vernon Frost

    This was a good experience. With all the stresses of moving, the actual moving of furniture was made pretty easy by Admiral van lines. Very easy to deal with on the phone and the guys who moved our furniture were nice, polite, helpful and very easy to get along with. A credit to by Admiral van lines.

  156. Greg Stevenson

    I was so nervous about my big move but Admiral van lines really helped ease my concerns. They were professional and courteous every step of the way. They arrived on time and even finished ahead of schedule. I have a collection of fragile items and and every one of them made it to my new home intact to be displayed in the antique cabinet that also arrived without a scratch. Nothing was broken or lost and they have this system where you and they check off so you know how many boxes were packed and delivered. I would highly recommend this company to a friend for a long distance.

  157. Robert McCarty

    The Service was great. They arrived on a timely manner and worked fast but also very carefully. They were also really nice and even helped us move a few things into our car. Will definitely re-hire on a future occasion.

  158. Jonathan Colon

    Admiral van lines is a great company. They were very professional and easy to communicate with via email or phone. I moved from NJ to MA. All of their movers were very hard working and friendly. They took great care of all the furniture being moved. The movers made sure everything was covered up and protected from any damage. The pricing is very fair and everything is upfront with regards to cost. I would recommend this company to anyone thinking about making a move.

  159. Roland Callahan

    All the packing and loading were done within such a short time and their truck was shiny new as well. Delivery was made on time and thankfully all my properties arrived without any damage caused to them. They were very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend this company.

  160. andrea

    I was quoted 149/hour 3 hour minimum. with free storage for one week. then a 10% discount on the move in.

    I am told cash only or there will be a 7% extra fee.
    $447 for move out
    $407 move in.

    I have texts agreeing that that is everything.
    The guy shows up to move me out. It’s now >$50 added for toils. and now its four hours minimum and some other fees. they want $700 for what ends up being 30 minutes of moving. I am not moving furniture. Its 10 boxes. After going back and forth we get it back down to $500
    I have no choice as it’s the last day of my lease and I am a woman moving out with no help. /

    I arrange to have my things delivered Friday at noon. At noon I get a call for 3. I am not home at three, and my building does not allow weekend move ins. We agree to Monday at 8.

    Monday at 9:30 I get a call. Instead of my things a guy waltzes into my apartment and demands $500. He tells me cash now or I can’t have my things.

    Imagine you’re a single woman waiting for your movers and someone comes in and says hand me the money or no things. No where in sight are my things.
    I ask about my discount and ask why the price keeps going up.
    He claims he doesn’t know what I am talking about. But I have text message proving I was offered this.
    He then goes one and on about tolls being over $50 and then says with discount its now $500. He wants the cash now.

    During this time, I am told he doesn’t care and I can complain all I want because “ I own this city”

    Every time I call dispatch I get hung up on and told give him the money.
    I am sitting my apartment now waiting to see my things.

  161. Daniel Loken

    The crew was courteous and professional. They were careful with all of my belongings. The truck arrived on time and worked the entire time packing and loading. The crew also performed the off load as professionally and carefully as the onload. It was an extremely long day for them and they remained pleasant and worked tirelessly all day. I would definitely recommend Admiral van lines.

  162. Mark Pham

    The movers were punctual and pleasant despite the weather. They took good care of our stuff and our home. They put stuff down to protect the floors and discussed any potential issues upfront. This is the second time we’ve used them and we’d use them again! We’ve already recommend them to others.

  163. David Clark

    Best experience moving ever. I travel a lot for business but this time I had to pay out of my pocket. I received quotes from a few companies And I decided to go with Admiral van lines. A crew of 5 came over and they showed lots of experience and were polite. The guy in charge of the crew understood the stressful experience of moving and calm me down through the hole move. I will definitely use them again in the future.

  164. Jimmie Yates

    If you are looking for an intelligent, professional and talented movers, do contact Admiral van lines, one of the best long distance moving companies. Great guys and 100% service. All the products were wrapped very carefully with tapes and then packed and boxed. I can easily rate it as my best move.

  165. Hugh Dowd

    A fabulous experience. They came right on time, and right on budget. Fast, friendly, and the sales guy was quick to return phone calls and emails. Simply the best. The movers are just the best. They were the most efficient, friendly crew I have ever seen. They didn’t waste any second the whole time. We will definitely use them for our entire move in the future. admiral van lines totally worth every single penny.

  166. Joshua Fletcher

    In my opinion admiral van lines is a great company for moving because they have such high standards for the kind of services they provide. We had a complicated move. But the crew leader made sure it would be done right. The overall four crew members were amazing professionals. Their hard works and great sense of humour turned a stressful day into a fun experience. My best wishes to these men and the company itself, would highly recommend them to anyone moving out.

  167. Bill Graham

    I have always hired Admiral van lines whenever I had to move. I keep hiring the same company because they never disappoint me. They always quote very reasonably for the current market. The moving team is highly experienced and efficient. Even for my last move, the movers did the job exceptionally well. They packed up everything so carefully and skillfully. I received the delivery on time and all my belongings were in perfect state. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.

  168. James Larsen

    Moving can be a complete disaster if your valuables are in the hands of unprofessional people. But when we hire professional movers, we have to depend on them and in most of the cases they let us down. I have suffered several times in the past. But this time my story had the happy ending. The movers of Admiral van lines proved to be worth using. They were not only punctual, they were focused, careful while dealing with the delicate items and at times they were very innovative. They actually made the move look quite easy. They took less than the quoted time to finish and charged a very moderate amount for the job well done.

  169. Andrew Arredond

    Admiral van lines did everything right. The price was great, the movers were amazing. I have never seen movers care about furniture but these guys made sure that everything was wrapped up so there would be no damage. The fact that they made me feel that I could trust them was huge for me because if anything came to me damaged I would have flipped out. But they really did care and did everything in their power to deliver my things in perfect condition, which happened. If I ever move again this company is it I have already told my entire family about them and friends. I recommend them to everyone.

  170. Andrew Stuart

    The speed in which the movers from Admiral Van Lines worked saved me a lot of time. These guys have been doing this job for a long time and knows exactly how to do it perfectly. They were very thorough with the packing part which resulted into a delivery of my valuables in fantastic condition. The crew also performed the off load as professionally and carefully as the on load. It was an extremely long day for them and they remained pleasant and worked tirelessly all day. I have become a admirer of these amazingly hardworking men. I would definitely hire this great moving company for another move.

  171. Clinton Farmer

    Excellent service – prompt, hard working and flexible. I could not have asked for more. Nothing was too much effort and everything was done quickly and with care. All of our things arrived in pristine condition and were put in the correct rooms. There were no breakages and the move was easily completed within the day. I would be happy to recommend Admiral Van Lines to anyone thinking of moving. The price was very competitive. Thank you

  172. Shannon Harlan

    There is nothing better than working with a professional moving company. Can’t say enough how satisfied I am with Admiral Van Lines. They checked in with me a couple of days in advance to see if I needed anything. Rep was very pleasant on first meeting and assured me that the move would be effortless. Their team showed up early, prepared and were very efficient. I will always recommend them.

