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Why to move to Roanoke, VA?

Roanoke is a city located in Roanoke County Virginia. It is also credited as the county seat of Roanoke County. It has a population of almost 100,000 which makes it the 8th largest city in Virginia. It is growing constantly at a rate of less than 1% annually. In the case of land area, it occupies more than 40 square miles.

Roanoke city in Virginia

When is the best time to move to Roanoke?

Being a city in Virginia, it has predictable weather throughout the year. It is hot and humid in summers whereas it is extremely cold in winters. The temperature typically hovers between 30°F to 85°F and does not normally reach extremes. In the case of moving, the weather holds extreme significance so it must be monitored before making a decision. The best time to move is between February till May and late October till November. This will help you avoid the extreme cold as well as the overcrowding in the warm weather.
Some of the important points related to Roanoke are:

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