Moving Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Moving apartments is a big task, and it can be stressful even when everything goes smoothly. But when things don’t go as planned, it can turn into a nightmare. This is what happened to me when I moved apartments recently.

I had been planning my move for weeks, and I thought I had everything under control. I was moving from an apartment in North Dallas to Carrollton that was not to far from my current apartment in North Dallas.

losing car keys while moving

I had packed up all my belongings and rented a trailer to move all my belongings. Everything had been going smoothly. I was about to leave my old apartment for the last time, I went to grab the truck keys and head out to my new place. But that’s when I realized they were nowhere to be found and I understood I had made a terrible mistake. I had lost my keys.

At first, I didn’t panic. I thought maybe I had left them in the trailer, my car or dropped them somewhere along the way. But after I searched high and low, going through every box and bag, they were nowhere to be found. I even checked the truck, hoping that I had left them in the ignition and I couldn’t locate them. I spent the hours retracing my steps, trying to remember where I could have left the keys. But nothing. I called my friends who were helping me move, but they hadn’t seen the keys either. I recognized then that they were nowhere to be found.

I began to feel hopeless. I knew the deadline to return the trailer was looming closer and closer and I couldn’t postpone my move due to already turning in my old apartment keys and I would not be able to schedule a new moving trailer. I was stuck outside my old apartment with all my belongings just wasting the minutes to my panic. I didn’t know what to do. I was tired, hungry, and frustrated. I just wanted to be in my new home, but instead, I was stuck outside with no way drive the truck. Feeling frustrated and defeated, I sat down on the curb next to the trailer and took a deep breath. I realized that I needed to come up with a plan. After a quick google search for North Dallas Locksmith, I called MV Locksmith Services, they were able to come promptly and give me a reasonable quote to get a new key made.

When the locksmith technician arrived, he asked me a few questions about my car and the type of key I had. He then checked the door and the ignition and carefully examining the lock and trying out different tools he was able to get my new key cut and programmed in a timely manner. He even was able to offered to cut me a 2nd key, so this was less likely to happen in the future. I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient he had been. I was so thankful the he was able to get me on my way quickly and I was able to get to my new apartment, unload my belongings and get the trailer returned in time so I wasn’t charged an extra day.

In the end, although it was an extra expense and added stress to my move, I learned a valuable lesson that day. Moving apartments can be chaotic, and it’s easy to lose track of things. But it’s important to stay organized and keep track of your belongings, especially your keys. Losing them can be a major setback, and it’s not something you want to deal with when you’re already dealing with the stress of moving. So, I have learned it is always best to have a spare set of keys so I can alleviate some of the chaos. While I have prepared to not let this happen again in any situation at least now I know what to do.

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Moving Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

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