  173. Darren Hudson

    I hired Admiral Van Lines for long distance move. It was a 4 bedroom apartment move and I had plenty of fragile, delicate and vulnerable stuff. I had to look for the best and I did search for the best and finally decided on Admiral Van Lines. They did better than what I was anticipating. They arrived on time, packed the entire house, loaded and moved everything without any damage and made sure they beat the deadline. Nothing went wrong which might have caused an issue. Highly recommended moving company. It was very successful move given the time constraints.

  174. Joseph Byrd

    We called so many movers to transport our belongings from NJ to DE. Admiral van lines had not only the best rates, but great service. They carefully packed our materials and transported everything on the scheduled time. They did a great job setting up our furniture and took great care in all they did. The movers who packed our furniture protected everything with utmost care. They went above and beyond and made sure that the entire process turned out perfectly. If I needed movers again, surely I will call them.

  175. Paul Hernandez

    The way the movers of Admiral van lines managed a super difficult move so effortlessly was simply amazing to watch. I was never ever thinking to have a perfect move only because of the nature of the move but these movers were equally good to the task. They showed their class and showed that what they are capable off. They came on time and finished the move within the schedule and executed the move perfectly I am highly impressed with their service and I am happy to recommend them to everyone who is looking for some great movers.

  176. Rodney Dansby

    It was a massive move on my part. I was living in the same house for years. I wasn’t keen on leaving but I just had to. When it came to hiring a moving company, I knew Admiral van lines would be the way to go. Their reputation is fantastic in the market. The movers they sent were absolutely awesome. They arrived early and finished early as well. I will definitely use them again for relocation.

  177. Albert McHenry

    They are an example of professionalism and excellent work ethic. They moved me twice in the past two years, both times doing an exceptional job. Nothing broken, packed whatever I haven’t finished packing, including fragile stuff. Disassembled and re-assembled furniture, worked fast. I could not have wished for a better moving experience. I suggest that all in need of moving should hire Admiral van lines for an efficient and stress free move .

  178. Donald Haas

    I never had any trouble with these movers. The movers from Admiral van lines are great. They were very good in communication and customer service. They spoke very clearly and answered all my questions. I had to relocate and I wasn’t sure whom to pick. My neighbor suggested this amazing moving service. I’m glad I picked them too. The price was very reasonable. The movers were very good in moving furniture and heavy stuff. They helped me decide where to put the stuff. I would surely recommend them.

  179. Doug Ackles

    I have had some really bad experiences with moving companies in the past. Their inefficiency really frustrated me. Admiral van lines is nothing like other moving companies. They helped me move a week ago. I have seen the best and the worst of the moving companies. This company surely is the best. There was nothing the movers couldn’t do. They arrived on time, showed amazing skills in packing, their strength was almost supernatural and made the delivery on time. The movers also helped me unpack and assembled my furniture. I would highly recommend them for moving purposes.

  180. Leslie Morris

    I have used Admiral van lines for my recent move and it was a great experience . Absolutely outstanding service .Very efficient and dedicated to making my move 100% easy going. Everything was packed and delivered with no breaks or scratches. These movers were super fast and efficient. Lots of good communication the whole way out and a super great bargain. They were friendly and super accommodating. I will definitely hire them again.

  181. Billy Albert

    I have seen the best and the worst in the moving business. After relocating 4 times in my life, my opinion is somewhat of an expertise. There are so many moving companies who do the job poorly. But there is one company who is at the other end of the spectrum. I have hired Admiral van lines. They have always performed exceedingly well. I just want to say that I am vouching for the potency of this company and recommending everyone to hire this great moving service.

  182. Richard Hurt

    After experiencing their service, I must say that they are the best movers I have ever used. I used them while shifting my house. Movers not only came on time, they also managed to finish the entire move before the allotted time and surprisingly delivered a perfect move. It is quite obvious to see some broken and damaged stuffs after the move but I was lucky enough to avoid all these incidents. Movers did their best to ensure the safety of my stuffs and they were excellent to maintain the schedule. I am very impressed and would like to recommend Admiral van lines to my friends.

  183. Bobby Torres

    The moving team sent to me by Admiral van lines demonstrated superb determination and great skills in their work. They showed that they can be relied upon as they were in total control of the moving process. It made my relocation so much less stressful knowing that I have knowledgeable and dependable movers taking care of my belongings. Their charges were comfortable and I would recommend Admiral van lines to everyone.

  184. Don Dennis

    I would highly recommend the company as they offer an excellent service for a reasonable price. I am moving houses every year but that’s the first time I am using this company and I was highly impressed by the service provided. If you need a highly qualified company to help you move in and out that is definitely your best choice.

  185. Daniel Patterson

    The service of Admiral van lines is affordable, smooth and fast. Cross-state moving is very stressful since it takes a long time. I moved my family into a new house. I had trusted these movers to move everything carefully. They did a good job. There were nothing lost or wrecked during the time of moving. My family is really happy with them. I will not think twice to turn to them in the future.

  186. Billie Lester

    I have nothing but good things to say about Admiral van lines. When they managed to transport all my things out of state without causing any damage to them and charged me reasonably while doing so, I really shouldn’t have a bad thing to say. The movers are the best part about this company. They were so strong, experienced and polite at the same time. I will definitely hire them again.

  187. Greg McCollum

    What a pleasant moving service. I was prepared for the worst but they were very professional, polite and hard working during the entire move. They showed up over the weekend to pack our stuff. Then on the other day, they showed up on time, worked very hard and had our stuff moved in four hours. The movers were extremely pleasant, friendly and professional. I would surely hire Admiral van lines again for my next move.

  188. Mark Austin

    Highly recommended moving service. I looked around and retrieved multiple quotes from other moving companies and Admiral van lines was the best priced. The moving team was able to empty my apartment, drive to the new one and put everything on my 3rd floor, including setting up my bed in less than 2 hours. They were so kind and professional. My family was really impressed with the service provided and we will use them again for sure.

  189. Bruce Anderson

    My honest opinion about Admiral van lines is that they’re just the perfect kind of moving company. They arrived on time, came fully prepared and worked like machines while handling my last move. They wrapped all my breakables with caution. Even the edges of my furniture were wrapped in tapes. I must say, they used a lot of tapes. But it was free. They arrived at my new house on scheduled time. Then they unpacked everything and put each thing exactly where I pointed them. I will definitely recommend them for moving needs.

  190. Terry Allison

    Hands down the best most simplest move ever. Admiral van lines was amazing, professional, quick, incredibly priced and quick to answer all my emails/questions. Their moving truck is huge and well stocked with padding to keep everything safe during the move. I will definitely be using them for my next move.

  191. Fred Harris

    These movers were great. I called Admiral van lines and they had sent an efficient moving team out to handle the move. Fast, polite and professional they packed up all of our furniture and had us relocated within a few hours. I have used few different moving companies over the years but this moving company was way better than them. Highly recommended.

