How to be prepare for your moving day?

You think you are ready for your move day?  read below some suggestions to do your move day more effective. 

1. It is always recommended to select a moving company with a a good reputation and with high positve presence online.  spend some time to  trackable online feedback.  

2. Remember to make sure to walk with the moving team through your home once they arrive.  be honest and clear telling them exactly what you would like to be done. be receptive when they offer professional suggestions, so they can make your move more efficient. above all, don’t sign any blank contract be sure all important details are fill in.


3. Disassemble and reassemble of appliances and furniture taking some time. you can do it yourself and save time and probably some good money. but if you don’t want to do that yourself let the movers know. they will do it for you. remember, make sure all appliances being moved are empty of all items before the crew arrive.

Be prepare for your move day

4. Full services move include also packing your belongings with additional charges. to save time and money pack your belongings ahead of time. 

If you want the movers will do it for you, let them know in advance and don’t  forget to ask prices of each and every one of the packing supplies material they are going to use, before they starting pack your staff.

5. Organize your drawers and fill them with soft items  such as blankets, pillows, and clothing, but with out heavy or breakable items those should be removed. the moving companies will move it with the items inside this way you will save some space on the truck and some dollars in your pocket. 

6. Once the house is empty, Please do a walk through to make sure everything has been removed and loaded before your moving crew leaves.

7. Call your utility companies to close all accounts and get final bills mailed to your new address.

8. If you flying away, book a flexible flight. when dealing with movers delays may occur and you don’t want to spend an extra money for a new flight ticket.

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