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Why to move to Norfolk, VA?

Norfolk is the third-largest city in Virginia and has a population of over 240,000. It is also the 93rd largest city in the United States. It has seen a decline in its population ever since 1970 when it peaked at over 300,000. It occupies a huge land area of about 53 square miles and the metro population amounts up to almost 1,800,000.

City of Norfolk
City of Norfolk

When is the best time to move to Norfolk?

The weather is one of the most important aspects in choosing a time to move. Much like many other cities of Virginia, the summers in Norfolk are warm and muggy while the winters are very cold. The tourists come in bulk in the warm weather of June till October so the crowds are at peak potential. Moreover, the weather remains between 30°F to 90°F throughout the year. According to the yearly weather reports, the best time to move is between October to November and February to May when the weather is decent and the crowds are not maxed out.

Some of the most important points regarding Norfolk are:

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