  192. Cody Torres

    Admiral van lines was easy to contact through email to get a quote and set up a moving date. They were very clear on their pricing and really easy to work with. On the moving date, the movers were on time and very fast. They quickly got all my stuff into their truck and into my place in 3 hours flat. They made my move really quick and painless. Totally worth the money.

  193. John Harris

    The sales agent, customer representative, the pickup driver, movers and the delivery driver were tremendously very helpful and courteous. The length of delivery days does not matter to me but the condition of my valuables was a big thing. They gave me both, on-time delivery and unscathed, complete furniture. They also assembled the dis-assembled furniture and perfectly placed it on area we required. I never had any problems at all. Worth every penny I paid them. I will definitely recommend Admiral Van Lines for moving purposes.

  194. Matthew Wilder

    Everything you want and need in a move. The foreman and his team from Admiral Van Lines are nice, responsive, quick, careful and professional. They work very hard to get you moved. All items were carefully packed, loaded and moved to my new destination without any damages. Hopefully, I’ll stay put now for a while but when the time comes to move, I know who I will call. Thanks team.

  195. Anthony Nguyen

    I’ve moved several times in my life and I have to say this was the best moving experience I’ve had. The moving team from Admiral van lines arrived on time, were very professional and worked without taking a single break. They were also very friendly and finished before the estimated time. I will use them for any future moves and recommend them to any friends looking for movers.

  196. Michael Morgan

    I reached out to several moving companies for quotes and Admiral Van Lines was the first to respond, sending along a detailed estimate and following up with a phone call for additional detail. They carried this level of attention and service into the move itself .These guys were great. Friendly, professional, and easy to work with. They were really professional. Worked extremely hard and never complained.

  197. Kenneth Connelly

    I can’t say enough positive things about Admiral van lines. These movers worked hard and above all they worked well together as a team. They did all this and didn’t damage anything. I am truly impressed with the amazing service provided by this moving team. I would recommend them to all in need of moving services.

  198. John Nault

    Great move with exceptional service. I was considering hiring another company but they quoted me double the price and luckily I went with this company. My move went hassle-free and everything came intact and no damage to my walls or stairs. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing moving services.

  199. Gustavo Adams

    Admiral van lines was great from start to finish. They got back with quote and move plan quickly and beat the price and services of other moving companies. They worked with me on a good move day and were right on time. The moving team was great, professional and careful with my furniture and personable. Quite impressed with this moving service and I would definitely use them again.

  200. James Snyder

    Everyone from the sales representative that gave me the quote to the actual movers that came to my house and handled my belongings were very professional. When they showed up they began wrapping everything with shrink wrap and every item got handled with care. I would highly recommend Admiral Vanlines to my friends and family, it really was a job well done.

  201. Thomas Finlay

    We hired Admiral Van Lines at the last minute and they were amazing. Not only were they punctual but also very professional. They did an excellent job efficiently loading and unloading the truck. We had to give them instructions only once and they perfectly followed our guidelines. If we move again, I will definitely call them and I am also recommending them to any of my friends looking for movers.

  202. Gary Deloera

    I used Admiral Van Lines to move me a month ago and they did an excellent job. I called at the last minute and they scheduled me within a week. When the moving team arrived, they were on time and worked fast and took care of opened boxes and unpacked items for me. They also stayed true to the rate and no last minute changes. I don’t plan on moving in near future but if I had to I’d definitely call them.

  203. Todd Settles

    I was looking for a moving company around when one of my friends told me about Admiral Van Lines. I’ve never heard about them until that day. I had such a great surprise to see that this is a real professional moving company and they are taking their job very serious. The price for the transportation was affordable and I really liked how they work. I was greatly impressed by their work efficiency I would definitely recommend them for all moving needs.

  204. Cecil D. Turner

    They are great movers. The guys were extremely friendly and helpful they really took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. The move went extremely well better than expected really. They took great care with my items so nothing was damaged during the move. I’ll contact Admiral Van lines again if needed.

  205. Issac C. Davis

    I could not have been more pleased with Admiral Van Lines. From the initial contact to the delivery, every person that we interacted with was fantastic. I’ve dealt with several moving companies over the years and bar none, they have been the best that I have ever done business with. They handled my belongings like their own, their staffs were extremely professional and I could not have asked for a better company to do business with. I would most certainly use them in the future if I ever had the need for movers again.

  206. Margaret Charlton

    Sales rep of Admiral Van Lines was quite attentive and very responsive to all my questions. He took little time to set up the appointment, submitted the quote quickly and ensured that there is no hidden charge. At the day of the move, movers arrived in time, did whatever needed to pack and move the goods, finished the job within the schedule and made sure that all my requirements gets fulfilled. That is what professionalism is all about and I was impressed like anything with their great professionalism. I would definitely recommend this moving company.

  207. Ila Rodriquez

    Admiral Van Lines is absolutely the most professional moving company I have ever used and that says a lot. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly each and every time. Moving is stressful, so it was a blessing to have their movers come in and get everything under control for the moving process and they were so friendly and patient. The cost was so inexpensive compared to other moving companies we checked into and the service was top-notch. No doubt about it, we will definitely hire them again.

  208. Gary Marro

    Admiral Van Lines is such a great company because they definitely know what they are doing. I hired them to do my move and it was a smooth relocation process. They really did everything they said that they would. I must say I was skeptical until my move was finished. They have an amazing moving team and they worked super hard and delivery was even better. No damages, no delays, no extra fees and no surprise. Obviously I will hire them again.

  209. Vrikodara Nijasure

    Moving is always awful. This move was easily the best move I have ever had. The moving team from Admiral Van Lines showed up an hour early and were done in about 2 hours. I have a 2 bedroom apartment so I assumed it would take at least 4 hours or so. Every mover was incredibly diligent, fast, nice and cautious. I am so happy with the experience. Inexpensive and amazing.

  210. Jimmie Verdin

    These guys were great. We originally had them come load a pod for us as our new house wasn’t ready yet. They were fast, efficient, and extremely professional. When we got the keys to our new house three days before Christmas, we decided to give them a call again. Admiral van lines had a couple guys come out within a few hours of our phone call and they moved us in that night. They were extremely careful about our brand new house and again, were extremely fast and courteous. Without their help we would have never been able to spend Christmas in our new home. We’ve moved six times in as many years and we’ve never had a good experience like what we had with Admiral van lines Company.

  211. Enrique Rodriguez

    The moving process went smooth from start to finish. The movers were all professional and took the time and care to ensure that all our items arrived without any damages or difficulties. They were fast and efficient and had no issues moving items out of walk ups. I would definitely recommend Admiral Van Lines for anyone looking to find an affordable moving company that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

  212. Brett Gasser

    Admiral van lines made this the easiest move I’ve ever had. The movers were professional, nice and funny. They were on time, confirmed appointment, called to check in and did more than I asked to help me get the job done. I would recommend them to anybody needing to move. Pricing is good and they were able to book my appointment fairly last minute. Hire them out for a successful move.

