How to Move a Hot Tub and What is the Cost?

A hot tub or a Jacuzzi has become the main attraction in most luxury houses nowadays. They are a good source of entertainment for guests. But, keeping a Jacuzzi comes with its very own problems. The main hassle in keeping a hot tub is the cost of its maintenance.

Hot tubs are extremely costly to maintain and require a good amount of time and attention to keep them in good shape. On the other hand, moving a hot tub is another issue that will be tackled in this article.

Moving Hot Tub
Moving Hot Tub

Dimensions of The Tub:

Moving a hot tub requires a lot of pre-planning and preparation. The reason for this is the weight, size, and sensitivity of the item. Even a small hot tub can have a length and width of around 7 feet each. This means that moving a hot tub would require a lot of area in the truck and measurement of doors through which the tub has to pass through if the tub is placed indoors. In addition to this, the weight of the tub can vary anywhere from 500 to 1000 pounds which means that moving a hot tub is not a job for a single person. Therefore, it is better to measure the dimensions of the tub and estimate its weight before trying to move it.

Suitable Moving Truck:

A hot tub is sensitive and must be carefully placed and held down securely in its place. A suitable moving truck should be chosen for moving a hot tub after taking its dimensions into account. It is better to add a few layers of soft covers between the walls of the truck and the tub to avoid unnecessary swaying and banging of the tub during the movement of the truck.

Removing Connections:

After measuring the dimensions of the hot tub, one should remove all the connections of the Jacuzzi. This involves disconnecting it from all electric and water sources.


Normally, people keep water in their hot tubs. So, before moving a hot tub, it is better to drain and remove all the water in it. But, a hot tub for 2-3 people may contain around 200 to 300 gallons of water at a time which, if drained in a yard, would probably flood it. So, a draining pipe should be used to drain the water in a street gutter.

Involve Family and Friends:

As discussed before, moving a hot tub requires a lot of manpower since it is very heavy. So, it is always better to ask family and friends to help a lending hand. Involving family and friends will not only make the task much more enjoyable but also carefree since the loved ones take care of the items of one another. In addition to this, the cost of moving will also be reduced substantially.

Use Tyres to Make The Job Easier:

It is not an easy task to lift and carry the hot tub from one place to another. Therefore, to simplify and ease the process, it is better to use some trolly or ramp with some built-in wheels for moving the hot tub easily. This will also reduce the amount of stress on muscles and bones and would minimize the risk of injuries like back injuries, etc.

Cost of Moving a Hot Tub:

When we discuss the cost of moving a hot tub, we must also take into account a number of factors like the distance to be moved to, the charges of moving companies, rental charges of loading truck, utilizing the manpower of the moving company, etc.

Moving a hot tub on site might charge a customer anywhere between $200 to $400. This cost can increase substantially when the hot tub needs to be moved to any place outside the city or a state. These charges also include the services of moving companies related to disconnecting, packing, and carrying a hot tub. There is not a specific quote or price that can be defined for moving a hot tub off-site but a few moving companies offer quotes that allow a mover to decide the best possible solution to his problem.

On the other hand, doing everything by yourself and only renting a moving truck may also be a viable option. But, for someone with a tight budget, this might not be a choice. On average, the rental cost of a moving truck may be from $130 to $2,240 depending on the size of the inventory and the distance to be covered.

Therefore, a person should take into account all these factors and cost estimates before deciding on how to move his hot tub. There are some other easier and cost-effective ways to move the hot tub without renting a truck or hiring a moving company but they are also not recommended.

Find a Suitable Spot in The New Location:

A hot tub is the main attraction in a luxury house. Therefore, it should be placed somewhere where it is easier to see and approach. Mostly, hot tubs are placed in the front or back lawns of a house. But for the people that live above the ground floors, a terrace or balcony might also be viable options. But the size and dimensions of the tub should be taken into consideration first and foremost before actually trying to move it to the desired place.

Making a Suitable Base:

Before moving a hot tub, it is better to make a suitable base for it. the base not only keeps the hot tub in place but also beautifies its looks. Bases normally range from wooden to concrete.

Hot Tub Base


Hot tubs add value to any house. They provide an enjoyable and relaxing experience to the guests as well as the owners of a home. A warm relaxing and soothing bath in a hot tub is all it takes to forget about the tensions and stress of a hectic day. And even though moving it from place to place is a hassle, yet, with the help of family, friends, and a little bit of pre-planning, it can become as easy as a piece of cake.

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How to Move a Hot Tub and What is the Cost?

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