Best Cities To Live On The East Coast 2020

The US East Coast is not only a popular traveling destination for many tourists, but it is also the part of the country where the American Dream is at its maximum vigor and strength.
New York City is the most popular when it comes to the American Eastern Seaboard but the beauty of the East Coast is not simply limited to NYC, but instead, it extends beyond. Here are the five best cities in East Coast to visit, sight-see or even relocate to.
Best cities to live in on the east coast

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of those select few cities in America which features a staggering Hollywood appeal. With being the acclaimed location for the setting of Hollywood movies such as “The Departed” and not to mention the “Good Will Hunting”, the appeal is certainly there because of which it became a famous movie landmark. Regarding the aesthetics of the city, Boston is filled with streets made of cobblestone giving the atmosphere a vintage feeling to it, more like a perfectly aged wine. In addition, the city also has some famous historical landmarks such as the classical buildings of Harvard University and the four-kilometer freedom trail. The quality of life in Boston is very high, the city is attracting a positive migration of residents who are easily moved to Boston using local movers.

Miami, Florida

Miami is famous for its exotic beach and the warm and fuzzy weather which makes you want to put on your best swimsuit and go for a walk around arguably the most exciting city on the East Coast of America. By day, the city attracts people towards some of its most beautiful beaches and tropical gardens which are located towards the palm tree laden destination. By night, Miami offers exotic parties and salsa to indulge in till sunrise and for a more relaxed and leisurly option, enjoy the view and the fresh air coming in from the sea while enjoying an exquisite cocktail in a rooftop bar.

Best city on the east cost Miami

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is famous for its delicious and mouth-watering food, calming water views and last but not least, the historic preservation of architecture, culture and nature. In this city, people have the option to calm themselves by swimming in the wavy waters of the Folly Beach County Park prior to exploring the exquisite food traditions of this city. The cuisines for which Charleston is famous for are fresh seafood and amazing barbeques. In addition, if you’re looking to go on a food trip, this city is also famous for its experimental dishes.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a city that is rich in culture and is the perfect destination for people who are keen on experiencing cultural richness. Apart from the fact that Savannah is where the famous character Forrest Gump had perched himself on a bench, this city is widely known for its supernatural and haunted vibes, making it the perfect spot for an unorthodox experience.

Portland, Maine

Portland is one of those cities in the East Coast which are known for its extremely satisfying and soul-healing vibes, quaint towns and a leisure nature walk. The city is best known for its relaxing picnic spots and quiet beaches. The seafood is delicious and mostly features farm to table fresh ingredients, making Portland the most healthy and relaxing destination out of all the East Coast cities.

In summary, there are plenty of places on the East Coast besides New York, so don’t hesitate to move, if you are not happy where you live now. Moving an apartment is not difficult and it can begin with one simple step of requesting an online moving quotes. we live once, at least live where you want.

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What Are The Best Cities To Live In On The East Coast

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