  213. Brian Hansen

    We used Admiral van lines for an interstate move. They were absolutely fantastic. From the first call through the good-byes they were awesome. Constant and effective communications that they kept with me gave me the comfort that at least this part of the move was going to go well. They went out of their way to make the move happen on time.

  214. Billy Miller

    I had to hire Admiral Van Lines for their amazing reputation. They know how to treat people. For my last move, their crew came over and gave me a good value for the price I paid. Every part of the relocation was designed to bring the best out of it. I was stunned seeing how efficient and fast the movers were. I thank these guys for their packing skills- everything was delivered in perfect condition.

  215. Alfredo Tarver

    Nice touch. The movers arrived on time and introduced themselves .They gave a brief overview of what they would do and explained that the furniture would be placed into a container and taken to general storage and kept until we requested its return. Totally painless experience.

  216. David Williams

    We moved a month back and Admiral Van Lines helped us with the move. None of the moving companies we hired in the past came even close to how these guys handled the move. The movers were very strong and experienced. They packed up all my belongings in just an hour .They made the delivery on time and my belongings traveled very well. We are very grateful to the company.

  217. Robert Castillo

    I am totally lucky to know this company. Because when it comes to moving, I would just opt for Admiral Van Lines and they would just show up and move my things in a whip. They have this initiative to work. Nice moving skills, keeping the improvements every time I hire them. Great moving company

  218. Jeffrey Henderson

    I’ve used Admiral Van Lines two times now and have been amazed with the great price, level of professionalism, and ease of the move. Each time the guys have been friendly and efficient. Wouldn’t use another service and can’t recommend enough.

  219. Herbert Rice

    We were concerned about the high price of other moving companies. We went with them thinking that if it didn’t go well we’d have family and friends to help. They were great. Incredibly friendly, professional, prepared, and accommodating. We would definitely use them again.

  220. Peter Angulo

    Admiral Van Lines movers were simply the best. They arrived on time with their packaging material and foreman explained me the paper work quickly then they are onto the work. All my items were treated with utmost care. They moved fragile and heavy items without any hassle. The price quoted was perfect and the delivery was on said schedule. I would use this company again.

  221. Juan Alcantar

    Admiral van lines is moving company reliable to hire. One of the best and honest movers. Their professionalism and expertise pleasantly surprised us. I’m really impressed with these guys. They did a wonderful job on my move. The team arrived on time, packed fast with care and didn’t left my rented apartment in a messy way. Thank you for your professional service.

  222. Donn Newell

    I had no surprises at all. I actually paid less than expected. The movers were really great. Funny guys who wanted to enjoy their work by making everyone laugh. And I forgot to mention that my things were delivered unharmed as well. The onsite estimate was very precise and the move was scheduled within a very short notice. Thanks a lot to the entire moving team of Admiral van lines

  223. Victor Williams

    The moving team was awesome. Everyone was well – mannered and professional. The team paid careful attention to our belongings and politely asked where to put everything. They were careful, yet everything was managed to get done in a timely manner. What impressed us the most was just how everything appeared to be packed and secured so well .Thank you all for a wonderful service. I would use Admiral van lines in a future move or recommend them to friends and family.

  224. Leo Rogers

    Moving with Admiral Van Lines was easy and nice and that is exactly what I was expecting from hired help. We all want the best service done when you actually have to pay. Unlike other moving companies, this company made no mistakes. Efficiently and carefully moved me within the allotted time and did not break a thing. The price was affordable and the customer service was very helpful. All in all, this move was smooth and easy. I will definitely be contacting them again for my future long distance moves.

  225. Lonny Bowman

    Professional, polite and powerful team. From the first call with the rep to set the move, to the final follow up call, the movers from Admiral Van Lines did an exceptional job. They’re a shining beacon in a sea of mediocre and bad movers all large items were padded and wrapped, including my large framed pictures and mirrors. Heavy items were handled carefully and professionally even when hauling up and down flights of stairs. Well worth the cost, and highly recommended.

  226. Peter Tenorio

    Best Movers Admiral Van Lines is amazing. I used them to move my apartment last week which turned out to be a significant job. They arrived right on time and went straight to work. They had a job to do and they got it done well. We had a lot of very fragile technology items that needed extra care and the movers were able to move all of it without a single item breaking. I am greatly satisfied with the service and would highly recommend them to all.

  227. Leigh Carpenter

    I have seen my fair share of movers. But they don’t even come close to the potency of Admiral Van Lines. These men were just machines. It took them just an hour and half to finish packing and loading everything from my apartment. They weren’t just fast but also very thorough. Every item was packed with great care. They delivered everything on time in great condition. I am just at awe still thinking about how easy and simple they make relocation look like.

  228. Don Kincaid

    Admiral Van Lines was just amazing during my last move. When I called them the sales rep on the phone went out of his way to provide me a good quote. All three movers were very strong and energetic. They didn’t waste any time while packing. Their packing skills were fantastic and they utilized the packing materials properly. They made the delivery on time as well. I took an inventory and everything was in great condition. I really enjoyed having them as my moving companion.

  229. Joseph Galvin

    It was a very pleasing experience with Admiral Van Lines . I moved many times before and used many companies but never experienced a move with such ease. These guys knew what they were doing and they knew how to avoid the problems. From the start to finish they were very organized, calm and collective, it was a collective effort which worked really well. I thank all the crew members, their foreman and the sales guy for a very neat, smooth, stress free and affordable move. Thank you.

  230. Lionel Berends

    We hired Admiral Van Lines for our move after reading so many great reviews about them. I started to understand the hype when I found their customer service to be very helpful and they gave me a great quote. The five movers were very helpful. They took such a short time to pack and load everything from our 3-bedroom apartment. The men were also very efficient and skilful. The delivery was made on time and nothing had even a scratch on them. I was very impressed with the movers throughout this moving process. They are the best moving company.

  231. Tommy Adams

    There are many moving companies around but very few are able to execute a move perfectly. I was fortunate because my friend told me about Admiral Van Lines. I collected their number from my friend and called them. I spoke with their sales rep that was very responsive and attentive. I hired them for the 3 bedroom apartment move and they did perform like the best in business. I got a smooth, stress free, and timely move in the end. I do believe that Admiral Van Lines is the best mover around.

  232. Gordon Andrews

    Admiral van lines will give you the best quote. They not only will charge you less but will give you a superb moving experience. Last month my wife and I hired them for our long distance move and we are thrilled. Nothing went wrong! We are dead serious! Not a single flaw. They came on time, packed like pros and delivered on time. Not a single damage and they did not overcharge us for anything. We are really happy that we used this company.

  233. Brian Webber

    I hired Admiral van lines for my recent relocation. The moving team arrived as planned, checked out what they needed to move and set up immediately to accomplish the job. The three movers were friendly, extremely knowledgeable, fast, organized and very careful in each of the moves. The estimated cost was right on. We have hired furniture movers sometime ago. It was drastic: dents, scratches. I will definitely use them again and will recommend it to my friends, neighbors and family.

