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Local Movers In Las Vegas

Welcome to Executive Moving and Storage.

Executive Moving and Storage established in Nevada. offering moving services in Las Vegas and surrounding area. the company specialty are cross country and local moves.

Above you’ll find all essential information about Executive Moving and Storage. also you can read customers testimonials or to write a review yourself about the company and the service you got.

Afterwards we recommend you to do the following:

Do your Inventory list, It’s never been easier! remember, knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our helpful informative videos. Don’t forget to follow our moving checklist and to read our helpful moving tips.

How To Pack Before Moving:

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What to do before my move day?

According to our moving process, you can do as follow:

Organize your belongings, donate or sell unusable items. Save some space on the truck which will save you money.

Cancel your utilities bills, save some money and not pay for cable, satellite, internet or any other unused services.

Order packaging materials in advance. The price will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers.

Read our move guide, FAQ section and our moving blog.

Print out our moving checklist and keep it handy.

4 reviews for Executive moving and storage (NV)

  1. James

    If one could leave a ‘minus’ star that would be great. Went through all of what was said above plus, plus. Don’t use them. Several damaged items, overcharged and the like. Dishonest folks throughout their company.

  2. Rea Cotugno

    DO NOT USE THESE THEIVES!!! We originally went with Executive moving because they have a pretty good salesman. He takes us through of what would happen from start to finish, gave us good discounts even military because our son is currently serving. We had this move scheduled 3 mths in advance, paid a deposit and explained that we would most likely need our own truck because we have allot of stuff and a few very heavy items. We were promised that we would have our own truck and that they would have their best movers. When the time came for moving, we were given a 2 day window of when the move would begin and end. The first day came, scheduled to be there between 8 – 12, 12:30 rolled by with no phone call. When I called and asked what was going on, I was told “oh the truck is already full and we were going to call around 2:30 pm to let you know what time tomorrow”. I basically told the operator, that that made no sense to call me 2 hours after they were supposed to be there to tell me they weren’t coming. Then was told, tomorrow 3-5 pm. This got me upset because we already planned that they were going to pick up our stuff TODAY and we were leaving tomorrow (this was a move from CA to NV). “Oh well you guys have to be there for the movers to get your stuff”. So basically since the plan was to use movers, we were left to wait for them to show up. So instead of leaving to the new house the next morning we had to wait until they were done the next day. Next day…11 am got a call from Executive. ” They filled the truck again and won’t be able to come today” this is pretty much where I went off on them about we are supposed to be on the road this morning but because of their failure to keep their schedule I’m having to mess with mine. “Oh we’re sorry but someone still has to be there for the movers, we can be there tomorrow between 1-4 pm”. I called my husband who was already at the new house, because he was waiting for them to be there today. We decided to just have me, the kids and animals go up and he would come back to meet the movers the next day. Next day, remember this is day 3 and extra day after their moving window. It’s passed 1 pm and my husband is getting furious because he drove 4 hrs to meet these idiots. I call Executive and get the run around about the movers driving and can’t pick up the phone, we’ll have the driver call you with an ETA. The driver calls me and I informed him to call my husband because he’s the one waiting for them, getting pissed off by the minute. A few minutes later, my very pissed off husband tells me he cancelled the move because they filled the truck again and wouldn’t be able to make it today. So we spent more time and a few extra days to do the rest of the move ourselves. We paid for a truck and scheduled/hired movers in CA to help load the truck and then in NV to help unload and setup. This should have been the plan from the get go because it costed half the amount of the move the charlatons at Executive were supposed to do. We did lose out on our deposit, thank goodness we didn’t give them more because of that stupid contract because we decided to cancel. I wouldn’t doubt this how they mostly get paid, promise a job they don’t do until the client cancelled and they keep the deposit. I do want to give a shout out to those that helped us load and unload. In CA we called Starving Students who set us up with guys to help load the truck. And in NV we used Five Star Moving, they were awesome and took care of us with the unload and set up in our new home.

  3. Greg

    The movers were late to show up, asked if they could have some of my things, damaged some property, and likely stole a box with my son’s items in it.

    I used this company through a broker for a recent move. My move date was 2/11/2020. When they picked up my goods, the team was several hours late to show up, which should have been my first red flag. During the move, one of the movers asked if they could have a large Powerwheel Jeep that was in my garage for their child. I consented and said they could have it, as my kids honestly didn’t use it very much. This should have been the second red flag about this company. When my goods were delivered, my king bed frame was damaged beyond repair. I didn’t put in a claim for this damage because the representative at pickup advised they only pay “cents on the dollar” for damaged items. My wife and I took it as a loss and just went and purchased a new one here in Florida.

    With all that went wrong above, I simply would have just moved on and never dealt with this business again. However, while unpacking, we found that the box labeled “XBox” was missing. This contained my 7 year old son’s XBox and his games. Shame on us for labeling it what it was and letting them know what was inside. It appears the box was stolen. Since no other items went missing and their employee had previously asked for some of our toys for their child, I believe it’s likely they saw this box and took it. There’s no other explanation for why this is the only box that did not arrive.

    Here is some additional information about my experience. I went through United American Movers (a broker) and they did the quote. Their quote was about 40% of what they charged the day the items were picked up. They claimed it was because the cubic feet quoted by the broker was wrong. I paid the higher amount ($9,000 vs. $4,000 and some change). I was promised 45 days free storage and then a rate of $240/month after that 45 days since I was buying a home here. Well 2 days before the 45 day mark, they called me and told me my items had to be out or they were charging more then $1,000 per month for the storage. I had to locate a storage unit, take delivery there, and then move everything myself after I closed on my home. This was a nightmare.

    Stay away from this company. Not only because of their lack of punctuality, care for your belongings, and poor price quoting, but because you cannot trust them with your household goods.
    I’d take stars away from them if I could.

  4. sJ

    Do not use this company. They are dishonest and any damages to your personal belongings will never be compensated for. I’ve been dealing with them for almost a year and still trying to get my claims refund. They have every story under the sun.

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