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Moving Pros, established in New York, offers moving services in New York and surrounding areas. The company offers a variety of services, and they specializes in cross country and local moves. Give them a call or apply for online moving estimates.

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59 reviews for Moving Pros (NY)

  1. Arpana

    WORST MOVE ever (Michael Edward Howard 646-849-3864) was the person who gave me estimate. Moved from Dallas to NY, I was 7 months pregnant under stress of move. I was given estimate of around $3K. Pick up date was 2 days before my flight. Movers did not show up on day they supposed to pick up, they called and said have some truck rental issues so they cannot come and will come next day. Fine – Movers came next day, before loading into truck they started saying estimate is going up, surprisingly it was more than double of initial estimate, no change in inventory for a small 1 bed apartment (we packed boxes & all stuff). Whole thing looked pre planned, these guys ask when is your flight on a friendly note & they come just a day before or same day of flight so you are under stress and have no time to deal with stuff & just agree to whatever amount they quote for. Person who gave us estimate & promised the $ won’t change has’nt come into contact from the day of move. Other person contact from that point onward, and says oh that guy is new he did not know how to quote, we are going to fire him for giving this wrong estimate. ALL THIS IS A SCRIPT THEY PLAY WITH EVERY CUSTOMER.
    During drop off, guys were high school kids who can barely lift box. My husband did major work. Movers did not even had a tool box to assemble bed or table. My husband has assembled everything. Finally two boxes were missing, mattress’s have dirt stains, book cases came broken, bed frame had all scratches. Man this was a DISASTROUS MOVE. Tip I can give is there can be little trust for the movers who actually come home look at your stuff & give estimate. I did claim for damaged items with CSI and they settled the claim for $81 which is ridiculous & said if I accept the $ I have no right to write a review about the MOVING PROS, which sounded brutal. I have not taken settlement $ just to write this review.

  2. Robert Peter

    These guys are the worst. I think the positive reviews have to be fake. 2 of our boxes never made it to our new home and I can only believe they were stolen by this very dishonest company. They don’t return calls and a lot of our furniture was nicked or banged up. This company simply doesn’t care about their customers or their reputation. I would do anything in your power to use some other moving company and as this I feel company just cares about getting your money and then discarding you after stealing what they can from you.

  3. Robert Peter

    These guys are despicable.They are dishonest and once you commit to using them, they are extremely unresponsive. They don’t own their own trucks, and God knows where they store your stuff on an overnight move. They stole 2 boxes of ours and have not made any attempt to make it right. They are thieves and shysters and couldn’t care less about you and your belongings. Much of our furniture was dinged, or banged up and after paying more to have our stuff delivered on a certain date, they reneged on their agreement and brought it a day later. I was seriously contemplating using another moving company as we got close to our move in date, and I wish I would have. In my opinion, they run a terrible business and should be shut down.

  4. Frustrated

    Moved cross country and they lost over half my move. Terrible customer service, charged extra during the move. Totally unresponsive after my move was lost. Some of my stuff ended up in other states and had to be shipped back by other customers. The worst experience I’ve ever had with movers.

  5. Cris

    I called Moving pros on the same day I needed them & they were more than happy to help. We got Bobby & Tom and they were great. They moved our upstairs 2 bedroom condo to another upstairs 2 bedroom condo. Bobby & Tom worked hard for 5 hours straight in the heat. They never took a break or complained about anything. The best of all, none of our belongings were damage. They were quick & efficient, yet still treated our belongings like they were theirs. I would definitely hire them again.

  6. Pearl

    First Impression:
    When I called, Ben answered the phone with a friendly and professional greeting. I asked if he had any availability to move my small office and he quickly scheduled the move for two hours out, which really surprised me because everyone else I had called gave me a wait time of at least a week. This was the first thing that impressed me about Moving pros Movers.
    The Move:
    Ben arrived with a truck and a fellow mover named Tom. They were delightful people and did an impeccable job with my furniture; not a scratch. They worked fast, and their prices were affordable (cheaper than many other places). I actually felt they did more work than the value of what they were asking, so I was more than happy to give them a tip.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Moving pros to my friends, and I would definitely call on them again.