  234. John Striegel

    A skillful experience it was. Admiral van lines provided me an excellent customer service. They gave me a reasonable quote and their moving team was awesome. The movers were punctual and clean. They were hard working and didn’t waste any time. I found all my belongings safely transported. This moving company should be anyone’s first choice when they are moving.

  235. Felipe Clark

    I will not forget about this wonderful relocation with Admiral van lines any time soon. It was the kind of service I had desired even when I was looking for movers. The services were very warmly and perfectly awesome. On arrival, they started working without any further delay. They arranged the kitchen makeovers, the furniture and the electronics in the awaiting truck. The journey from NJ to VA was an easy one. They did the unloading on arrival and left when everything was in order. I will live to appreciate this amazing moving service.

  236. Peter Schmidt

    I had used Admiral van lines for my recent relocation. The moving team was perfect and nearly every person I have met was quite efficient. When I hired them out, they made my relocation experience so perfect. They were willing to do everything to ensure that all was well. During the relocation, they showed professionalism by handling my furniture with diligence. I have no reason of seeking the services of other movers next time.

  237. Jon M. Gillen

    A team of three members from Admiral van Lines was assigned to relocate me to New jersey early last week and they made the relocation seem less complicated. They were friendly and proficient. My activity was only to help them identify stuff and have them packed in the right boxes. If I were to choose the next time I am relocating, I would pick the same movers. They had a passion for the job they did and showed no tinge of lethargy. Their handling of my properties safely ensured that my relocation did not have anything lost or broken.

  238. Shawn Gilchrist

    I hired Admiral Van Lines to move my mum to her new house after she chose to leave her mansion to occupy a one bedroom flat. There were many things to move than we initially thought. The foreman and his team were accommodative and did the extra work for only a little extra charge that I was happy to pay. I loved the watchfulness and efficiency of the movers. The guys treated my mum well, and she was happy with the service. I thanked the guys for a great job and I wish more people can use their wonderful service.

  239. Vincent Simmons

    After using Admiral van lines, I am pretty much sure that they are the best moving company around. Recently I used this company to move my stuff to another location. After the discussion with their sales rep I got confidence on them and assigned them for the move. The moving team arrived 10 minutes earlier than the schedule, they came prepared to deal with all kind of odds, knew what they were up against and willing to give their best. It was clear that they are highly skilled and well experienced. I would definitely recommend them for moving needs.

  240. Bruce R. Whitley

    I had hired Admiral Van Lines for my recent long distance move . The customer relations officer was very good and took care of all my concerns. They gave affordable rates compared to other companies and final price did not exceed the quoted price. They are licensed and insured as well . I am very happy with the service. Bottom line, I got my move done quickly, all my belongings moved with no damages and they set all my furniture in the rooms the way I want it. Next time I definitely going to call them again.

  241. John Ohalloran

    Most moving companies are just rip-offs. On the other hand, Admiral Van Lines is very different. They were efficient and didn’t complain no matter how heavy the items were. The moving team showed up on time and packed up everything very fast. The whole moving-loading process took a very short time and then they set off. The truck pulled up at my new house right on schedule and all my valuables were safe. I appreciated how professional, courteous, and kind they were. I will use them again.

  242. Thomas Gaunt

    Admiral Van Lines made my move from NJ to IL a breeze. The movers were right on time and had everything securely loaded in no time flat. They came prepared with all the necessary equipment for wrapping and protecting my televisions and other fragile belongings. They were professional, courteous and treated my belongings with great care. I highly recommend them and will definitely be giving them a call if I need to move my belongings in the future.

  243. Willie Conner

    Everything was delivered quickly and safely! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone searching for quality service. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple everything was and how fast the delivery was. They are definitely on top of their game! All items arrived in perfect condition with no damages or blemishes. I will be doing business with them again soon!

  244. Gilbert Pineda

    I was looking online for so long for a good moving company and I finally found Admiral Van Lines. Their salesman gave me a free quote with a good price, a bit high but that was worth it! The pickup was on time and the delivery was quick like they said. All of my belongings was nicely placed on the truck and safely delivered to my new residence. After checking the inventory, all was there safe and sound. It clearly shows how professional they are! I highly recommend this moving company!

  245. Mitchell Florence

    We moved with Admiral Van Lines and the move went right on schedule, it was perfect! The items that we had relocated were pretty fragile and I was pretty sure that there will be some errors. That wasn’t the case in any way, it was just so pleasant. I received all my items intact and without a scratch. Thank you to the guys at this company for giving us a great move, thank you!

  246. Jerry Vesely

    The moving team from Admiral Van Lines that we had for our latest relocation was fast, courteous, careful with our belongings. We enjoyed the guys so much I went and got them donuts and milk! They made the move quick and look easy. We were so thankful for how amazing the move went and I would highly recommend them for anybody that needs to be moved and I would definitely ask for these guys.

  247. John Hill

    I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I was before this move. Thankfully, I had Admiral Van Lines made it all so easy for me. Since the moment I first called them, they seemed friendly and extremely reliable. I wasn’t disappointed by the movers either. They showed up right on schedule. They packed up everything quickly and loaded all my belongings to the truck. The delivery was made 2 days later as promised with no damaged made to my valuables. The movers unpacked and helped me assemble my new furniture. This company is the real deal!

  248. Martin Garner

    I hired Admiral Van Lines last month and was absolutely gob smacked by their services. The customer service was very prompt and the quote was as good as any. The movers were very well trained. Their experience showed in the way they worked around my house. They were very quick to finish wrapping up my 3-bedroom house. I have rarely seen such efficient movers before. They made the delivery on the scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. You must hire them for your next move.

  249. Michael Delong

    I recommend Admiral Van Lines for such a wonderful move. They proved that they are one of the finest in this business. The movers were careful, they nicely wrapped and boxed everything and carefully loaded on the trucks. The price was right and the service was great. When we unpacked at our new home we saw that nothing was missing or broken. It was easy finding it all because it was properly labeled by them, I highly recommend Admiral Van Lines.

  250. Wally Herman

    Admiral Van Lines couldn’t do a single thing wrong while handling my last move. We hired them after reading so many amazing reviews from other people. They seemed friendly and reliable when we called them. The real proof came during the move. The movers were all very experienced and they wasted absolutely no time. Their packing skills were amazing and they carried everything with ease. They were literally in and out of our house. We couldn’t believe how fast they finished the job. It must have saved us a fortune. The delivery was made on the scheduled date. All our valuables traveled excellently and we couldn’t be happier. I haven’t seen anyone being this professional in a long time.

  251. Jason McPhail

    We are a family of ten people. Recently my family decided to shift to a bigger house. We have a lot of belongings and furniture. We were thinking of hiring a good and efficient company but we didn’t have any idea about this type of company. We fell into rouge state. At that time, someone tells us to hire Admiral Van Lines. I think we did a great job by hiring them because they are really hardworking and friendly people. We are thankful to them.

