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1 review for Leaders moving and storage (OH)

  1. Christopher

    Never again. I made an appointment to move on the 5th. I called on the 4th to confirm, and even specifically asked about the impending snow we were getting. Matt said the only way snow would stop them, is if it was a level 3. Well, no level 3 and they cancelled. When I called the office I spoke to a Jason. I explained what a MAJOR inconvenience it was…vacation time, changing my meetings, closing on the house, but he didnt care. I asked for some sort of discount or credit, no go…he just didnt care.

    When they did come the next day, the driver refused to enter my driveway with about 2″ of snow. This is a large truck mind you…certainly capable. Its like they just didnt want to do any work. So I had to get my neighbor with a front end loader to move the small amount of snow. During this time, the driver was calling Jason complaining that they were waiting. Jason then called me, and left a message on how long his workers were going to have to wait, suggesting he was going to pull them if the wait was to be significant. Really?? After missing the original appointment with no regard or compensation, he has the audacity to threaten me with such an action?? To make matters worse, I ask the workers if they had another job, and they said no.

    And even after the snow was removed, the driver couldnt get the truck turned in the driveway. I used to drive large trucks, and it appeared to me he didnt have much experience, which would also explain his original refusal to go through 2″ of snow.

    When the move was finally complete, I ended up with two broke pieces of furniture, and a marred (expensive) wood desk.

    Stay far far away from these guys. From manager to workers, they just dont care about you as a customer, your needs, or your belongings.

    Stick with Two Men and a Truck…I sure should have.

    Edit: Note they direct people to look at the filtered reviews, which are obvious shills and employees. Very unprofessional as well.

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