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  • 5466 3RD St NE
    Washington , DC 20011
  • Phone number :(866)693-7430
  • DOT 1409224
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2 reviews for BR Movers (DC)

  1. M

    If I could give this review a zero and spoke with anyone who EVER thought of using this company to facilitate there move, I would inform them to save their money, frustration and personal belongings from being in the hands of self-centered, rude, umempathic theives. I initially contracted with another company and hide no idea that this company would have picked my things up to move it.

    That is one thing that I would advise anyone, do not do business with company’s that contract out other companies. Find a company that will start and complete your move themselves and not take the cheap route out and contract with another company. Because you think that one company might have your things but instead a whole other company is dealing with your personal values.

    Now back to the hell this company put me through. Let me start by saying that the owner, the manager, the dispatcher, customer service, the operator and any other department that you could think of is the horrific Ron Britton. This guy is the worst of the worst. The absolute rudest person that I could ever think of to deal with customers. He has this smug attitude, yells at you on the phone, interrupts and talks over you. Like a spoiled little brat!!! I cant stand this guy. His guys stole some of my boxes and other items and then claimed that everything was delivered. LIES LIES LIES!

    When the other company gave me a quote as to what my move would be from beginning to finish, BR Movers was instructed by Ron to pick my things and then demand for more money if I wanted my things back. They or should I say Ron Britton is the biggest SCAM ARTIST I have ever met.

    The movers #1 were 2 hours late for the pickup time. And also was a week late in my delivery, mind you this was also caused my them keeping my items hostage until he got more money. THENNNNN to make matters worst, they “lost” 3 boxes and stole a few things.

    There should be a certain way you handle dealing with customers if you are going to be in a customer service business.

  2. Jody G

    Unfortunately the movers I contracted with, subcontracted or sold my move to this company. I would not have selected BR Movers to do my move. They were two hours late to pick-up, and doubled the quoted price upon arrival. Bait and switch seems to be how they operate. I had a binding estimate with the initial movers which BR Movers renegotiated on the day of my move, after they showed up to my apartment and when I had to be out of my apartment that day.

    Moving my items from DC to Austin took them three weeks. The movers arrived to deliver my items at around 9 p.m. in the evening and left around 12:00 a.m. Only one piece of furniture was completely destroyed (a computer desk I recently purchased) so that was definitely better than expected. A couple boxes had water damage but thankfully none of my items in those boxes were affected.

    They get two stars since the majority of my items made it to my destination unbroken. I would however not recommend this company for long distance moves.

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