  252. David Acevedo

    My whole moving experience was just awesome. No tension or hassle throughout my entire moving procedure. All the credit goes to Admiral Van Lines for making my move so smooth and tension free. The staffs were cordial and were always ready to extend their helpful hands whenever needed. The men did an amazing job. They worked with unflinching dedication and finished the job on time. This was indeed in an ideal move!

  253. James Hyatt

    I was pretty impressed. The guys were efficient, professional and all-around good guys. I found them to be efficient, cost effective, friendly, helpful and professional. The pricing specialist who spoke to me about the move followed up on the day of the move and the company itself called me to ask me how my move was going. Admiral Van Lines was the most pleasant part of my moving experience and I am sure that I will use them again in the future.

  254. Gary Leake

    Never before have I experienced a move like this! I am hard to impress; however, Admiral Van Lines truly shocked me with their great service. They came on time with the packing materials, necessary tools and a large clean van. They wrapped, packed and moved all my furniture and the fragile items with great care and finished an hour early. Not a single dent seriously! They were just great! Thanks.

  255. Randy McKinley

    Now I know what a professional moving company can do. They can give you the smoothest moving experience of your lifetime. They can take all the pressure from you and make you feel stress free. They can do the move for you without harming any of you belongings. Admiral Van Lines did exactly that. Trust me when I say this, they have done everything so nicely that my wife and I couldn’t believe it! We are so happy! We highly recommend this company and gladly give them five stars.

  256. Peter Russo

    I moved in early Feb with the help from Admiral Van Lines, and the customer service level is top quality. I enjoyed working with their manager on the phone, who was very thorough, honest, and helpful, and the crew that came to pack me up and move my things into storage were hard workers who got started right away and hustled for the whole day, until every last piece was expertly stacked in my storage unit. I would highly recommend them for service, price, and quality of work. They were very pleasant, easy to work with, and trustworthy. I will be hiring these guys again if I need to.

  257. Dennis Soileau

    Sometimes, you are stuck with people who act like such know-it-alls that it’s almost annoying. Most movers I had hired in the past were like that. During my last move, I hired Admiral Van Lines to help me move my valuables. Their men were different for a change. Their work was absolutely meticulous. But what really impressed me was their ability to take instructions and be polite. It’s a hard job but being able to do it with is definitely praiseworthy. I really enjoyed moving with them.

  258. John Sepulveda

    Admiral Van Lines is undoubtedly the best moving company in the country. I hired them 1 month back to move my valuables. Everything about these guys was tip top. Starting from their uniform to the vehicles, no details have been spared. The movers arrived right on time and wasted absolutely no time in packing up everything. Then they carefully loaded everything to the truck waiting outside. You won’t believe when I tell you that none of my valuables were broken or damaged during the journey. I have only heard of such efficient movers. This time I watched them in action. I feel almost blessed.

  259. James Flores

    Admiral Van Lines was easily accessible during entire process via email or phone. Their manager thoroughly explained how the moving would go and gave me the estimate based the information I gave. The movers were on time and got to work quickly. The movers were great at the packing service- all the boxes were marked and easily found upon arrival. Everything arrived in the same condition as it left. I had a really great move with these guys.

  260. Ruth Castillo

    We hired Admiral Van Lines after reading so many amazing reviews from other people. I am well aware that sometimes reviews don’t mean successful moves. But luckily, these guys were one of the good ones. They seemed friendly and reliable when we called them. The real proof came during the move. The movers were all very well trained and they wasted absolutely no time. Their packing skills were amazing and they carried everything with ease. They were literally in and out of our house. We couldn’t believe how fast they finished the job. It must have saved us a fortune. The delivery was made on the scheduled date. They managed to deliver all our items in perfect condition. The movers were exceptionally trained and I really saw it in the way they worked through every phase of this move.

  261. Thomas Selman

    Most moving companies are ridiculously overpriced. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on moving. After much research and numerous phone calls I hired Admiral Van Lines. Their estimate seemed the most rational to me. The movers arrived half an hour early on the moving day and got to work immediately. The heavy furniture was a big issue but they carried everything with such ease and efficiency. Their efficiency must have saved me tons of money. The delivery was made on time. They stuck to their original quote which is why I’m writing this review.

  262. Jason West

    What a delightfully easy move. Thanks to brilliant Admiral Van Lines! From the first contact to the finish of the move they were polite, professional and always happy to assist our so many queries and concerns. I felt assured before the move that they really did care that the move went well and they worked so hard. The sales guy was wonderful in the office and also in the moving day his coordination was outstanding. The crews were very skilled and they know their job very well. Turned up little early and worked non-stop until the job was done, no fuss just excellence. I would highly recommend them for a very professional, kind and pleasant experience.

  263. Ronald Ayala

    Disposable Swedish furniture is what I asked the movers from Admiral Van Lines to move. I knew it was a hard job given how less-than-standard these pieces are and how susceptible to journey they are. But the movers managed to deliver each and every piece of my IKEA furniture in great condition to my new house. They didn’t even charge me ridiculously for it. I don’t know how that happened, but it happened. I’m definitely hiring Admiral Van Lines again.

  264. Michael Wilder

    I was seriously worried about how my cheap pieces of furniture would travel. I called a few friends for help and they all suggested that I should hire Admiral Van Lines to do the job. I was quite skeptical thinking that not even god could move furniture in such terrible state all the way to Maryland without destroying them completely. But I was very gladly proven wrong by the very capable movers from Admiral Van Lines. They took on the job in strides and when the delivery van pulled up in front of my new home, I found all my crappy furniture safe and sound. My furniture and I are very grateful to them.

  265. Phillip Retana

    I found the service exactly as I expected. We had an excellent experience with Admiral Van Lines. Everything went smooth and the communication worked very well. All staffs were competent, helpful and polite. Even when it came to the insurance claim, we had no troubles at all. Service at a very high standard! They gave me the best deal and there were no damages at the end. If I were you, I would use these guys! We highly recommend them!

  266. Glenn Chester

    The first company we hired was complete cheats. But with Admiral Van Lines it was completely different. They came to us with a bill that we agreed for and never charged us anything extra. The work quality was excellent and there was no damage of any sort and we were extremely happy with their services. The delivery was made on time as promised and they did manage to do everything they said they would do. Perfect moving experience, without any stress!

  267. Brian Robinson

    When the men from Admiral Van Lines arrived right on the scheduled time in the morning, I was feeling terrible because I had no elevator in my building. I lived in a 4th floor apartment and I couldn’t fathom how the movers were going to move such big pieces of furniture. But the men just smiled and got on with it. They used the stairs for all the light belongings. For the big pieces, like couch or wardrobes, they used a pulley to get them out through the window. It truly was a sight to witness. They didn’t even demand healthy tips for that inhuman job. Everything was safely delivered on the scheduled time and I can’t stop singing praises for these hardworking and professional men. I will definitely hire them again.

