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2 reviews for Cross Country Movers (IL)

  1. Akemi

    Weight top 10 heaviest items before moving company pick up your items. So, you can guess what your final weight is. Becuase I weighted top 10 heaviest items, I could tell right away I was tricked by them when I received the first weight ticket. I called Federal Government right away. They are very helpful. They gave me lots of advise.1-888-362-7238 Federal Agency.
    Platinum Van Lines, they manipulated the weight ticket and they tried to wave the 2nd weighting by offering me $503.12 Since I weighted top 10 heaviest items before they picked up my items, $503.12 is not enough to cover the weight difference.
    The first weight ticket was 5950 lbs.
    The final weight was 3280 lbs.
    The difference is 2670 lbs.
    Please note the truck driver refused to fill up the gas before he weighted his truck, but he noted in the ticket, he refused to fill up the gas. So, if I considered the gasoline weight, the weight difference is over 2670lbs.
    I do not know if the price per lb was 60 cents/ lb or 68 cents/lb
    if it’s 60 cents / lb
    0.68 cents / lb x 2670 lbs = $1602
    Their offer to wave the 2nd weighting $503.12
    Difference $1098.88

    if it’s 68 cents / lb
    0.68 cents / lb x 2670 lbs = $1815.6
    Their offer to wave the 2nd weighting $503.12
    Difference $1312.48

    They tried to steal $1098.88 or $1312.48 by offering me $503.12 discount. After all, I did not receive $503.12 discount because I did not allow them to wave the 2nd weighting.
    Below is their offer from their email. I do not past the entire email here. In their email, they did not state to receive this discount; I have to wave the 2nd weighting. Since I knew they manipulated the 1st ticket by picking up something, I did not allow them to wave the 2nd weighting.
    +++ Platinum Van Lines offer to wave the 2nd weighting. +++
    In the name of customer service I have spoken to the dispatcher and we have made the decision to take off the additional fuel charge of $159.12 and extend a discount to the overage weight of 68 cents per lb to 60 cents which is a reduction of $144.00 and in the name of customer service we will provide an additional $200 off for the inconveniences you feel you have gone thru during the planning of your move.
    They have not provided the explanation of the weight difference. 2670 lbs is about one bed room apartment load. So, there might be another victim beside me. They picked up another house hold load and they tried to charge me or they might charge both customers with one combined weight ticket. Since they did not provide any explanation, I do not know how they added 2670lbs.
    I am single women from Japan. English is my 2nd language.

  2. Adam k

    Worst moving company I’ve ever dealt with. Several issues (1) costs ended up being significantly higher upon delivery, (2) uncaring customer service, and (3) several of our items arrived damaged, including our brand-new mattress and mattress platform (they were supposed to put it in a box they charged us for, but didn’t put in the box and still charged us for it). Now I’m working the damage claim – another headache and you have to work through a third party.

    Who owns this company? It seems like all they do is contract out everything so they don’t take full responsibility of things.


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