  7. Dannis

    I highly recommend this moving company. The guys that I had on my 08/01/2017 move were great. They worked quickly and efficiently to get the job done – which I was impressed, because loading the U-Haul, driving and unloading took less than two hours. The movers were careful of my belongings, accommodating and even offered to put my bed together. If you are looking for “get the job done right” moving company – this is your stop! Thanks Guys!

  8. Thomas

    I called Moving pros for a single item to be moved upstairs at my house. The item was very heavy and a very awkward shape. I was given a fair quote and they came over the next day! They moved upstairs without any issues and no damage was done! I will call them again when I need a mover! Thanks!

  9. Carl

    My husband was already driving a moving truck from out of state when we finally decided to go ahead and hire movers to help unload the truck. We ran into issues with HOA and the moving truck so we had to find people that would do it the same day and in the evening when he would arrive. I knew It was going to be difficult to find movers last minute, but to find evening help would take a miracle. Thank goodness Ben called me back after leaving a message. He was just real calm and had a “no worries, we’ll be there” kind of attitude. After scheduling the appointment my stress was lifted off my shoulders. They really helped us out.
    Moving pros movers: courteous to clients, accountable, gets back to you right away, reasonable price, efficient and flexible schedule. I highly, highly recommend them. Thank you so much guys!

  10. Effie R

    What a disaster!!!!!! I have never been more disappointed in a company in my life. I used this company to move me to Florida. When I purchased my space I upped it to make sure that when they got here I wasn’t part of the horror stories where they say you need more space and now since it’s last minute you have no choice but to pay the additional amount. I paid the money and waited for my furniture. Two weeks later my furniture shows up I am missing boxes and have damage on almost every single item that was shipped. Not to mention while bringing my bed down the stairs from the pick up location they ripped the packaging off of my bed by accident. I was told once they got it on the truck they would repackage it. No when my bed got here they threw it on my dirty driveway. From the move my bed was completely filthy and I would never sleep on it. Everyone of my items is damaged.

    Maybe I wouldn’t be mad if it was not brand-new. Not to mention the guy in my house told me just get the basic insurance we are carriers we protect and take care of your belongings. Now I will get $.60 a pound for all of my belongings by weight. Do not I repeat do not use this company. I can see if one of my items were damaged accidents happen. But everything but one item was damaged on its way to me. It was a disaster my stuff looks like it was in a car accident. All my boxes were broken. Everything is filthy and that is the stuff that gets here. ALSO if anybody is missing what looks like expensive artwork they offered it to me and asked me if it was mine. I am honest and said no but I’m sure many people would have taken it. Not to mention while placing the claim. They make it so hard that you want to give up. Everything is through a computer website and there are no people to speak to. The website keeps deleting all of your items that are damaged or lost so you can spend three hours placing a claim. This pick up was on JUNE 24th Today is August 23rd and still no talks of resolutions they say we must wait for the claim that can take up to 120 days but yet still not a call from anyone and I was promised managers would call me back and work on it. NOTHING till date to let me know how this will be fixed. I will keep you all posted how this works out and you can expect to see reviews on every platform I can possibly think of. I work in retention management so I can I sure you it will be on every platform. I know every website there is to report this nonsense. These reviews here must be fake because the person who brought my stuff looked at me like this was all normal. THE LEAST THEY CAN DO IS GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK BEING AS THO ALL I GOT BACK WAS DAMAGED ITEMS AND I AM MISSING EXPENSIVE BELONGINGS. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY NOW TO REPLACE EVERYTHING.

  11. Kate

    I just relocated using Moving Pros. This was my first move and I was extremely nervous with all my belongings going in a truck with men I don’t know. From the moment Larry called me he was a compete professional, he promised me that the only thing that was important to him was getting my items shipped safely and for a fair price. We made my inventory and I knew the way they handle themselves I was in good hands. Needless to say the gentlemen who packed my items were absolute gentlemen. Took complete care of my items, and when they delivered in my new home they assembled and placed everything in the new location until I was pleased. Long story short this could’ve been a very hectic experience but with Moving Pros it was simple, safe, and practical. I would recommend dealing with Larry to any person looking for a reputable honest salesmen.