  268. Joseph Ferree

    Recently I moved with Admiral Van Lines to my new apartment 500 miles away. The team was highly professional and completed my move with great efficiency. They had the positive attitude which was very praiseworthy. They were also reasonably priced. They promptly packed my furniture and were especially careful with all my breakables so no damages could take place. I had a good communication with them throughout. Their service was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for the move to go any smoother.

  269. Millard Clevenger

    The service I received from Admiral Van Lines was great. The communication throughout the entire process was quite effective. I always received responses in a timely manner. The movers were great. They arrived early and came prepared with lots of packing materials. These gentlemen were very pleasant to deal with. They worked fast and made sure my valuables were safely transported. This move didn’t even cost me too highly. Thanks for a very good experience.

  270. Gregg Daigle

    With Admiral Van Lines, it was my best relocation experience. I’ve moved a bunch of times before and used several companies. But these guys are the best by a mile. They did everything with respect and courtesy to the point that I felt at ease with trusting them. I really appreciate their good attitudes towards their work and this made my move not only successful but also fascinating in the end of the day. None of my belongings were broken or damaged. They moved everything perfectly. These guys definitely deserve a recommendation.

  271. Daniel Brown

    I was under the impression that efficient moving companies are very expensive. I hired Admiral Van Lines to move my valuables and they were surprisingly efficient. They charge just as much as any other professional moving companies out there. I realized that if a company charges you too low, there has to be something wrong. Anyways, the crew arrived right on time and started packing everything. I have to admit, they use a lot of tape and a lot of bubble wraps and you have to pay for them. But, in my opinion, the extra layer of protection really ensures that your breakables will travel safely. All my things were delivered on time and everything made it in great condition. I highly recommend this company and I suggest you let them pack well.

  272. Daniel Hopson

    We absolutely had an enjoyable experience with Admiral Van Lines. They guys were punctual, rather actually early to pick up our belongings. We moved from a duplex home and the workers were just terrific. They took care of my belongings with as much care as they would take their own. The entire job was the smoothest I have ever seen. They did more than I expected. I was super satisfied on their performance. We are not planning to move any time soon, but when we do, we’ll call these guys again.

  273. Patrick Thor

    I recently had to pack up and move interstate for a new job opportunity. I looked for a moving company on the internet and i found Admiral Van lines. From the first call I had a great experience with these guys. They were fair in their pricing, and respectful towards any queries I had. 3 young men were sent by them on the day of the move. These men were very meticulous, hardworking and made the experience pleasant and easy. I recommend you all to hire them.

  274. Shawn Harris

    This is my second move with Admiral Van Lines . This time I had the same crew as the last time and as usual I wasn’t disappointed. They arrived quite early on the day of my move, got to work right away, and helped make my move totally stress free. We laughed and joked the whole time, which shows that they always seem to be having a good day. I don’t wish to move again anytime soon, but if I do I will surely hire them again!

  275. Daniel Sparks

    We were moving to the neighboring state so the distance wasn’t much. In fact, to save time I decided to pack up everything before the movers arrived. I asked Admiral Van Lines to send their men around 11 am on the moving day. The men arrived at 10:50 am. I already had everything packed and ready to be loaded. They inspected everything thoroughly at first. Then it took them no time to finish loading all my belongings to their truck. All my belongings were delivered on the same day to my new house. I have heard of so many people being terrified of having to move from one place to another. If you hire a competent company and instruct them properly, there is absolutely nothing frightening about relocations.

  276. Chad Figaro

    This was my first experience hiring a moving company and I don’t think I can ever go back to moving my own stuff again. Admiral Van Lines Sales rep was super responsive, had quick availability and a great team. When the team of 3 showed up, all were super kind and very attentive to my belongings. They were very careful to handle everything with care and even packed up the things I hadn’t been able to finish on my own. Thank you for making a stressful move so seamless!

  277. Charles

    This was absolutely the best move I have ever made. Starting with the quick reply from the office staff. I needed to put together a move in about one weeks’ time. I emailed Admiral Van Lines requesting an estimate and I had a response email immediately and then a follow up email with all the information I needed to compare rates with other local companies. A quote was offered and the move scheduled in a few short days. The two men called me when they were ready to come and then met me at the garage. They were friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about how the get this move done safely and quickly. They offered help with the items I choose to move myself, they respectfully handled my possessions protecting each item. They maneuvered the items with skill so that I was not worried about breakage. The move was over in just a few hours. I have moved multiple times in my life and this was hands down the easiest move I have ever made. I cannot praise this crew enough.

  278. Charlie Strickland

    When you get all what you asked for, you would feel so high. When I hired Admiral Van Lines, I had some very specific requirements and they have fulfilled everything. My sales rep started the good work to begin with. His estimate was very precise and he was very responsive and attentive. He answered all my questions and also managed to find a way to accommodate the exact date I wanted to move. The moving crew arrived on time at the move day and packed the entire house in less than 4 hours and the same day their moving team started for the destination. The driver kept me informing about his current locations and before that packing was done to my satisfaction. The truck reached at the other end before the schedule, same crew did the unloading and helped us unpacking and setting up the furniture. It was a picture perfect move, no damage, no dent, no hidden cost, nothing at all to surprise us. These guys really did an excellent job.

  279. Jarvis Carballo

    They were perfect from the beginning. Great customer service! They call to follow up on your move so you don’t have to call them. I had no issues or complaints and I did a long distance move. I have a few pieces of antiques very precious to me, and the guys took great care of it. If you are planning to move, you should definitely call these guys to help you out. They will not let you down. They will provide you with damage free and stress free move. And they will not charge you much! I highly recommend Admiral Van Lines!

  280. Patrick

    They were perfect from the beginning. Great customer service! They call to follow up on your move so you don’t have to call them. I had no issues or complaints and I did a long distance move. I have a few pieces of antiques very precious to me, and the guys took great care of it. If you are planning to move, you should definitely call these guys to help you out. They will not let you down. They will provide you with damage free and stress free move. And they will not charge you much! I highly recommend Admiral Van Lines!

  281. Robert

    I was pulling my hair out before this move. Anything that has to do with heavy lifting or organization freaks me out. But Admiral Van Lines made my move so easy. A few phone calls back and forth made me hire them and at a very low price. They took over all the responsibilities on their shoulders and did such a fine job. They maintained their schedules and transported every piece of my belongings safely. The customer service was very helpful at every point during this move. They didn’t even charge anything extra in the end and I was quite surprised seeing that since most moving companies charge extra at the end. I just want to thank these guys humbly.

  282. Carlos

    I have to relocate every few years within America. So I really am very familiar with the moving companies who operate long distance moves. My last move was handled by Admiral Van Lines. I think I am going to stick to this company from now on given how efficiently they made this move possible. The movers were fantastic and they worked very hard around my old house. The customer service always kept in touch with me throughout this move. They delivered all my belongings in great condition and on time.

