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 Advanced Moving and Storage is family owned and operated company, established in Illinois, offers moving services in Glendale Heights and surrounding areas. They specialists in cross country, local  and commercial moves.

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15 reviews for Advanced Moving and Storage (IL)

  1. Octavia S

    My experience with Advanced Moving & Storage has been beyond stressful. They quoted me one price (in writing), I completed the deposit in August. They notify me after the scheduled delivery date (3 months later and several conversations afterwards) that the delivery price is going up by hundreds of dollars (after they have picked up my items and stored them in their facility for months). They have missed 3 delivery timeframes. When I followed-up via phone, I spoke with a manager at AMS that first identified himself as Jim and later as Joseph. Jim/Joseph states that he is not approving any claims for direct costs incurred by family due to the continued delivery delays. This is completely against what the first Manager said would happen. Jim/Joseph refused to listen and raised his voice several times during the call. I would not recommend utilizing Advanced Moving & Storage, their service does not meet the ratings they tout across their website and emails.

  2. Jason

    Delivery was severely delayed for more than 4 weeks. They kept telling us that they would leave and we would be the first stop. The truck never left until late and even then we were not the first drop off but almost the last which increased the delay further. We called many times for updates and each time they lied to us and were deceptive. Then they said that you can file a claim for delay of delivery as well as claim some of our items that were damaged. Their requirements for submitting claims are more than adopting a child and in the end they denied our claims stating it was because of staffing due to covid. Out of all the times that we talked to them they never once mentioned staffing issues. I wrote to them stating i would love to see their records pre covid regarding their delay of transport percentages. No surprise that they did not respond. They are not transparent nor trustworthy, therefore i am not recommending them.

  3. Jeremiah Thomas

    It was my relocation from IL to IN and Advanced moving and storage gave me the best support possible. I received all my stuffs safe and sound in my new place. Unlike the other movers they tried to do all the tasks before the deadline. No jerk in even the billing process. It was under the quotation. I would suggest taking them to be tension free.

  4. Ira Gonzales

    Movers were great. Informed me of the possibility of an earlier arrival time, which was praiseworthy. When they arrived they got right to work and protected all my furniture before loading it on the truck. They made an effort to put my things in the correct rooms when we arrived and finished before the estimated time. Great experience, am planning on using them again

  5. Matthew Folse

    The team from Advanced moving and storage was incredible. Moving is a very stressful time and the staff, everybody from the office to the movers, were great! They made it an easy process, and quite affordable as well. The movers were extremely time efficient and took great care of my belongings. Everything was explained thoroughly and in great detail. I would highly recommend Advanced moving and storage for all your moving needs. Thank you for the great experience

  6. Roy Peralez

    Advanced Moving & Storage did a great job – worked efficiently, carefully and respectfully. Plus, they did it in the time frame requested, actually if I think more it may have taken even less time. We can’t over-emphasize how important it is to have a courteous and hardworking team to help with a move. There is so much stress involved with the whole moving process especially because we were moving long distance. Having a team like them to help us made everything much more manageable! Thanks so much for the five star services! When we move again which I’m certain we will since this was our 9th move, we will definitely call you.

  7. Jeffrey Howard

    The Advanced moving and storage were very attentive and did a great job from start to finish. Their rep was very quick to setup an appointment and offered me the best package that suited my requirements. He was very responsive and very informative. I really appreciate the attention to detail the movers showed handling my stuff. I will be using them again if I have to move a long distance again. Thanks Advanced moving and storage for the dedication and hard work.

  8. Nathan Williams

    I always look to get the most out of everything. I do a lot of research before anything. Yesterday my habit proved to be a good one again when I decided to use Advanced moving and storage for my move. They came early, wrapped and boxed everything perfectly, moved my goods within the allotted time and helped me to store everything. The price was very reasonable and the move was perfect and as smooth as it could get. I recommend this company to everyone for any kind of moves .

  9. Nicholas Watson

    I thank Advanced Moving and Storage and their sales rep for a great service. All began from a phone call while I was discussing with him about my move. I booked them and they sent the movers at 9am sharp. I did not have to guide them because the movers were well trained, highly experienced, skilled and quick. They packed everything, moved and then unloaded all the stuff at my new location. I liked their neat performance. It was a very nice experience using this company.

  10. Jeffrey Shand

    Moving with Advanced Moving and Storage went really smooth. I heard about this company a lot and that is why I hired them. They are not expensive and very reliable. I hired them for a long distance move and also asked to do the packing. The packing was exceptionally fast and careful and the moving team executed the move without a hitch. I received all my belongings within the allotted time and there was no damage done. Everything went according to the plan ensuring the best possible outcome.

  11. Randy Elliott

    I am recommending Advanced Moving and Storage for all kind of moves. I have used this company for a long distance move where they showed me the excellence of execution. They sales guy was great. He was very responsive and informative and very precise in the quote. The foreman and his team lead the move so nicely that we never had to guide them even for once. They knew their job and they knew how to manage the odds. The move well within the schedule and did not cost us more than the estimate. All went smoothly and without any stress.