  12. Sean

    I have moved 5 times in the last 10 years for work and I have used multiple companies. Moving Pros Inc. has been the best by far. I found them online. I saw they had good reviews on their website It was completely seamless with no stress. They provided an accurate estimate, which went up 400 dollars because I forgot some items and needed some extra packing materials. They worked with my new employer for payment, they packed and picked up the shipment on the exact day as promised. They even stored my goods for two months while I found a new home and then delivered as promised. The moving teams were friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend Moving Pros to anyone doing a long distance move.

  13. Anne

    Moving pros does not offer a guaranteed price when they quote you. It is an estimate. So I gave them a detail list when I spoke with matt over the phone. Unlike all the companies taht told me it was guaranteed price that did not. He explained everything that may cause my price to go up. So when they got there I ended up with 20 extra items. My price went up around $500. I could not afford it. They told me I could take stuff off because I had it off because I added on over 15 boxes and some other pieces of furniture. Instead of taking stuff off they offered me a $250 discount so I was able to for the move. It was a really good service. The delivery went smooth as well. Thank you Matt.

  14. Monika

    Great service. Sales guy was honest. Crew was professional. delivery time was acceptable. Don’t really got anything to complain about. Service is exactly what the sales guy said it would be.

  15. Lisa

    I hired this company to do my long-distance moves. They didn’t over promise anything.they gave me a delivery window with no guaranteed date for delivery.they told me my prices and estimate and It may go up or down.Unlike all the other companies I talk to they didn’t promise me anything great. What they did supply me with was professional movers and loaded my furniture and worked very hard. I appreciate that.

  16. Tom

    Had a tremendous experience with the Moving Pros. They really are professional. Wasn’t too expensive and definitely the best bang for your back in the area. If you get an opportunity to use their services, I definitely recommend it. Thanks to the entire staff got such a smooth experience.

  17. Tony

    BEST MOVE!!!! My mother and I have moved several times across the US. This was by far the best experience we have had. Our contact Ed was more like a friend then a sales guy. He really got to know us and stuff. I mean he was a good Christian guy. He held our hand though every step. When our price went up because we added stuff to the move he took our sides and got us the best deal possible. TY Ed for making our move a great one.

  18. James

    So we started the process of looking for a moving company . We filled out something on-line to get quotes and were then the headaches started and we were inundated with calls!!! calls from pushy people who just wanted to take our money and didn’t care about educating us as this was the first non-local move we embarked on. We were so confused and completely discouraged, and then I spoke to that old guy ed at moving pros. my guard was up, but Ed was informative, not pushy and took the time with me. He went over every item to ensure we would have an accurate quote. Quickly after receiving moving pros estimate, i realized the 5 others i had from sleazy salesman were completely low-balled and unrealistic. Scary to think i could have signed with one of these fast talking salesman and would have been bait and switched like a mu fuka. all in all it was a smooth move and the price only changed $48 because i had a few extra items i had to add last minute (which he informed us would happen). it was a stressful beginning trying to figure out who to trust but ended up making the right decision and we are satisfied customers!!! Will be using them again for sure! Thanks Ed for doing all the paperwork and a especiallly making me feel confident in my decision

  19. Antony

    WOW is all I can say. I am very satisfied with this move. I had a huge storage unit that need to move. Anthony and his guys made it look easy. I even posted a pick of him holding up a couch by himself. Although I do not recommend trying that at home. These guys did what would have taken me days in hours. Truly in awe with how hard they worked. They were lighting fast but careful not to damage anything. I filled up a whole truck with out any major issues and damages.

  20. Daniel

    Awesomeness at its finest. 5 star Service. My rep EDl was great. He was very upfront and honest. We went through my entire home inventory to be sure we got an accurate price. Other companies I spoke with just wanted a ballpark number of boxes to get me off the phone. Even with the full inventory, he came out lower than the other companies I talked to. They showed up on time and delivered on time! Great to work with!!

  21. Mary

    Outstanding service will recommend to all my friends If anybody has ever moved, you know finding a reliable, honest company is a very hard thing to do. I spoke with several companies. Their phone reps were pushy and seemed to just want to collect payment and rush on to the next caller. My rep at was the total opposite. He was patient and walked me through the entire process. He wanted to be sure that we covered everything so there were no surprises come moving day. Would highly recommend them if you want someone friendly!

