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Why to move to EL Paso, Texas?

El Paso is a city in El Paso County located in the western region of Texas. The estimated population of El Paso is over 681,000 which makes it the 5th ranked nation when it comes to largest Hispanic population. The metropolitan area of El Paso is a home to more than 1 million residents.

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When is the best time to move to El Paso?

Timing is one of the keys to moving efficiently and moving to El Paso certainly has certain timings that make it easier. It is located in the far western region of Texas and is a major part of the El Paso metropolitan area. Famed by its name “the Sun City”, El Paso is sunny for 302 days per annum but the humidity is relatively low. Weather is a key influencer in moving so it must be kept in mind that the summer heat of June till September should be avoided. The weather is exceptionally pleasant in the winters which makes it the prime time for moving. As a city, it is full of culture and the EL Paso Zoo is the must see for everyone who moves here.

Here are some important tidbits that you should keep in mind before considering a move here:

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