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There are a number of types of moving companies that offer services

Each companies can offer you a different kind of service, so its make it harder and difficult to find the right mover for your need.

Which kind of services those moving companies can offer?

1. Full service

2. Self service

In Full service That is the most expensive type of service, These movers who will arrive will do everything from packing your belongings, loading and unloading the truck, and driving your belongings to your new place. It will be smart to stand next to them to see they labeling your boxes and treat your belongings with respect.
In self service which is typically less expensive service than full service that offer by the moving companies. the moving companies will deliver a truck or container (can be call also PODS) to your doorstep and you will load the container yourself. this service fit for peoples with low budget for their move and they are ready to work hard packing and carrying boxes. Now, when you done loading your belongings you have to call the moving company to come pick the container / truck / PODS and deliver it to your new place.

Every moving companies can offer long distance move service?

No, Absolutely not. every moving companies or movers who want to offer you long distance move  required to hold a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA is a federal governing body that regulates the residential moving and trucking industries. You have to check and ask your movers before signing with them that they have the appropriate licenses.

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What I can do before my move date?

Moving bring you a lot of stress, the moving day can make you feel regret you decided to move. Lot of peoples leaving a lot of arrangements for the last day before the moving guys arrive. This Is A Mistake.

There are few things you can do before your move date and make your move less stressful.

1. Organize your belongings throw things that are not usable, save space on the truck and money.
2. Cancel your utilities at the place you’re vacating, save some unused payment.
3. Order packaging materials it will be much cheaper than to buy it from the movers