  22. Tyler was great/ thanks again guys for a sweet move.Best price! I called several companies to move me from New York to Georgia. Everybody else gave me a much higher price than Economic Movers. These guys showed up on time to pick everything up and the delivery was as scheduled as well. They were awesome!

  23. Vactar

    Moving Pros were amazing! My sales representative was very helpful. He walked me through the entire process. There were no surprises like my last move. The price quoted as accurate. There were no surprises or extras fees when the movers showed up. I’ll definitely use them again!

  24. Johnny

    I needed to get everything delivered under a tight time window. We own a house in Syracuse NY and our winter home is in Arizona. Some things came up very quickly and I had only one week to get 20 plastic bins and a king size bed from NY to AZ. No mover that I called could guarantee a time frame like that. Finally one of the movers I talked to referred me to moving pros. he said he used to work with them and that they could probably help. He gave me the number and I called to speak with one of the representatives named Edward (apparently an old friend of his). Ed was able to set everything up and guarantee a delivery date for me. They picked up 48 hours thereafter and got everything to Arizona on time. I could not have been happier and thank god I was put in contact with this company. I’ve already wrote good reviews on several sites and left the foreman and his crew a handsome tip.

  25. Ronald

    I’ve moved around quite a bit in my lifetime. Most moves go with some type of a problem for one reason or another. Having used several different major van lines as well as a few smaller companies I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with how moving pros does their work. These folks are professionals. Everyone involved from customer service to the guys at the house were on top of their game. I’d use them again for sure.

  26. Bruce

    Moving pros just left my house an hour ago. As promised they showed up in one of their trucks, wearing their uniforms, with their bill of lading. I got swindled by a broker once before and didn’t want to deal with brokers. Moving Pros showed me on their DOT page that they are indeed a carrier and that why I chose them. I’m glad I did too! This crew of movers was the best. They really went above and beyond- not sure if they just wanted a tip or if that how all their employees’ are- but either way they were great. I’ve already given mats number to some of my friends moving to California and hope they sue them too.

  27. Joyce

    Moving pros was the real deal. I had to let people know that these guys are trustworthy. I especially like our sales rep Chris. He was very personable and we had great conversation all about his pregnant wife at home. Really nice young man. On the move day, which was the day I asked for, the guys came and got right to work. The price was fair and they waived a star fee for my second floor apartment. $2000 all in for the move when a haul would’ve cost me $1800. It was a no brainer. thanks moving pros

  28. Ted

    Moving Pros Inc. got me an excellent service for an excellent price. They were very thorough from start to finish and didn’t play games with us. We were promised the crew would arrive at 8am, they arrived at 756. They spent three hours loading everything and making sure it was secure. They then drove DIRECTLY to our new home and got everything prepped. We were completely moved and comfortable in our new home before the day’s end. Really cool. Thanks again moving pros.

  29. Adam

    Our move went smooth from beginning to end. Chris was our customer service rep and he made us feel good about using moving pros for our interstate move. There were a few companies we were considering, however none of them offered a value as competitive as moving pros. the price was right in the middle and they threw in some extra packing material free. The crew was very friendly and hard working. I was impressed with how fast they got everything done. keep working hard moving pros. you’ve earned a repeat customer.

  30. Jacob

    I contacted Matt at moving pros based on information I found on the internet. Matt asked me for some basic information on my move and asked for me to walk through the house and tell him what I was moving. At first I was a little hesitant but Matt assured me everything would be okay. After going through everything matt estimated a box count and gave me a total cubic footage for my move. He gave me a price and wasn’t really pushy about me booking right then and there like the other guys were. He sent me some reviews and testimonials on his company and encouraged me to do my due diligence. After a couple days I decided to call him back and get everything scheduled. He was available for questions the entire time my items were in their possession too. I liked how he didn’t push me around to different people. The movers themselves were splendid too. Very hard working.

  31. Ammy

    I called allied united and moving pros to receive quotes for our upcoming move. All three came and did an in home estimate but I couldnt help but feel moving pros did a more thorough job. They asked more questions and seemed to be a little more knowledgeable than the other two. I usually have terrible luck anytime I hire any service industry company but I lucked out this time. They did everything and save me some money too. I mean who doesnt like saving money am I right? Thanks guys.

