How to Move a Baby Grand Piano

Music is food for the soul. If one were to say that this quote is made for a piano, he wouldn’t be wrong. Pianos is the most simplistic, yet, the most melodious instrument of music ever created by mankind. Its tune not only soothes an anxious mind but also opens up a new chapter of imagination. That is why it’s hard for a person to imagine being separated from their most precious belonging.

Baby Grand Piano

No doubt, just like your other belongings, your baby grand piano also deserves the same amount of care and caution when moving from one place to another. These instruments of joy and happiness are exquisite yet antique. Therefore, taking care of them is always prime attention to one’s mind when relocating.

How To Move A Baby Grand Piano:

It is not at all easy to part with a family house or belongings that have a historical value. But sometimes, due to any fortunate or unfortunate events, it becomes necessary to move on and leave these memories behind. For the owners of a piano, a difficulty on how to move a baby grand piano arises which can become quite a hassle. These pianos are very valuable and depending on their age and condition, can also be quite delicate. So to answer the question of how to move a baby grand piano, the following simple steps should be considered:

1. Caution And Vigilance:

How to move a baby grand piano is a matter of care and caution. These pianos are very heavy and are to be treated with tenderness and soft hands. The piano is mostly made of wood and as we all know that wood can be scratched, broken, and split very easily. So while moving a baby grand piano one must take extra care, take measurements of entry and exit points of the piano and choose the path that is easier for moving the baby grands.

2. Check For Any Existing Damages:

Before moving a baby grand, it is best to check for any existing damage or weak spot in it. This will help the mover in assessing the best possible method and technique to move the piano without further destroying or damaging it.

3. Disassemble Removable Parts:

Baby Grand piano is not just one single piece of instrument, rather it is a combination of parts acting like one. Many of these parts are easily removable, for example, the pads and the keys. Therefore, before moving, it is better to remove all the parts that can be easily taken off, wrap, and store them in a separate place and then focus on the outer structure of the piano.

4. Tie It Firmly:

Baby grand piano, due to its colossal appearance and weight, can cause trouble if left untied and unsecured while traveling on a twisting and turning road. So, it is best to tie it firmly and tightly with a rope so that it does not move on any turns which will, in return, save the piano and the vehicle as well, from damage.

5. Professional Man-Power:

Baby grands are very heavy items. They require at least 3 to 4 men for moving, loading, and unloading. Many moving companies know the tips and have the experience of how to move a baby grand piano. And on the other hand, many more companies boost their experience and quality of work which are simply just lies. So, the owner of the piano has to find a suitable and reputable moving company that can move this instrument most professionally and satisfactorily without causing any irreparable damage or loss.


A baby grand is a symbol of elegance and exquisiteness. These pianos are a status symbol in most households. The past owners of these pianos were regarded as prestigious and wealthy people in their society. So, if one is lucky enough to have it passed down to him from his previous generation, then he should try to take care of it and maintain it in exactly the way his forefathers did before him. This piano is not just the reflection of an owner’s lifestyle, but also the lifestyles of the generations before him.

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How To Move a Baby Grand Piano

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