  283. Hugh Walter

    I hired Admiral Van Lines for my last move. There’s this online service where it had 5-10 different moving companies contact me back with an estimate and this company came in a couple of hundred bucks lower than everybody else. The movers were fantastic. They were very conscientious and careful with the furniture, and the made the move and everything very smooth. You can trust them they will not break your trust. I have no complaint about them.

  284. RamonBohn

    My experience with Admiral Van Lines was quite pleasant. They sent me some efficient movers. They were very courteous at every step of my move. To my utmost surprise the three guys were like ten men put together. They handled all my moves very carefully and wrapped everything quickly. More so they were very friendly. I was amazed at how organized they are, not to mention of their abilities and courteousness.

  285. LarryHealy

    They are terrific! Admiral Van Lines needs more appreciation. I have moved so many times in my life but never came across with a mover that is so punctual and professional. They keep their word. Delivery was made on time. My belongings were intact! The pricing never changed. And the guys on both sides were very efficient and very friendly. They helped me set up my new place without even asking. They are so polite. I will surely recommend them to all.

  286. Larry Howard

    I hired Admiral Van Lines for my last move purely because of their awesome reputation. But to be frank, I was quite worried about how they were going to handle everything. They turned out to be very professional. They sent over 4 movers who had years of experience under their belts. Everything went like clockworks. They wrapped everything neatly and then loaded the boxes and furniture onto the vans carefully. They were done with everything so quick that I believe I saved at least 2 hours of extra wages. I will definitely recommend them.

  287. John Martini

    The price and the experience these guys offered were the reasons I got Admiral Van Lines for my move. But I also found them to be extremely skillful. The movers were great. Everything arrived at my new location intact. As it was a big move, I thought I wouldn’t be able to visit any grocery stores after the move was done. But these movers save my time. They completed their task within 4 PM. Besides their ability to get the job done properly and they were friendly. Don’t waste your time with any other company if you are planning for a move- just hire them.

  288. Paul

    You can easily depend on Admiral Van Lines. They handled my move with the utmost respect for my valuables. They arrived on time and started the packing and wrapping process. They took great care of my furniture and other belongings. They made the delivery on time and all my belongings arrived intact and safely. I have to talk about their pricing. They quoted me very low and stuck to it at the end. I had talked to several companies before hiring them. None of them could come close to their estimate. I would like to recommend them for a stress-free move.

  289. Dwight

    It was the capable hands of the movers from Admiral Van Lines who made our move so smooth. They handled the move with efficiency, capability and organization. The movers were completely in-sync with each other and it only enhanced their efficiency. They carried huge pieces of my furniture quite effortlessly. They delivered everything 5 days later and each item was completely unharmed. They charged me exactly what they quoted and I was thoroughly impressed with this company.

  290. Robby

    We moved very easily. All the credit goes to Admiral Van Lines for being so efficient and reliable. I knew they were going to be good when I first called them and the man on the phone went out of his way to provide me a good quote. All four movers were very strong and energetic. They didn’t waste any time while packing. Their packing skills were fantastic and they utilized the packing materials properly. They finished loading everything in record time and set off. They arrived at my house even before we did. I took an inventory and everything was in great condition. I am happily recommending them to everyone.

  291. PeterV

    We moved very easily. All the credit goes to Admiral Van Lines for being so efficient and reliable. I knew they were going to be good when I first called them and the man on the phone went out of his way to provide me a good quote. All four movers were very strong and energetic. They didn’t waste any time while packing. Their packing skills were fantastic and they utilized the packing materials properly. They finished loading everything in record time and set off. They arrived at my house even before we did. I took an inventory and everything was in great condition. I am happily recommending them to everyone.

  292. Ernest B. Matthews

    I was very impressed seeing how efficiently the movers from Admiral Van Lines worked during my move. They arrived on time with all the right tools. The men were all very experienced. They carried my big pieces of furniture quite easily down three sets of stairs. The company employs men who are very experienced. They delivered on time and nothing was damaged. This really was a stellar performance by these movers.

  293. Jeffrey

    I was so not looking forward to moving back to New Jersey due to my previous experience with another moving company. I was very pleased with the job Admiral Van Lines did. They charged me what they promised, got my stuff when it was promised, and most importantly received everything in one piece. I would recommend them to everyone.

  294. Randy Edwards

    From the start to the end, we had superior service from Admiral Van Lines. Our movers did an excellent job. They are clearly very experienced and eased all of our concerns. They were courteous and nice. Everyone worked quickly and efficiently. They completed the job within the allotted time and everything was treated with care. They delivered all our belongings in great condition and they kept the price the same. I am completely happy.

  295. Rogelio L. Bledsoe

    I hired Admiral Van Lines as I just couldn’t deal with moving all my stuffs on my own. They were extremely helpful and sincere. Their crew was just a bunch of seasoned movers. They packed everything with such ease and then carried them so carefully to the truck waiting outside. I was quite worried if any of my boxes would go missing but luckily everything arrived in one piece. I am very pleased to have hired this company.

  296. Shawn

    Like all other customers we wanted a hassle free and damage free move. We got exactly that from Admiral Van Lines. The 4 men crew was amazing. They were very professional. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. Nothing was damaged. I am a very happy customer and I can tell all the readers that if you are looking for a stress-free move and without damages or lost items, hire Admiral Van Lines without any hesitation. They are the best movers in NJ.

  297. Joseph C. Marcotte

    Moving has always been too hectic for me but not this time and thanks to Admiral Van Lines. Their quote was fair and the customer service was friendly. But the best part was the movers. They were so efficient and always ready to help in any way they can. All my belongings were immaculately packed, cautiously loaded and timely delivered. I didn’t even have to lift a finger. It really was a miracle given how inefficient moving companies are these days.

  298. Matthew Capps

    After being robbed several times by several movers, finally I got what I was looking for. Recently we used Admiral Van Lines for move from NY to IL. They offered me a very decent price at the beginning and then got the job done without any delay, any damage, any hidden fees or any kind of mishaps. These guys knew what they were doing; they had a plan and executed all the maneuvers perfectly. That is why none of us actually felt that we were moving to another state. Thanks to the sales rep and the foreman and his helpers for the excellent job.

  299. Naomi Adams

    I had a great experience using Admiral van lines services. From the time I call, throughout the process, I was nothing but satisfied. The representative was informative, friendly and professional, as were the movers on my moving day. The movers were careful with my items and were prompt and professional pack all my fragile items. I would highly recommend Admiral van lines to anyone and everyone! Thank you for making my move stress free.

  300. Bruce S

    I moved from Edison, nj to south brunswick, nj. Had 3 large bedrooms and 2 other rooms to shift to a larger home. With two small kids in tow, we were truly worried.Excellent crew, led by George. They started around 9 am, crisply went about their work. Even though we were not fully ready and packed up, they just pitched in with a smile. They were friendly, diligent, careful and warm. Brought in extra packing boxes/materials too, which was handy (extra charge). Overall took about 10 hrs need to end, but given the magnitude of work, was reasonable. It was almost a miracle that nothing got damaged at all in the process. I will recommend Admiral Van Lines .

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