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3 reviews for Road runner auto transport .NY.

  1. Susan B

    I wish I could give negative one thousand stars. This was a huge loss. Also, I’ve looked through some of their reviews on google and other sites—they are so obviously fake and paid for. They won’t return your calls when you’re frantic about your car that is six days late, after you booked WEEKS in advance. I got to pay over $1,300 to miss Thanksgiving with my family because of these people who don’t return phone calls and only chat online —- talking in circles— refusing to give a straight answer (no yes/no answers). However, they have NO problem hounding you with phone calls over ransom money for the driver who wants extra cash payment because there are extra plastic bins in your vehicle. The driver they worked with left black greasy handprints all over the interior of my brand new car!!! I doubt it’s coming out!! I have photos… If you hire them, do it at your own extreme risk. Consider yourself warned.

  2. Mellisa

    The cars made it without incident. The drivers were nice and if you have the time to watch them load the cars on to the truck, it’s impressive. Communication on when they would arrive could have come a little sooner for convenience but overall a great job communicating all of the information.

  3. VirgilandSarah H.

    I wouldn’t use this company again, ever! They booked my car shipment from FL to CA for $1200. The shipment was given to Marvin’s Transport out of Sacramento, CA. The car arrived damaged, $2700 worth, and two weeks to fix. I am still dealing with this headache because even though we have Marvin’s signature acknowledging that he was at fault for the damages, no one wants to pay for it. RoadRunner has claims all over their website that the vehicle is fully insured however when you make a claim, they only act as mediators. Now this guy doesn’t want to pay and I have to pursue HIM for it.

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