  32. Jason vein

    These guys were awesome. They made my move stress free and smooth. They worked with me and were super nice and professional the whole time. I had huge move for a really great price! DEFINITELY will recommend to my friends and family. They gave a time and date and stuck to it thank God. Keep up the great work guys! If you are looking for some quality service for your move I suggest these guys at moving pros. They get the job done without killing your wallet and deserved the five stars for their work. No items destroyed and a peace of mind during your move is something everyone deserves and this company will give it you.

  33. Rob

    I had moving pros come and move my 3 bedroom/1900 sq ft house. A friend had referred me to moving pros. I received many phone bids and found that I really felt comfortable with Chris based on his knowledge of the industry. My close friend also told me not to go with anyone else! He was right. Moving pros showed up on time and wrapped my furniture inside the house with moving blankets and moved everything to the truck. Moving pros also gave me insurance on the move which I felt was necessary. The men were fun. I mean they were really nice to be around joking and having fun even though it was so cold outside. I will refer moving pros to my friends or just anyone that is moving and needs a great moving service.

  34. Jerry

    We moved my elderly mother into our home. Something’s went to storage and the rest to my brother in laws house and my house. I was assured when I was setting the appointment that the movers had a lot of experience with this type of thing and was promised a good experience. The movers came and treated my 90 year old mother with the utmost respect. She gets confused every easily and they were super friendly about it. There was an extra guy there (no charge) and I’m pretty sure he was there just to help my mother get through the day. The worked diligently and got everything done asp. No damages, fast workers and everyone smiling and having a good time, even my mom about an hour into it thanks to Anthony. We are happy customers for sure!

  35. Andy

    I contacted Matt at moving pros based on information I found on the internet. Matt asked me for some basic information on my move and asked for me to walk through the house and tell him what I was moving. At first I was a little hesitant but Matt assured me everything would be okay. After going through everything matt estimated a box count and gave me a total cubic footage for my move. He gave me a price and wasn’t really pushy about me booking right then and there like the other guys were. He sent me some reviews and testimonials on his company and encouraged me to do my due diligence. After a couple days I decided to call him back and get everything scheduled. He was available for questions the entire time my items were in their possession too. I liked how he didn’t push me around to different people. The movers themselves were splendid too. Very hard working.

  36. Rock ford

    When my father observed that our family business would fetch more profits in Montgomery than we ever achieved in New York, it was time to move. My job was to search for a good mover and I landed on Moving Pros Inc from my searches online. We contacted them and they promised to do all the work for us. We were living in a two family fully furnished apartment and we worried we may not be able to move everything expediently. The manager, Carl, gave us a reassurance and a friendly quote. After smooth preliminary planning, the crew arrived with all the right tools and embarked on the task straight away. There was a lot to be done, but there were no complaints from the crew. They treated all members of my family with respect and by the end of the move – we all expressed gratitude for their professionalism and affordability.

  37. bruce

    The movers who came to my house were great. The last movers we hired from budget van lines showed up in a half broken down truck with a bunch of guys who clearly didn’t know how to wrap furniture or even speak English. And when we called them to complain they told us to “F OFF”. We would never use them again, which is why we chose moving pros for this move. I saw plenty of reviews saying to get it done right the first time and just trust moving pros. decided to use them and they got the job done better than I had expected. I’m very happy. will use them again

  38. donald

    Moving pros was excellent from start to finish. The guys at pick up were awesome and very helpful. I was going to write a review after pick up but figured I’d wait until the delivery shipment arrived. Our stuff arrived 3 days ago and when sack (the driver) was unloading they dropped a box with various items in it. One of my picture frames in the box ended up shattering. I was pretty upset but the guys in the office at moving pros made it really simple to file a claim and the check is already in the mail. Overall they handled everything well and I’m a satisfied customer

  39. William KIm

    Man that Sammy DuPont was a real knee slapper. He had us laughing up a storm before we booked with him. Real friendly guy, definitely knowledgeable too. Gave us a firm price and guaranteed it wouldn’t change. Ibrahim and this crew came on the day of the move and they were even better than Sammy. Man these guys didn’t stop; they didn’t want to take a break or anything. They got to work and had the truck packed in under 3 hours. We had a lot of furniture too. I tipped them handsomely to say the least. I’m hoping potential customers see this review and know that you can trust these guys with anything they tell you.

