Few things to know before moving to California

California, one of the most famous state around the world and the most populous state in the US. Los Angeles is the famous city in California and a dream city to conquer for young peoples, actors, athletes and migrants. California is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east, and Arizona to the […]

Important moving house tips

Before your move day arrives, we recommend you read our moving house tips, because, you probably have a security deposit still with the landlord and you don’t want to lose it.  Also, if there is any damage that happens on the move day, it probably will be deducted from your security deposit. So, what are our […]


Did you follow our moving checklist ?

In this article, we provide you very important moving tips.  we call it – our moving checklist.  It’s not about moving companies or packing issues. this moving checklist is about all of the things we recommend you do and check before your move day arrives. 1. call your cable / internet supplier in advance to let them […]

Request online quotes – good idea or not?

Online Moving Quotes A lot of people deal with numerous preparations when moving. Most of them start the process by searching and asking online moving quotes to estimate the cost to move their household. Many database website and moving company sites offer up the option to request online quotes.  It seems like asking for those […]


How to compare between moving companies

You got several different online moving quotes, now,  you need to choose between companies. There are a few parameters to have in mind when comparing moving companies, before decision making. A good prices isn’t your main parameter, read some  important moving tips from us below. 1. Check the USDOT numbers of all the companies you consider in mind. If […]

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How to save money when moving?

Moving isn’t cheap process, doesn’t matter if you doing it yourself (DIY) or hiring a moving company. Doesn’t matter if you doing household moving or commercial move, A significant amount of money you will pay for the movers to pack your belongings, to purchases some packing supplies. If you looking to save some money read this […]

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How to choose a good moving company

Household moving оr оffiсе requires a lоt of рlаnning. Getting a good deal on the phone from movers it’s easy, to pass your move day without problem and surprises it’s a dream that everyone dreams. So how to find moving company ? rеаd thе fоllоwing fоr ѕоmе useful advice and moving tips, also don’t forget to […]