Important moving house tips

Before your move day arrive, we recommend you to read our moving house tips, because, you probably have a security deposit still with the landlord and you don’t want to lose it.  Also, if there is any damage that happens on the move day, it probably will be deducted from your security deposit.

what are our moving tips for successfully move ?

1. Before the movers arrive, spread flat boxes all over the floor, because if there are any scratches on your wood floor or carpet, you will lose money.

2. If you’re moving from a private house, watch the truck driver carefully as they park. Many times, drivers do serious damage to front wall windows and garage doors. If you’re selling your house, the repair cost will also be deducted from the selling price.

3. Take some blankets from the mover’s truck to cover the appliances that are staying. Movers, when moving furniture, most of the time not paying attention, but sometimes things can easily scratch, hit or break your TV, mirrors, dryer, closets, etc. Any damage will be deducted directly from your security deposit.

4. Spread boxes on the elevator floor and use duct tape to cover the elevator’s mirror with flat boxes. If any damage will happen, even that isn’t in your apartment you will be responsible for.

Read our moving house tips , and pay attention while the movers are working and you will pass your move day with no worries.

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6 thoughts on “Important moving house tips”

  1. Wonderful post. and you Nice used words in this article and beautifully post it. Thanks for sharing such a informative post to us.

  2. Most movers will go to the effort of protecting your home, floors, walls, doorways, etc.. Check out reviews and choose your movers carefully!

  3. My landlord wanted to deduct $500 from my deposit because some scratch on walls, can be fix in $20. He just been rude and greedy.

  4. What about the liability insurance provided by the movers ? isn’t cover the damages ? The household moving company, must to have this insurance to get her licence.

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