  40. ethan

    I responded to an email I got about saving 20-25% off of my move with a paired shipment. Basically they were partitioning a truck and loading me with another family that was going nearby. The price was so competitive it was a no brainer. At first we were a little worried our items might get mixed up but Jon broke down how they do it and it was very thorough and professional. We just got our items today and not a single box is missing. All arrived in one piece with no problems. Thanks for keeping true to your word moving pros!

  41. adam

    We’ve used like two different moving companies before one was for an international move. What a mess that was. I was told a few different things. People said all movers were scumbags. But I was also told it could’ve just been because it was an international move. Who knows? The guys at moving pros assured me my experience would be no different than the thousands of other customers they help. They were great. The crew was so professional. The helpers were really funny too. Moving sucks but these guys made it bearable.

  42. jonny

    I chose moving pros on recommendation from my brother. He used them coulee year’s back. He gave me the direct line for Sammy who was a thorough guy. You could tell he really knew the industry in and out. I can tell when someone really knows their s*** or is just pretending. Sammy answered all my questions and got me set up promptly. The movers showed up wearing Moving Pros uniforms and got to work. They even waived a stair fee so I could add boxes without the price changing (the difference ended up being the same). Cool stuff. They really put me first. I like that.

  43. jolly mangina

    Moving pros! Y’all are the best! I didn’t have much time to get things handled and deeded someone to come and get it done quickly. These guys were so fast. Had a truck at my front door in like 3 hours. They were super fast in loading too. It only took those 2 hours to get everything squared away and got my stuff on the road from there. They promised to keep in contact with me up until it got delivered and they did that too. Thanks you guys so much!

  44. sean

    If anyone were to arrange a battle amongst moving companies Moving Pros would surely be the victor. If you dont believe me just try them out for yourself. So convenient and easy from start to finish. They even have extended hours which is super dope. I run a small business and threes no way I can leave the shop before 5pm. Jon set it up for his crew to come at 630. They were in and out with no headaches. Cool guys too.

  45. johny sins

    I own a lot of breakables. So naturally I was worried for how they were going to travel from Danbury, CT to Raleigh, NC. I specifically asked the movers from Moving Pros to take extra care of my glassware. They did exactly that. They were very well equipped and methodically packed everything carefully. They packed everything in the van like Tetris. In the end, when my belongings arrived in North Carolina I checked to make sure everything arrived unscathed. One mug was damaged in transit but other than that nothing was broken. I was so happy with the services provided by this company.

  46. john carry

    I was definitely pretty nervous at first but had a great experience with moving pros that I wanted to share. I’m not the type of customer to ask for unreasonable things, and I don’t think the things I asked of moving pros were unrealistic. I just wanted the job to get done quickly, safely, and affordably. From the very beginning Sammy assured me this would be done. I take anything a sales person tells me with a grain of salt. But Sammy’s guys delivered on every promise he made. I was happy with how everything went and just wanted to share that these guys are upfront and honest from the very beginning. The Cadillac of moving companies!

  47. charlie smith

    Moving pros is such an accurate name for this company. The service they gave was more than professional; it was friendly too. Both Tommy and matt helped us up until the date of pick up with questions and packing tips. They told us what to have done to avoid additional charges which were very helpful. I told them I was on a budget and they didn’t try to sell me anything that I didn’t need. The crew that came to our front door was great too. They did everything by the book and worked very hard to ensure things got done on schedule.

