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Looking for a household moving company in Canoga Park , California ? OK, let’s begin first with doing your Inventory, It’s never been easier!  knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important. Then, feel free to ask for a quote from KLM Van Lines for their competitive prices! Now, be prepared for your move day visit our YouTube channel and watch our helpful informative videos don’t forget to follow our moving checklist & to read our moving tips.

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5 reviews for Klm van lines (CA)

  1. Steve Woodruff

    This company should be shut down by the US DOT. Known to double original estimates. In my case, several pieces of furniture was destroyed and it never made it to its final destination. After 35 days, I went to pick it up in an unsecure storage unit in Nashville, TN. They are a nightmare to deal with. Think I’m unique with my experience, check the Better Business Bureau (they get an “F” rating) or read all the yelp reviews to get a true picture of these crooks. Do not use them.

  2. Sean H

    My belongings showed up, and everything went perfect! It was pouring rain, and I told these guys to come inside, and wait it out. They said not to worry everything was plastic wrapped, and they proceeded to unload, went room to room, and basically set the whole place for me. My wife had them change the position of the bed twice, and Tony was way more patient with her than I was! LOL Anyways great job guys, I will recommend them to Family, and friends.

  3. Keith

    I used klm van lines and I have never seen such a caring and hard working group of guys. They were on time, and did a great job and The price was fair. I definitely would recommend use them in any future moves you will have.

  4. Chris Schubauer

    KLM Van Lines is a band of thieves and extortionsists. Thry will quote you low, then once everything is on the truck they will charge you three times as much. Then, on delivery, a surly driver will try to extort you for more money and if you don’t pay immediately he will continue to threaten and will drive off with everything you own. I personally personally had to call law enforcement to get my items back. When I tried to report the event, KLM Van Lines avoided my calls until they finally told me they wouldn’t do anything about it.

  5. Martin leo

    great gerat moving company KLM van lines is by far the best household moving company.I had great experience with them The way they move you, is simple and with no stress. Please if you are looking for movers services or planing relocation,try them give them a call.Thank you KLM van lines.

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