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Looking for residential moving companies in Roseville , Michigan ? OK, let’s begin first with doing your Inventory, It’s never been easier! knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important. Then, feel free to ask for a quote from Designed to Move for their competitive prices! Now, to be prepared for your move day visit our YouTube channel and watch our helpful informative videos don’t forget to follow our moving checklist & to read our moving tips.

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2 reviews for Designed to move (MI)

  1. Jules

    The moving crew was great. Used to move stuff out of my house for sale so that I could stage the remainder, and then used them a week later to move the rest of the items. The moving team was pleasant, easy to work with, and communicated about time for travel, etc.
    I would recommend that inquiring about their services might best be started by email. James will answer calls promptly, but he is often not at his computer and will have to then get back with you. And things fall through the cracks when that happens. So, confirm appointments etc. I had a good experience, but I was glad that I’d made the extra effort to confirm for my own peace of mind.

  2. Tyler F

    Still giving this a 1-star due to James incompetence at scheduling. BUT the movers themselves were very very good.

    If you have nothing but time in your hands and can wait 5 hours past the scheduled time, then I’d recommend this company based on the movers alone. I feel bad for them in the fact they likely catch a ton of flak from dissatisfied customers because their boss can’t get scheduling figured out. We made sure to tip them very well.

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