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3 reviews for Auto transport 123 .NY.

  1. Thomas

    It was a great service. To be honest, I was confused with all the brokers who called me with quotes at different prices. Auto transport 123 was not the cheapest but the best and most reliable. I decid
    ed to trust them and don’t regret. I highly recommend their service for anyone who needs to ship a car in the states

  2. Louis

    Chose to go with this company due to it’s high review rating. It felt almost too easy. All my questions were answered and I was kept informed throughout the entire process. I had 3 vehicles that ne
    eded to go cross country from a little town out of the way in Arizona. They were able to find a driver that met all the requirements and stayed within my budget. I have never been more satisfied with a shipper than this time. (Military family and we move quite frequently) I definitely know who I’m calling the next time we move.

  3. Holmes C

    Very friendly customer service and they informed me well on every step that was going to occur. I was in good contact with the driver the entire time of the shipment. I paid for the premium service in
    which i had received. My car was transported with no problems at all, no scratches, dents, nothing! The transportation had got my car to me in 2 business days!

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