  48. justin barbosa

    I’ve moved around quite a bit in my lifetime. Most moves go with some type of a problem for one reason or another. Having used several different major van lines as well as a few smaller companies I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with how moving pros does their work. These folks are professionals. Everyone involved from customer service to the guys at the house were on top of their game. I’d use them again for sure

  49. Carl

    I will try and keep this short. I hired moving pros for my move down to Georgia. I needed to pick ups I had a lot of stuff in the storage unit and I needed to move my home. They told me they would not charge me extra to do both pick ups. They gave me a fair I went with them I then found out when they pick me up the packaging cost more which makes sense because they can’t use it on the next move. Needless to say they gave me a 50% discount off the packaging to keep me satisfied which I definitely am

  50. larry

    3. I had to move last minute for a job opening within my company from NY to FL. the movers my company usually contracts with were all booked so I had to find my own company to service the job. I did some research on the internet and came across moving pros on multiple platforms. They were available on short notice and provided me a full pack so my wife and I didn’t really have to do anything. We literally opened the door and let the crew get to work. Jon had told us these guys were all certified professionals and their work ethic showed that to be true. Also he had assured me these guys wouldn’t be, for lack of a better word, sketchy. The movers were all very professional and I wasn’t the least bit nervous about them going through and packing all of my items. I’ve heard of movers out there that steal your stuff but moving pros was great. No nonsense and no problems.

  51. Elmer J. Dufrene

    Jon was our representative and did a great job from start to finish. He spent 35 minutes talking with me and then called my wife to go over everything with her. I had no idea threes so much to go through when choosing a mover and prepping for the actual move day. If Jon wouldn’t have been there to answer questions for us we definitely wouldn’t have done certain things (like packing the TV and lamps) correctly. Sons dispatch supervisor, Karl, was always available with questions on delivery. I get that threes a lot of moving parts and it was great to have open communication until our items arrived.

  52. lokesh

    I used moving pros for my move. They took great care of me. I moved form CT to FL. They had em delivered in 5 days and all my stuff was fine. I had a broke mirror but I was able to file a claim for it.

  53. daniel

    Wow great move with these guys. I used them they professionally packed everything for me. Moving is very stressful they took a little bit of that stress away. If you want an honest upfront mover and go with these guys.

  54. james robert

    I recently used Moving Pros to move from Newy Jersey to Florida. Every team member exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t believe how many differnt companies called me once I put my information online to request a quote. I was highly stressed.. so I selected Moving Pro’s based i=on my gut instinct. I felt that Matt (my sales representative) was more thorough than anybody else Ispoke with. The estimate was a bit higher than others, but I was assured that I had I was given a firm bid. Fortunately Matt over estimated a bit. So when the movers arrived my price went down 120$ because they didn’t use all the materials that I was originally quoted. Marvin and the guys worked very hard. They were in and out within 2 hours. I asked them to hold my stuff for two weeks while I waited in Fort Lauderdale for my lease to start on Dec 1st. They told me it could take up to 7 days, but my stuff already arrived TODAY. The day i moved in. It couldn’t have been better timing. I’m so happy that I don’t have to sleep in my new place without furniture even one night. Awesome job guys. Definitely recommend

  55. Steve Winter

    I picked moving pros because they were able to answer questions without giving me the sales pitch. i talked to so many movers that sounded like the salesman who stand at the kiosks at the mall. they wouldn’t stop calling! Larry at moving pros was professional and straight to the point. he explained to me why they were better and didn’t waste his time down talking his competitors (like the rest of them do). everything went smooth from start to finish and it couldn’t have made my life easier. moving is the worst; these guys made it a little more manageable

  56. Missy Hobson

    Great service from great guys. I picked them after getting hounded by 50 different companies. The have great reviews. Only thing is they charged me a little extra for packing my tvs.

  57. Bill C.

    I was referred to Moving Pro’s by a fellow employee who had used them previously with positive results. Since you never know which company will be best, I got a quote and booked them. They showed up on time and delivered with in the time frames estimated. I would strongly recommend Moving Pro’s and will be using them again for my next move.

  58. Tammy Gordon

    Moving pos helped me out big time. there crew was incredibly well mannered. Price is fair. Delivery is fast

  59. Ray K.

    My experience with moving pros was no different than the hundreds of great reviews i read. the price was in the middle but they really pushed value. to me its worth spending an extra 100$ for no BS. moving pros delivered on everything they promised and then some. got my job out on time and even threw in a free TV box for my OLED sony. real deal guys right here. they accidentally left one of my boxes t the warehouse but when i called they overnighted it to me VIA ups and i got it the very next day. i get that stuff happens- its how you deal with it that makes you a good company.

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