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  • 2041 Glorieta Ln
    Las Vegas , NV 89134
  • Phone number : (888)234-3034
  • DOT 2121587
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2 reviews for American Home Movers (NV)

  1. Brandon J

    0 stars if possible! Not only did I get horrible service, the movers stole a very valuable watch from me!

  2. Marc

    I used American Home Movers for a move last year for a move from Las Vegas to the East Coast and their response to a lost item was terrible. Setting up the initial move and getting a quote was no problem. Movers arrived to my apartment on time for the move out. When I arrived in my destination they were on time for delivery. The problems started there…
    I requested to pay after all the items were brought in my apartment so I could verify the contents, but the movers said they would not take a single item off the truck until I paid in full. As such, I was forced to pay then. After all the items were brought into my apartment, I had my glass top for my dining room table, but not the base of the table. The mover looked at the top and said “where’s the table this goes on?”. I responded that they had it and he went back to his truck and searched and could not find it. He told me that he would speak to dispatch on Monday (it was a Saturday and dispatch is closed on weekends) and have them call me back and check the warehouse where my items had been for a few days. On Monday, I did not receive a call from dispatch, so I called them and the man I spoke to said he would check on Friday when he had a chance (I don’t understand why you wouldn’t check within 24 hours for a customer who has just paid you $1500.) On Friday, I called him back and he said he hadn’t been able to check yet and would next week and would follow up with me. The following Friday I called him again (because he never called me back) and left multiple voicemails. He never called me back.

    I then called the main number for American Home Movers and the man I spoke to in their office said he would ensure that the dispatcher would call me back within two days. Obviously they never called me back, so I called again a few days later and asked for a supervisor. I was told the supervisor was too busy to speak with me at the time, but that she would call me back. Three days later, I called again and asked for the supervisor and was told the same thing. A couple days later, I still had never received a call back, so I called the office another time and they said I would need to file a claim with their insurance company.
    At this point, I had called American Home Movers over 10 times in three weeks and never been able to get a supervisor or get any confirmation if dispatch had checked the warehouse, so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The response from AHM at this time was that they could not assist me any further and I needed to file a loss claim. I did this and was offered $60 (even though based on what they charged me for each cubic foot I should have received much more). I did not accept this offer because I would have lost all ability to take AHM to court, so I ended up having to spend $400 to go buy a new dining room table.
    Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed wasting hours of my time calling them, never getting calls back, and then getting offered a measly $60 for my table they lost. Do not use this company that clearly does not care about you at all once they get your money.

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