  12. Michael Peralta

    I have heard many good things about Advanced Moving and Storage from my friends. Last week I moved to my new apartment and I used them for my move. When I called them and talked with the sales rep, I was expecting a lot because of the recommendations from my friends. Well they did not let me down. The movers were superb during the entire move. They were very punctual, fast and accurate. They managed to deliver a very efficient move in no time. They also charged me less than the other movers I have used in the past that overcharged me. I have decided to use them from now onwards whenever I need to relocate.

  13. Brett Robertson

    I was just so reluctant to hire a moving company. But Advanced moving and storage convinced me. The moving team was very experienced and took a very gentle but thorough approach in moving and carrying out my old pieces of furniture. They were very careful while loading them. When I received my furniture, I was absolutely ecstatic. All the pieces traveled without a scratch. I don’t think I would be scared of hiring moving companies again and would highly recommend them to all.

  14. Johnny Welliver

    Advanced Moving And Storage was the only company that offered me a good price. The rep was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The foreman told all about the moving process and answered all my questions. The movers did a good job and were able to relocate me in a unique way. They really showed a lot of respect and skills while moving those old pieces. They used adequate packing materials and didn’t clutter the truck. Move was completely headache free. I would highly recommend this organization.

  15. Jacqueline

    This company is one to be very suspicious of as they have several reviews, and my own experience, of utterly unscrupulous behavior. That they are allowed to be in business is concerning. Long story short, they broke/damaged MANY of our things, including a mirrored closet door, lamps, dresser, dishes, etc. Items like drills went missing altogether tho we watched them being packed. They denied most claims stating they weren’t responsible. They charged us over 1000 more than the estimate in unfounded labor and supply charges and refused to return our things, threatening to drive off unless we paid those added charges. After i submitted a claim, they offered me a whopping 60 for the 500 worth the damaged and missing items and a zero refund on overcharged labor and supplies. I should also say, they PACKED the items. Heavy items on top of fragile, and claimed no responsibility. Additionally, the owner altered the Bill’s of Lading, hanging the amounts and hours AFTER I initialed already. After much back and forth for months, I realized the owner was never going to pay what was just, so I took them to Small Claims court. Our case was in June, and I WON. When I emailed about paying me the amount the court awarded, the response was to cease and desist (ummm, no, I don’t have to) and to say nobody from the company will respond to my calls or emails. It appears I have to go back to court to collect. All they’ve responded with is that “an attorney will contact me”, but won’t provide a name or number, and there is no attorney on record in this case. The other thing I believe people should be made aware of is that the owner seems a bit unstable. I found this to be the case after our first court hearing, when upon leaving the courtroom, he screamed at me in the court hallways causing a sherriff to escort me to my car. Similar to a child who can’t get his way, he goes from being calm to losing it should you disagree with him. He has said I wanted the move for free (I didn’t), has inferred I am extortionist demanding a ransom, and threatened to report me to the police. I said to go ahead, I would be at the door expecting them, because I KNEW it was just another threatening tactic. I did NOTHING wrong. On another sites review I posted, the owner responded that he regrets doing business with me. Of course he does. I refused to let this company take advantage, I followed through on the tedious process of suing them as I told him I would, and most importantly, I WON my case. I am the one filled with regret for trusting this was a professional company, that they held our items hostage demanding more money and threatening to drive off with our items if we didn’t pay, charging us for supplies never used & damaging our things to top it off. I also regret their refusal to pay the judgement, instead claiming they will appeal and get a new trial, because it just means back to court we go and a lengthier process. I have no doubt this outfit regrets that while I was prepared, they were not, bringing 1 witness to say a confirmation letter with added charges was sent to me, totally untrue by the way, which is why they could not produce it in court. Instead of providing any kind of letter, they claimed it wasn’t on the server anymore because they have delete docs for space reasons. I believe that was the moment the Judge knew they were not credible. They have nothing more than excuse after excuse. I was prepared for court, armed with proof of every discrepancy, emails, contracts and quotes to prove my case. It is WHY I WON. I had the truth on my side and proof to back it up. So, I guess I’ll see em back in court soon. They could just send me what they owe, but they won’t because in my opinion the owner has no ethics, morals or business acumen whatsoever. In my personal opinion, this company is incredibly unprofessional. It’s been my experience the owner thinks he can do whatever and charge whatever he wants, and will most likely try to do so as he did with me. Hiring them was the worst decision I ever made, and again based on my personal experience, you will likely end up paying far more than what was quoted as I did. Save yourself the headache that I’ve endured for a year before going to court. Read ALL the reviews, there are many just like mine, and you will see the pattern. You’ll be better off going with a well known, trustworthy company that cares about their reputation. Angies list once rated Advanced Moving one of Chicago’s worst. I so wish I had seen that before I hired them. Proceed at your own risk.

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