How to save money when moving?

Moving isn’t cheap process, doesn’t matter if you doing it yourself (DIY) or hiring a moving company. Doesn’t matter if you doing household moving or commercial move, A significant amount of money you will pay for the movers to pack your belongings, to purchases some packing supplies.

If you looking to save some money read this helpful moving tip, we will recommend you to pack your staff. Start with a call to your mover and ask them about there packing instruction and follow their requests. Now you only need to get some packing supplies. You can find them in any office supplies stores or order online.

Want to save more money ? look for free moving boxes. Where to find them? Keep reading.

Find out where there is commercial center near your place, good quality boxes easily can be find there. Look for store like Wall Mart, Lowes or Home Depot they have a ton of boxes. Just ask before for permission.

Check if there is any Bookstore nearby, bookstore receiving their books In very durable boxes. The main factory must to pack the book properly, no shipping company will deliver products that not be pack well. So these stores will unpack their merchandise and you can get very good moving boxes.

Good idea is to visit your Grocery Store nearby, you can almost always count on your local grocer having free moving boxes. These stores usually getting merchandise daily so you can find boxes new boxes in different size daily.

We hope you will find this information useful.



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  • Wooow, I called to my mover asking what is the prices for regular boxes 18x18x18 . Got heart attack hearing the price and went to collect some free boxes. thank you for your how to move blog… u save me some $$$

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