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Looking for residential moving companies in Atlanta , Georgia ? OK, let’s begin first with doing your Inventory, It’s never been easier! knowing the overall weight of your belongings it’s important. Then, feel free to ask for a quote from Atlanta Peach Movers for their competitive prices! Now, to be prepared for your move day visit our YouTube channel and watch our helpful informative videos don’t forget to follow our moving checklist & to read our moving tips.

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3 reviews for Atlanta peach movers (GA)

  1. Bryce

    Great service and friendly staff! I would definitely use them again.

    The price is comparable to others and while still pricey, you pay for what you get. 🙂

  2. Liz.V

    After seeing a commercial for Atlanta Peach Movers, I decided to give them a call to get a quote for move day. I told the rep I talked to, at least 5 times my move in date, considering it was right around the corner. He kept repeating how they were the movers for the Braves and the Falcons…news flash…I don’t give a shit. Unless they’re sponsoring my move or giving me tickets, I don’t care.

    I received an email with information to fill out regarding all my furniture. After I filled out the 12 page novel, I emailed it back to my rep and waited. I figured it would take 24-48 hours to process but it took 5 days to get a response. I only got a response because he didn’t answer my emails so I called him and obviously caught him off guard as he stuttered and was very rude. “It’s a busy time” he said. “I’m working as fast as possible.”

    6 days later, I finally get the quote emailed over to me and I almost fell out of my chair. The quoted price he gave on the phone was 4 guys for $140.00. The written quote said 4 guys for $180.00 not to mention the 2 hour $180.00 fee on top of the ridiculously priced quote-this fee was never mentioned during our first 30 minute phone call.

    I called to talk to the guy I was “working” with to discuss the price. I was told the price increase was due to moving during a very busy time-are you kidding me? I told him my move in date several times so it wasn’t a surprise-it was the very first thing he asked me other than my name!

    I went over the prices I was quoted over the phone during our initial conversation and the guy became radio silent. I told him I was going to another company and he said: “I understand.”

    Loser customer service from a loser company. TOTAL BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!

  3. Andrew

    I used Atlanta Peach Movers to move from Marietta to Midtown Atlanta. They did an excellent job moving my furniture and television to my new condo. The movers were very professional and courteous. I was hesitant at first to let them move my television because I did not want it to break. The movers reassured me that everything would be fine with my TV and that they move them all the time. The movers were sure to wrap and pad all my furniture to ensure that it was properly protected. Nothing was broken or even scratched in the move. In the end the move cost lest than I had expected because they worked quickly to get everything moved. I would recommend Atlanta Peach Movers to anyone who is in need of a moving company.

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